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Dina Lohan -- 'Beyond Excited' Over Judge's Decision

10/22/2010 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to Dina Lohan tell TMZ ... Lindsay's mother was shocked when she heard the judge order LiLo to rehab ... because even Dina thought Lindsay was 100% jail-bound.


We're told Dina and her other children are all "beyond excited" that Lindsay will be able to get the help she wants at Betty Ford ... because "everyone thought she would be sentenced to jail for 30 days."

As we just reported, Lindsay must remain in rehab until January 3.


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Don't you just love Star Power? Even the judges become transfixed.

1405 days ago


The GALL of her parents, the Godzilla balls they both have to act like they are not the DIRECT reason she is having all of these problems.

Her Mother is so worried about being a MILF or a cougar she has lost sight of what was important, and before they both knew it, Lindsey was out of control.

Her Father, who is worse, seems to be concerned about all the attention he can get.

This poor kid never had a chance with these tow knuckleheads as parents.

I truly hope she finds peace and happiness, I want to see her make a great film, I want to see her thrive again, I want to see her stable.

I'm rooting for ya kid. Forget all the negitive azz-holes on here, forget your parents, live for you!

1405 days ago


Ok so when she ends up dead from an "accidental" OD, mom has someone else to blame other than herself! BS! Everyone including the court system is enabling this child to kill herself. No one is doing what is best for her. SHAME SHAME SHAME!

1405 days ago


She will do fine.

1405 days ago


Just another slap on the wrist. Wake up judge grow some balls you idiot.

1405 days ago


Not sure why you'd say rehab isn't a good choice, it's addiction she needs to deal with. Unlike some I'm wishing Lindsay the best, she certainly needs a new group of friends.

1405 days ago


Of course Dina is "Beyond Excited"... The sooner Linds gets out, the sooner Dina can start making more money off of her!!! F U Dina, you sorry excuse for a "mother"..

1405 days ago


This b**ch is Lindsey's problem. Do a drug test on her and let's get her in jail!!!!!!!!!!!! Beyond that, she's nuts!!!!

1405 days ago


LoHo IS 100% jail-bound.
Just not this time, DinaHo.

1405 days ago


Dina is a total screw up as a parent!! She is too busy living off of her daughter's money and trying to act like one of Lindsay's buddies. Lindsay lucked out in the mother department!!

1405 days ago


I can see putting stories up about Lindsay, but I wouldn't put one thing out about her parents or siblings, especially her parents. I don't see stories every damn day about other has been actresses' parents. It is so obvious the parents used their kid to get their pusses in public. Every day it's Michael this, or Dina that, in fact they are in the media now more than Lindsay. She should wise up to what her parents have done, and how they have used and exploited her. Once she does that, then she may begin to heal herself, her addictions and her attitude.

1405 days ago


I think her mother is the worse enemy she has. Lindsey needs help and she doesnt give it to her. Shes the worse mom of the year. I feel sorry for the other children. Lindsey treats her dad bad to and her mother is the cause of it all. She needs to stay away from both of them for awhile

1405 days ago


should have ordered her to rehab until such time she can be declared free of her drug and alcoholic problems,no time limit, then 60 days in jail. then told if she "slips" again, 180 days THEN 6 months in rehab, jail first to dry out the hard way. time she faces a real justice system instead of hollywood courts.

1405 days ago


Good lord.... this girl has issues. She needs to get out of the spotlight. I'm tired of hearing about her. And while they are at it .... they should lock up her psychotic parents too.. BOTH of them

1405 days ago


SERIOUSLY??? I feel bad that she is in this situation, but come on, how many times has she been given a break? Between her and Paris Hilton, they can drink, do drugs, whatever and little or no jail time. In the REAL world, they would be in jail. Blame the parents but also, she is a big girl and knows the difference. Addict or not, she has been offered help MANY times and she has the money to get GOOD help. May she be safe and hopefully at some point her life will change for the better.

1405 days ago
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