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Charlie Sheen: 8 Days From Completing Probation

10/26/2010 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is just 8 days away from completing his probation in his Aspen domestic violence case, and the D.A.'s Office tells TMZ it's already aware of the New York incident.

Charlie pled guilty to assault back in August and was placed on 3 months probation.  If he violates probation, the Aspen D.A. could go back to court and ask the judge to throw Charlie in jail.

Prosecutor Arnie Mordkin tells TMZ, his office would not take any action unless there are facts conveyed to his office showing that a probation violation occurred.

Sheen may have dodged a bullet.  He was not arrested, but cops came close.  We're now told when police arrived to Charlie's Plaza hotel room, they told him he needed to go to the hospital.  Charlie said he did not want to go and he was fine.  At that point we're told the police gave Charlie an option -- go to the hospital or go to jail.  Charlie wisely chose door number 1.


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with mel gibson

1458 days ago


How many chances does this douche deserve? Why do people watch his lame show? Why does ANYBODY like him including his ex-wife who has said he's a horrible person and is now seemingly back with him? I wish this POS would disappear from the face of the earth. Sick of him and his soap opera issues. He's a complete waste of space, time and dimension. GO AWAY Charlie Sheen.

1458 days ago


Loco Coco Sheen.
Go Charlie Go,
cause you know,
the rules don't apply to you
(and Tiger too).

Ho bag

1458 days ago


I dont understand is a guy that has the world in the palm of his hands, with his fame,money and power and doesnt seem to acknowledge or appreciate it. I am 44 years old and retired due to a severe back injury. I just about make it, financially from month to month. Just this week I had to roll loose change to make it to pension day.....why,is the world so unfair ?

1458 days ago


Love you Charlie, and again, you should have just married ME!!

1458 days ago

Booger McGee    

Boy, this "dehydration" can be a bitch.

1458 days ago


So Charlie had a ho down, so what? We are all human, let's give him the benefit of the doubt! Testosterone poisoning is a serious condition that needs frequent treatment...

1458 days ago


why he always gets away?

1458 days ago


Charlie meet Lindsay , Lindsay meet Charlie

you two have a lot in common

1458 days ago


Special treatment will not save his life, or put a stop to him embarrassing his family.

1458 days ago


Unbelievable. Everyone in New York remember this! If you get arrested for being drunk from this point forward, you now have the option of going to the hospital instead of jail!
It's amazing what celebrities get away with. What exactly was he going to jail FOR if he didn't go to the hospital? They had to have something to charge him with to take him to jail - but I guess they just will let that slide...
How much you want to bet the hospital will 'conveniently' not do a BAC on him while he's there either.

1458 days ago

Y do he got    

BUCKET LIST bucket full of dead octopus for sheen`s bedtime ego crashdowns

1458 days ago


Do we know the terms of his probation? Would this still qualify as a violation? Is it a felony? Could it mean jail time regardless of not being charged by the NYPD? And, is it possible he can still be charged after the event?

1458 days ago


Please you know because he is a celebrity he will not go to jail.
He will be given another chance to get straight and he will go into another rehab, and another and another.
Please these judges will give every celebrity a break.

You watch, he will not do any jail time ever because of this.

1458 days ago


Charlie, call Lindsay Lohan!

1458 days ago
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