Jesse James -- Beefin' Up His Burger Franchise

10/21/2010 6:00 AM PDT

Jesse James -- Beefin' Up His Burger Franchise

Jesse James' burger joint in Long Beach, CA isn't going to suffer the same fate as his motorcycle shop -- in fact, TMZ has learned Cisco Burger may be expanding ... big time.

Sources tell TMZ Cisco Burger is "kicking ass" -- and that Jesse not only wants to open up another one in his new hometown of Austin, TX ... he also has his eye on expanding the franchise to 100 restaurants around the nation.

This news may be tough to swallow for his crew over at West Coast Choppers in Long Beach -- because, as we first reported, Jesse is shutting it down to concentrate on his other bike shop in Austin.

The good news ... Cisco Burger will probably be hiring soon.