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Jesse James -- Take My Tools, Please!

10/24/2010 6:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James is so deadly serious about moving on from his life in California, that he's getting rid of the most iconic item in his West Coast Choppers workshop -- his tool box.

TMZ has learned James has listed his personally customized Macsimizer toolbox on eBay -- after deciding it has no place in his new shop in Austin, Texas ... where Jesse recently moved, to get a fresh start.

The box was featured in every episode of "Monster Garage" -- and according to the eBay post, Jesse was in "such a hurry he left behind some of his fabrication tools and personal items Still in the drawers!!"

The auction ends next Saturday -- and last time we checked the highest bid was already over $5,000. 


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Ivana Tinkle    

A tool by any other name...

1357 days ago

Christina G.    

I'll bet he's broke.

1357 days ago


I am still having a difficult time seeing what Sandra ever saw in that piece of garbage!!

1357 days ago


This tool set has Jay leno written all over it. I hope Jay see this!

1357 days ago


@#1- I agree that he's not over Sandra.
I'm beginning to believe that he's serious about starting over and leaving his past behind in CA.
Even though I still dont understand the KVD incident? why date her? it proved to Sandra that he hasnt changed.

1357 days ago

Long Beach Girl    

This guy is a total Douche bag. He's packing up his crap and moving to Austin, a town that doesn't want him, after a woman who has made it pretty clear she don't want him either. All this after the idiots in Long Beach named the street that his shop is on after the shop. Guess they're gonna have to change it back, hopefully they kept the old sign but I'm sure the city has to buy a new one with the taxpayers money. I say if your gonna skip town take your lousy burger joint with you this way you don't have to come back....A**hole.

1357 days ago


Big hat,,, no cattle.

1357 days ago


update::: its up to 7500.00$ for something like this they will all wait till the last day and it will be a bidding war..the starting bid was only 500$

1356 days ago


I worked for MAC Tools for almost 10 years. Those boxes are easily worth $5K, without all the custom paint and the celeb connection.

1356 days ago


It also comes with a dirty rubber in the bottom drawer.

1356 days ago


take jesse the tool james, and put him away, and make a mental note to never ever write a post about him on TMZ ever again. he is so over. stalk sandra instead, she is a REAL famous person

1356 days ago

Y do he got    

tin skins an`t worth nothing and he monkeyed thems up with nizis crapmarks.He bent som pipes WOW sir his bkes an`t sellin rattle trap thump

1356 days ago


Why in heavens name is he following her around , cant he just get it htrough his head, he damaged her heart she now wants to be rid of him, STOP FOLLOWING HER , of all the places to relocate he goes where she is... good lord!!!!!!!

1356 days ago


#12 You forgot Jesse doesn't bother with condoms or underwear.

1356 days ago


It looks like West Coast Choppers needs to hire The Auctionarium to come in and blowout everything.

A professionally managed auction is a lot more effective than one off's on eBay.

Jesse, gimme a call...

1356 days ago
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