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Kat Von D -- Meltdown Over Jesse James

10/24/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More drama behind the scenes at "L.A. Ink" -- where sources tell us Kat Von D went nuclear over the way her ex-boyfriend Jesse James was portrayed in an upcoming episode.

Multiple sources tell us the recent drama began in the last few days ... after Kat viewed screeners of some upcoming episodes which spotlight her relationships with Jesse and her on-again BF Nikki Sixx.

We're told Kat -- who was dating Jesse when the show was being taped -- has decided that she no longer wants any traces of him on the TLC show  ... and demanded that producers pull him from all future episodes.

Now, producers are desperately trying to rip Jesse from the show -- but we're told there's so much content to remove ... they're worried they may have to pack the show with extra commercials to fill out the time before the show airs Wednesday night.

Calls to Kat's reps have not been returned.


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Air the new season as is and pull the plug on her contract if she doesn't like it. The show is called "LA INK". It doesn't need to feature High Voltage tattoo at all. Focus more on American Electric, Corey Miller, and a few other shops with fresh appreciative talent. Kat's an ungrateful c*nt and deserves everything that happens to her in life, like loosing good friends like Corey Miller. The truth is the racist cheating windbag never deserved his friendship to start with. Even Corey Miller is dumbfounded at what an unapologetic, ego driven, back stabbing c*nt she has become.

1461 days ago


WHAT?!!! Jesse and Kat broke up?! When did that happen? Didn't see that coming.

1461 days ago


Kat skanko is living proof that tats make you stupid! She is not too far behind Lewdmiller in skank whore ville.

1461 days ago


Is it not a "reality show"? How can you edit real life?This trick needs to own up to her relationships good or bad.She is not as interesting as she was...her show is very boring...the only reason I ever watch is to see if that extremely unattractive red clown wig falls off her head...what is up with that anyway?

1461 days ago


she can't just erase that she dated jesse james & claimed that she was in love with him. they shouldn't edit the episode, they should make her deal with real life.

she's such a flip flopper. i dunno how anyone believes her when she says she loves them. her dating history all speaks the same way about her.

1461 days ago


Kat is sexy and hot. I would do her.

1461 days ago


Reading in the news that Jessie was selling his motorcycle business in California was a clear sign he wasn't sticking around, it amazes me what Hollywood types will do just to keep their name in the paper.

1461 days ago


First she's worried about what Sixx would say, now its James. Damn, pick one and stick up for your choice. They're going to show what they want, bottom line. At the end of the day your not the one signing the checks Kat.

1461 days ago

someone who reads    

I agree with # 9 and # 17

I would like to actually finish the story for TMZ since the staff there dont do their homework before reporting to us. The reason Kat had a fit is because she tore Nikki a new one on the show. Many bad words were spoken and now that they are back together she doesnt want it aired that she trashed him over and over again. TRUE REALITY means air the truth and dont give us commercials if these so called reality star douchbags cant handle it. You pay them big bucks for what? their talent? their contribution to society?

I think they are all nuts in hollyweird land, and the public accepts this garbage. I dont watch any reality stupid white trash shows. Its an insult to us all if you ask me. Think about it for a minute. A scientist who is working hard to discover cures that heal the sick make a drop of what these yahoo's get paid. We can go on to other professions but Im sure you get it. Im sure we all think it. So let me ask you this, why do we accept it? If we all stop watching they will go away.

Sad really.

1461 days ago


cancel that crappy ass **** show

1461 days ago


She's nothing but an overgrown child. How foolish to make editors change everything about the show to suit her silly ego.

1461 days ago


@ #40 Ken wow, Jesse James is a hells angel and drug dealer in Canada? Yeah, and in High School you are the Guy who had a girlfriend you met at summer camp and she lived in Candada. You know the Guy who said he got laid over summer, but "you don't know her"

Jesse James is not the only guy to have $100 bill tattooed on his back. He ain't the only one to have the pay up sucker on his plam either.

"About 4 years ago a friend of mine was dealing Coke in our small town here in Western Canada. One trip to his supplier he got there 45 minutes early and ran into HIS supplier. That day he got to meet 3 members of the Edmonton chapter of the Hells Angels, and a guy with a very indentifiable tat on his right palm that read "Pay Up Sucker". Jesse had just been bragging his new tat up on Monster Garage, and that day my buddy shook that hand.

Sandra is good to be done with him.

Posted at 7:20 AM on Oct 24, 2010 by Ken"

1461 days ago

Old Enough To Know    

Probably the only thing that might be a tad bit interesting to see on LA Ink and she's throwing a diva fit? Cancel the show, the ratings aren't that great anyway and she is NOT the Kat everyone loved 5yrs ago. Let's see how she deals with NOT having the cameras in her face 24/7 ... call her bluff TLC damn.

1461 days ago


So when did her fauxmance to that D*bag end? Hope she got paid well. Some weird PR thing on James part, I guess. He will be back with Sandy within a year. She will forgive the s***bag, when its no longer bad for her image.

Didn't even know Kat was back with the Motley Crue guy, they are a much better match. Good for her.

1461 days ago

me not you    

These tattooed people always say 'Don't judge us!' yet their lives are so riddled with drama, none of them seem to be able to lead a decent, moral life.

1461 days ago
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