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Dina Lohan -- 'Beyond Excited' Over Judge's Decision

10/22/2010 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to Dina Lohan tell TMZ ... Lindsay's mother was shocked when she heard the judge order LiLo to rehab ... because even Dina thought Lindsay was 100% jail-bound.


We're told Dina and her other children are all "beyond excited" that Lindsay will be able to get the help she wants at Betty Ford ... because "everyone thought she would be sentenced to jail for 30 days."

As we just reported, Lindsay must remain in rehab until January 3.


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You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!

1471 days ago


I had a really bad abusive mother, but if Dina Lohan had been my mother I would have killed myself. At least with my mom, I knew that she was messed up and I could survive that and come out OK. But with a mom who uses you, exploits you, manipulates you, pretends to care, rides your coattails, and tries to compete with you, that is just too much to deal with. For that reason alone I feel sorry for Lindsay. Her parents put a whole new meaning to the term "Dysfunctional". If my mom had been like Dina Lohan in my adulthood, I would have cut her out of my life completely. Your stuck with what you get when you are a kid, but when you are an adult you don't have to put up with it.

1471 days ago


I think Dina is the worst mother on earth. She is in denial about her daughter and will not let Michael be a father because she doesn't want her bar tab to be closed. She is a bar hopper, a wanna-be celebrity manager, and a mooch. Is she collecting unemployment? LiLo is unemployed, her lolita daughter looks like the poster child for a trailer park and doesn't get any gigs, so what's Dina doing for doe to keep her hair so well maintained? I really feel sory for LiLo. She should accept her dad's help and kick her mom to the curb.

1471 days ago


There comes a time when the addict has to be left alone to rise or fall in his or her own way. Sometimes that means disaster and sometimes if they are lucky it means sobriety.
This is not to say that others cannot try to help them or save them but any ex-junkie will tell you that it is finally their choice. Death and worse a continued living death under the influence of alcohol and drugs is not inevitable. But the addict makes the final choice. Sometimes they end up alone and dead in a lonely room. But sometimes they live through the horror and actually survive and become successful. Other addicts live a long , useless life and last into their later years as broken down losers. Lindsey has a choice. So do her parents. Take the high road Lindsey.

1471 days ago


not surprised

1471 days ago


Everyone in Rancho Mirage is pulling for Lindsay to make it.

It does not matter if she is a big star or random person, she needed help.

Now she is getting help.

Good for her, we hope she makes it!
uh didnt she get help at rehab from her last sentence???to get help you have to want help..the only reason she checked into betty ford this time is becuase she knew she had a court date coming up..typical hollywood s*** for you.who ever appoints these judges needs to be punched in the face because all the judges see are money..they say that justice is blind well that blind fold she wears is see through.

1471 days ago


to 46 and 47,
If it were that easy to break an addiction, there would be no addicts. You two probaby have never been in the position, nor have you known anyone who had that problem. An addict doesn't want to be one, and suffers a lot, because the problem is not the drug, it is much deeper and complex than that. The addiction is a side effect of a very dark and painful part of one's life, and that is what needs to be fixed before the using can be stopped. Money and treatment are not automatically going to repair the damage done to this poor girl.
Self destructive behavior is a sign of one not being happy with life, and that is very sad, it's like wanting to die without putting a bullet in your brain. It is the darkest type of deppresion, and you should never put down people caught in a place like that.
If you don't know what it is like, don't point the finger. You never know where life might take you, or a loved one, someday.

1471 days ago


I wanted to do some mattress dancing with Dina.....until she took those sunglasses off. Now...not so much!

1471 days ago


If the judge is truly concerned about this young woman he would put a restraining order against her mother. This woman seems only concerned about being taken care of, like the Jackson family, she is riding on her daughters career. A loving parent would be more concerned with getting her child help but not this excuse for a mother. She has put her children in the middle ofher divorce and is living off of her daughter.

1471 days ago


Anyone who is charged in the United States be sure to ask for the Lilo treatment. :D

1471 days ago


this whole family is a train wreck...

1471 days ago

Worried Mother    

Its wonderful for Lindsey that she can afford rehab! Millions out here are lost to addiction an cant afford the luxury she has!!

1471 days ago


wrong again TMZ, sounds like you need a new inside source.

1471 days ago


# 5 - if this rehab doesn't work for Lindsay - we'll see who the real 'hater' is. The huge majority of people who comment here feel sorry for Lindsay and want her to get better. Rehab is where it will happen. Or jail. Being 'freeeeee' hasn't worked for her yet, now has it?

1471 days ago


This decision didn't help LL in the least. She will get out of rehab on Jan. 3 and test positive within a month. This is the same remedy that has occured FIVE times in a row the latest of which was 3 weeks apart! I'm really troubled this judge is this foolish. Lindsay doesn't want sobriety. She wants to party and do drugs. We've seen this over and over and over and over.

1471 days ago
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