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Charlie Sheen -- Jetting Back to L.A.

10/26/2010 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's people are getting a private jet fueled and ready to take off from New York -- with one Charlie Sheen as a passenger ... TMZ has learned.

We're told bigwigs at "Two and a Half Men" plan to fly Charlie home today.

As for where Charlie is going once he lands in L.A. -- It's not clear, but he's been staying on and off at the Promises Treatment Center in Malibu for months. 



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How long before he finally does himself in? It could be just a matter of weeks.

1467 days ago


See how that rehab works? Real good. I can see why Lindsay turned out so well after, what, 5 stints now counting the current one she wants out of? It's no wonder he plays his character on Two and a half Men so well - it IS him!

1467 days ago


CBS = Enablers
YES because they are paying a known drug addict so they can make more money. They KNOW he has had a problem for YEARS.

1467 days ago

kenny williams     

Charlie is starting to make Lindsey Lohan look pretty normal there any doubt that "celebs" get specail treatment
if it were you or I we'd be in jail.

1467 days ago

Barbara Z.    

We all know a "Charlie". Dying before our eyes. I have worked in addictions for many years and sober almost 25 yrs and I still dont know why some make it, but most dont. You can up your odds but never a cure. God Bless to all our Charlies.

1467 days ago


Charlie Sheen is an obnoxious self-entitled a**hole. In the area of what is really important in life, Sheen is an absolute loser, a horrible example as a parent, and an embarrassment to any family. Why would anyone "hope he grows up" before it's too late?? Sheen doesn't get it at all. He is a simple minded brat who functions on a personal pleasure impulse mentality. Charlie Sheen has shown himself to be a chronic coke & alcohol abuser & he has frequented call girls & hookers with complete disregard for the law re: both his illegal drug use & the continued patronizing of prostitutes. I could care less if he OD'd tomorrow.

1467 days ago

No comment    

He is a walking herpes virus. Drugs, sex, and alcohol pretty much has been his life. He was in NY with his girls, and this is how he behaves...LOSER albeit a rich loser.

1467 days ago


charlie violated his probation big time, he's gotta go to the slammer just like anyone who violates probation--but then, charlie REALLY violated probation big time with this mess last night.
#40 what r u talking about??? charlie's dad ALWAYS enables charlie....

1467 days ago


train wreck.....good Lord what is wrong with him. Denise keep the
girls away from him......2nd wife take good care of the twins ,

1467 days ago


this guy belongs in prison doing time-that outta sober him up.

1467 days ago


He needs to check into rehab for an extended stay and leave LA once he gets out if he has any intention of turning his life around.
Truly have no use for him though. He doesn't seem to want to change and everyone around , CBS included, enable him.
Have zero respect for him

1467 days ago


It's hard to believe that anyone would go to bed with Charlie Sheen, much less marry him! This guy is a waste of flesh I can't believe that he's still on T.V. I don't watch his show anymore, not since his wife beating and girlfriend beating charges were glossed over. None of my friends watch either, we don't like enablers and it sure looks like C.B.S. is doing that. They seem to be giving their approval of his behavior. Whatever happened to the moral clause in thier contracts. I guess hollywood has none, morals that is. He's a real skank pig.

1467 days ago


It just amazes me how rude and cruel people can be, they sit behind their computer and anonoymously judge a person who is having problems, like you all are such perfect people and have done nothing wrong. It makes me sick to read some of the posts. God says we should not judge people, it sounds to me like we have a bunch of hypocrites.

1467 days ago

Leave the kids alone    

Denise probably been playing mind games on him, something about that woman I don't trust. Charlie needs good people in his life not her.

1467 days ago


I use to liked the show in the beginning, but not anymore. I like the character Allen better. Now the show is so predictable. Sheen's character is such an *******. He's seems to an ******* in real life to. He also needs a nose job! LOL

1467 days ago
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