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Woman in Sheen's Room Locked Herself in Bathroom

10/26/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who was with Charlie Sheen when he allegedly trashed his hotel room says they were drinking before Charlie allegedly trashed the room, and she was so scared she locked herself in a bathroom and called security ... sources connected with the investigation tell TMZ.

We're told police were close to arresting Charlie for disorderly conduct but did not because he voluntarily agreed to cooperate and go to the hospital.

Story developing ...


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Truths: Money doesn't buy happiness. With money you can do good or you can do evil. But when you mix pride with money... the kind of arrogant pride that Charlie Sheen has, then you have chaos. And the more he tries to convince himself that he is happy because he has a ton of money; the more he realizes that it's a lie: and therefore he will still use things that money can buy: alcohol, coke, sex, parties, cars, etc. I hope he continues down the road he is on until the only way he can look is up.

1427 days ago


First off he makes 2 mill an episode now...and 2nd he has always been addicted to hookers...and drugs and alcohole this is not a secret he is open and honest about all his vices..the problem is the cops, judge and people around him...the keep brushing it under the rug..unless something major happens to him why would he change...he is not being made to deal with it all...If Robert Downy Jr..can do it so can Charlie ...everyone needs to stop covering for him ...the deal is he took the bullet in the Heidi Flies thing for ALOT of big wigs now everyone has his back..and in the end all that covering up his problem is going to kill him...CHARLIE GET YOURSELF SOME HELP..AND STRAIGHTIN OUT FOR YOUR CHILDREN..AND FOR FANS LIKE ME WHO WANT YOU TO OVER COME THIS MESS..

1427 days ago


Is there any doubt he is doing coke again?

1427 days ago

Patrick Henry    

Maybe she will get Gloria Allred to rep her, pose for Playboy, and get her own reality show after selling her story to tabloids or trying to score a "silence deal" from Sheen.

In this day and age, hoes, fellow partiers, hookers and mistresses rule.

1427 days ago


get some help for yourself.. you are an addict ...
do it now or die sooner..

1427 days ago

Mal Tempo    

I recommend locking Sheen and Lindsay Lohan in a closet together and let them fight it out.

1426 days ago


I hate to say it but watching this man perform, tv, movies,is making me feel like an enabler. maybe is we tune him out for a while and reduce his compensation he would tone it down a bit. Just saying....

1426 days ago


Sad, he has to pay "escorts" because he abuses all the descent women in his life! Now he abuses the "escorts" Hope she was paid well!

1426 days ago


What he was pissed about was the escort was really Barney Frank in drag and when he went for it he found Barney's sh-long or sh-short in Barney's case..

1426 days ago


Poor fellow.... he was so handsome. I have a son who is just like Charlie Sheen... so tall, personable and handsome. He traveled the same road, same great opportunities, good ladies and nice children, and now is 52, has no teeth, is mentally "off", is in jail and looks as if he were 72.
Consciousness altering substances steal the life that was handed to you the day you were born, and leave you with ashes.
I send my good healing thoughts to both my own son and Charlie.

1426 days ago


He's sounds like some kind of a psycho nutjob, and dangerous too. I won't be surprised if he kills somebody one day.

1426 days ago


What a shame that a show that denigrates women and glorifies drinking can be such a hit show. Too bad they couldn't replace the dialogue with something witty and intelligent. "Frasier" comes to mind.... At the very least replace Charlie Sheen with another better looking, more talented actor - there are plenty of them out there who know how to exercise some self-control. And shame on all the "enablers" who hang on his coat tails.

1426 days ago


I wish I were Charlie Sheen!!

1425 days ago


Charlie doesn't have to pay for women! He pays them to keep their mouth shut and leave in the morning! Denise "who is a one hit wonder" is his ****-buddy x-wife, who chose to ride on a private jet instead of flying coach! Actors have been doing this **** forever the only difference is TMZ and cell phones diddn't exist 25 years ago!!!

1425 days ago


GET A LIFE, A**wipe!!!!!!!!!

1425 days ago
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