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Lindsay Lohan -- Served at Betty Ford?

10/24/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Someone tried serving Lindsay Lohan at Betty Ford -- but the plot was foiled. Did we mention we mean served with legal papers, not alcohol?

A process server showed up at the Betty Ford Center last Sunday -- to officially present Lindsay with a lawsuit which names her as a defendant.

In the documents -- filed in federal court and obtained by TMZ -- the process server explains he was not allowed to enter the rehab clinic ... so his only course of action was to "substitute serve the guard."

The suit was filed in April by a photog who claims he got stiffed on a LiLo photo shoot.  The photog recently added Lindsay as a defendant.

No word if security delivered the papers to Lindsay, but it doesn't matter -- giving docs to security doesn't count.

Try again on January 3, 2011.


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Sounds like this guy is full of BS.

1460 days ago

Jade evergreen    

I have to agree with you darkrage6 there something about this photohog that is fishy

1460 days ago

Jack King    

Hopefully it was a nude photo shoot.

1460 days ago


i cant believe lindsay is all that bad , it seems that they see her as easy prey , so everyone wants to sue her . this has just become very ridiculous . come on people , stop going after lindsay like a bunch of vultures . she already has a couple of vultures of her own , who are her mom and dad. this is now a game of pile on.

1460 days ago


Just another coc.kroach looking for a payday.

1460 days ago


The lawsuit was filed in April but the photographer "recently added Lindsay as a defendant" its obvious this rat filed against the company who employed him but added Lindsay's name for publicity, another leech on the make.

1460 days ago

Ideas Come Free    

Wow, how old is she now---a million years old?

1460 days ago


I am sure that Lindsay will have an amends list that is long, deep and thorough, if she is into recovery. Otherwise, serving her will be a waste of time!

1460 days ago


This is the photographer SHE hired for her 6126 clothing line

1460 days ago


Lindsay Lohan's 'Negative' Image Triggers Suit
4/30/2010 6:46 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

Lindsay Lohan's image is once again causing problems -- but this time it has nothing to do with her late night partying.

TMZ has obtained a lawsuit, filed today in federal court, in which a photographer claims he was hired to shoot pics of Lindsay for a fashion line called 6126. The photog, Scott Nathan, claims he was promised a 1% interest in the clothing line in return for his work.

According to the suit, Nathan never got the 1% he was promised.

But that's not all -- Nathan is also suing Universal Music Group, claiming one of the images he shot for the fashion line somehow ended up as the cover for Lindsay's song, "Bossy."

Nathan is seeking unspecified damages.

1460 days ago


I'm sure she let lots of affairs fall into arrears while she was *ahem* busy. After leaving rehab, she's still goina have to clean up the mess. Obviously mom won't help.

1460 days ago


Likely he added her to the lawsuit in order to get access to her in the clinic where he would probably get photos of her IN rehab to sell to the crap rags like TMZ.

1460 days ago


She is safer in Rehab because allegedly jails and prisons are overcrowded and full of disease.

Free T.I. from the bonds of modern day slavery -- When people like Lindsay Lohan get to once again get rehab and Paris who ADMITTED it was cocaine in her purse. HER PURSE --SHE LIED ABOUT THAT IN THE BEGINNING. She even gets to get probation.


The state that imprisons him, be it Georgia or Calif where he violated, who wants to pay close to 30,000 THIRTY THOUSAND to warehouse T.I. and other blacks who are non-violent and caught up in a system that is MODERN DAY SLAVERY! TAXPAYERS are footing a bill that he could foot himself, by going to Rehab he could thus pay his own way and people are just broke,skid row, losing their homes, and unemployment rate is high sky and where would you like to see your TAX DOLLARS go. This young man could be going to REHAB --footing his own bill and not Wasting the taxpayers money. PRISONS ARE OVERCROWDED WITH MORE PEOPLE LIKE T.I. AND YOU WONDER WHY YOUR STATE IS BROKE AND CUTTING CHILD CARE AND PEOPLE ARE GOING HUNGRY AND THE ELDERLY ARE ACTUALLY SOME OF THEM--BUYING CAT FOOD TO SURVIVE.

1460 days ago


I wonder what Lindsay thinks about Emma Stone doing a spoof about her on "Saturday Night Live" last night?

It makes you wonder if there might be a "cat fight" if Lindsay and Emma showed up at the same hotel or restaurant in the future. Hmmm ....

They're saying that Emma is the "new Lindsay Lohan" teen movie queen. Gotta admit, Emma does seem like a cool chick. She seems to have a good personality and she looks pretty hot. Let's hope that Emma doesn't get corrupted by the Hollywood party scene vampires who will try to lure her into all sorts of drugs and other seedy things.

Lindsay better work hard on her rehab and get her head screwed on straight. She could be back in big movies again if she could stay healthy and make the right moves in her career. The partying and drugs are obviously sabotaging things for her.

Maybe some healthy competition with other actresses like Emma will bring out the fighting spirit in Lindsay. There's room in Hollywood for two red headed young actresses.

Healthy competition often works with football players in the NFL. I think showbiz people and NFL players have a lot in common actually. Lindsay should think of her Betty Ford rehab as being like NFL training camp ... a place for her to work on her fundamental skills and get herself emotionally and physically strong again.

1460 days ago

Mike in Fla    

Lindsay Lohan, like many other actors, sports figures of famous individuals has again gotten off with a light slap on the wrist because of her money and fame. if it were you or I repeatedly breaking the law (especially for the same offense) they would have locked us up and thrown away the key. Our judicial and law enforcement system must stop taking all this horrible behavior from these stars/entertainers and do something about it. Screw the bail money and the money and/or promises on the side to help them. DO YOUR JOB JUDGES. MAYBE, JUST MAYBE these career criminals would stop being adverse role models for our young people to portray and get a productie useful like. By the way, their behavior gives the rest of us movie stats, sports figures and entertainers a bad reputation. Not all of us are like that and doing drugs, guzzling alcohol and/or threatening to kill people and getting away with it.
BE A POSITIVE ROLE MODEL FOR OUR YOUTH or DROP OUT OF ANY TYPE OF HIGH PROFILE BUSINESS. Lindsay Lohan belongs back in JAIL. No get out of jail free card for her. FULL SENTENCE.

1460 days ago
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