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Oksana's Lawyer: Mel Made Money from the Mediation!

10/21/2010 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How's this for an argument ... Mel Gibson was the opposite of an extortion victim during his mediation with Oksana Grigorieva.  Mel actually made money off the mediation ... according to legal docs filed by Oksana's lawyer and obtained by TMZ.


Oksana's lawyer, Daniel Horowitz, filed a declaration in the search warrant motion, stating, "Mel Gibson received a substantial financial benefit from the [mediation] agreement."

So how did Horowitz reach his conclusion?  He says the actual value of the mediation deal for Oksana was somewhere between $1.2 and $2 million -- not $15 million.

And, Horowitz says, Mel got a sweet financial deal by only giving Lucia $10 million under the mediation deal.  Horowitz says Lucia was actually entitled to 1/8 of Mel Gibson's trust -- money she would share with Mel's other 7 children.  But under the mediation, Oksana gave up Lucia's rights under the trust, which Horowitz says would have given her way more money than the $10 mil.

So his point -- How can you be an extortion victim when you make money? 



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Whore-owitz is an idiot! I thought he was under a gag order?

1426 days ago


Did Gibson ever do a DNA paternity test to confirm that Lucia is actually HIS daughter? Now, I wouldn't put ANYTHING past this goldigger including getting herself knocked up or implanted with anybody's sperm to pull this caper off...

1426 days ago


Ever notice that HOrowitz puts on that puppy-dog face like Mel is taking money from him? lol like he is the victim? azzhole

Posted at 12:19 PM on Oct 21, 2010 by kickaboo

It could also be an "Oh God save me" look.

1426 days ago


Like 10 million is a bag of pennies .....and a house and 20.000 a month....

You've got to be kidding me???

1426 days ago


this is pretty amusing. First they say she didn't understand what she was signing and she was forced to sign it under intimidation and threats. Now she says she completely understood what she was signing and it wasn't extortion because i'm settling for less money.

Of course Oksana ended up reneging on the deal to get more money. It could very well have ended up that Oksana wanted/extorted more money than was allotted to Lucia under the trust.

1426 days ago


I think I want to go to L.A., brush against MG, and clone a baby. Hell, we can effect the "redistributive wealth" plan using existing laws, pregnancy, and attorneys....

Hey, maybe I'll brush up against Horowitz while I'm there....

1426 days ago

voice of reason    

Nothing but BS and BS and more BS! Its beginning to really stink!!

1426 days ago



1426 days ago

Alice G    

OX is looking for a Robyn deal. News flash, Oksana -- you are NOT Robyn so get over the fact that Robyn and Mel's LEGITIMATE children are entitled to the trust fund -- NOT YOU! I read the original offer. You were a FOOL to walk away from it. Don't tell us it was for "Lucia's safety" when you have been sleeping with a convicted felon. I also don't think Mel should have to pay for all of your attorney fees. You made the decision to to walk away from a lucrative deal considering you were NEVER married and only with him for a couple of years. Mel was MORE than fair with you.

1426 days ago

Alice G    

Totally agree!!

"Oksana gave up Lucia's rights under the trust, which Horowitz says would have given her way more money than the $10 mil."

So wait a minute...$10 Million for Lucia or for Oksana? Really any monies for Lucia should be put in a trust that Oksana has no access too. Otherwise Lucia's "birth right" will be spent and squandered by Oksana before Lucia even know's what money is for!!

Posted at 11:19 AM on Oct 21, 2010 by Is it all about the money

1426 days ago


Lucia isn't entitled to 1/8 part of the trust because Robyn has put money in there too and it's for their children.

I still think Mel has been generous to Oksana and Lucia.

1426 days ago


Isn't this the same thing Zsa Zsa Gabor did when she divorced Conrad Hilton? She sold out for the money and now their daughter has no inheritance or trust fund. Constance "Francesca" Hilton now has nothing and Zsa Zsa spent it all years ago.

Seems like this is gonna happen again to Mel's kid.

1426 days ago


Well now we know what this is all about, if we didn't before. It's all about the trust fund. It has nothing to do with DV, if that was ever even real. It has nothing to do with fear for Lucia, or unsupervised visits or over night visits. It's about MONEY. Lucia is not "entitled" to any money except child support. A parent is not under obligation to leave their child money. But I'm sure Mel would see to it that Lucia is well looked after. Having a share of the trust for Lucia would make Oxie very rich if she could get control of that money. Everything Oxie is claiming comes down to this and only this MONEY!!!!

1426 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

Man ... he's as bad as Lisa at SPIN...I love how he is trying to stretch nothing into something, I will give him credit for imagaination thou.... but that's

1426 days ago


Oxy and Michael Jackson must have the same plastic surgeon. Same nose, dimpled chin, long dark hair...OMG, Its Michael. He's back lol

1426 days ago
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