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Xtina -- What a Girl Wants ... Is For Her Ex to Move Out!

10/23/2010 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's hard enough getting a bad tenant out of an apartment.  So just imagine Christina Aguilera's dilemma -- her hubby is still living in the family home with no plan to move and it's really awkward ... sources tell TMZ.

As TMZ first reported, Aguilera filed for divorce from Jordan Bratman last week after nearly five years of marriage. But despite the fact they've been separated since September 11, neither has moved out of their Bev Hills home.

Our sources say it's so uncomfortable for Christina, she's been staying in a hotel.

Things will get super awkward if she he brings a girl home.


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He doesn't have a job? are you stupid? He is a music exec at her label been for 9 years.. Try learning the facts

1462 days ago

The Love Sponge    

Cluster F*!k

1462 days ago


one of my lesbian friends said xtina be in the gay clubs looking for women to take back to the hotel room and she did it in front of her husband she also said dude didn't look to happy about it she'd make him go home while she sleep with the girls. and she's heavy on the coke

1462 days ago


He is one of THE most ugliest guys in the world, no wonder she wants chicks.

1462 days ago


To #33, you're an absolute idiot. That is NOT the law, nor is it the a standard in family law. It IS normal procedure that one person moves out of the home and it IS typically the male, especially when there are children involved, so as not to uproot the kids. SHE is the one with the money and I am sure that the house is probably all hers. HE is an ugly loser, but there is no issue with him seeing his kid and having custody. He is obviously doesn't get it that she doesn't want him any more. She just needs to file an OSC with the court and they can order him to move out.

1462 days ago

Christina G.    

They live in Ozzie Osbourne's old mans, correct? Then they have a guest cottage. I'm sure he's living there, not in the main house.

1462 days ago

Cynthia J    

Sure, Jordan is worth a ton of money. What the hell does he do anyway? He's living off his wife. Give him a settelment already. Poor guy, he is soo ugly and seems to lack a personality. Hollywood is full of such phoney losers. I feel badly for the kids of these unions. No, you can't have it all!

1462 days ago

john j    

Jordan is a music exec with a net worth of $15M while Christina has a net worth of $60...M mainly due to her first album. Jordan does not need Christina, and can live the rest of his life doing nothing if he really chooses to do so... so I am sure with $15M he doesn't need to take her BS

1462 days ago


If a woman is married to a man, and the roles are reversed on income and job, then he would have to leave, so why not her? I for one thing who ever wants the divorce should be the one to leave and the otherr gets the house. But if he is a free loader 100%, then he needs to go. If it is both wanting a divorce, I dont see why either one should stay or have to go. Its all about money either way.

1462 days ago


This sounds like my freeloading EX. We have been divorced for 4 years and he won't get the heck out of my house. He doesn't work either so he is living off me with his small SSI check. I have to afford an attorney to get him evicted. I have to file for eviction papers and it will give him 10 days to get out. I can't afford this right now so my life is on hold. A little wakeup call for her. GET HIM OUT NOW! Don't be nice. She better get him out soon or this will happen to her too. Although, I am sure she can afford it. Who would want to go through this hell. I have no life and I don't like going home except to see my kiddos. My house is little so I have to see him alot and sleep in the bottom of my kid's bunkbed. ughhhh What a freeloader. Life sucks for the poor and I guess the rich.

1462 days ago


Could never figure what she saw in that fugly jboy.

Posted at 5:47 AM on Oct 23, 2010 by smb
And I could never see what he saw in her! She's certainly not going to win any beauty prizes. Get a clue!

1462 days ago


I think she is ugly(yes,I understand that looks are not everything) but, she is a stuck-up little princess and her 15 minutes OF FAME are LONG GONE~!!! I think it is also so funny that when Britney Spears divrced Kevin Federline and was having problems she made very rude about Britney Spears mothering, her career and about how awful it is to be so young confused and gettinga divorce~!!! Britney Spears is way moretalented,beautiful and has her act together. God made it formen and women to be together to reproduce and thatsithe wayit shoudl be she looks like a MAN~!!!

1462 days ago


jordan has a network worth of about $15M

1462 days ago


I'll tell you what, it'll be nice to see the shoe on the other foot soon and see the guy get half of everything just like the woman usually does in most divorces.

1462 days ago

Casey Angus    

Ha ha! It's like War of the Roses with Michael Douglas & Kathleen Turner! Wouldn't that be F*N hilarious to see them hanging from a chandelier!

1462 days ago
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