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Eva Longoria & Tony Parker Sued in BMW Smashup

10/26/2010 1:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eva Longoria and her NBA star hubby Tony Parker just got sued for negligence by a driver who claims Eva swerved out of control in her BMW and slammed into his Bimmer on Hollywood Boulevard.

Eva Longoria sued.

The accident happened last week, and in the lawsuit -- just filed in L.A. Superior Court -- Roman Gasparyan claims he was in the median, waiting to make a left turn when Eva ... driving in the opposite direction ... "made a sudden lane change into the median lane" and collided with him.

According to the suit, both Eva and Roman were driving BMW X5s -- his a 2002, hers a 2010. In addition to the SUV damage, he claims he suffered mental and physical suffering -- and he's suing for unspecified damages.

By the way, Tony Parker was not involved in the accident, but the three-time NBA champ is the registered owner of the BMW. Eva, through her rep, says, "There is absolutely no truth to this claim, and any indications to the contrary are completely false and untrue."


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It is Bimmer! Good job TMZ! So many people say "beemer" so wrong. Bimmer - proper accepted slang for BMW cars. Most people don't know this. Also check out http://www.bimmer-mag.com/

1456 days ago


Anything for money...I swear! Sue~happy losers, GET A JOB!

1456 days ago

Cliche Guevara    

She got sued for being a rich Hollywood celebrity.
(notice I didn't say good actress)

1456 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

I wonder what she was on.

1456 days ago

Conservatives are Cowards    

And thus Richard Hammond is proven right about his assessment of BMW drivers.

1456 days ago


This is why celebrities avoud the average Joe because the average Joe is dishonest and greedy. If the dude accpeted fault when the cops was there, then a copy of the police report is all that is needed to get this tossed. Greedy jerk!!

1456 days ago

Cat Reeves    

Just another loser trying to make a buck of the rich and famos...jerk...go get a job!!!

1456 days ago

Ozzie X    

Looks like the plaintiff wants to upgrade his 2002 X5 to a 2011.

@tlynn her ethnicity has nothing to do with her inept driving skills, it only exposes your bigotry.

1456 days ago

Cat Reeves    

Um....what the hell does her being a Mexican really have to do with it. She grew up in the states...sounds like you are a biggt! And a jealous one at that! By the way, where did your ancestors come from? Because your are a dumbass, your must be from Assganastan, get it!

1456 days ago


Seriously, what is this like 4 posts on this exact same subject, a BS fender bender?
This is when TMZ gets old. There is a post when someone is thinking of filing a lawsuit about a car accident, another post when one sentence of additional information is obtained that is utter mouth diarrhea, then another post when he files the lawsuit, rehashing all the drivel.

It's just ridiculous, come on TMZ!

1456 days ago


He had mental and physical suffering because of a minor car accident?! Absolutely ridiculous! I hope the judge throws this case out. If she was negligent and at fault for the accident, then her insurance should take care of everything. This man didn't have to go to the hospital. I've been in accidents and the only physical suffering in a car accident like that was sore limbs for a few days. When the lady tried to say her kids had been hurt in the accident months later, we had pictures to prove this was not true. I am sure she was very apologetic and worried. Someone is just trying to make a buck here. I hope she rips him a new ******* in court and doesn't have to pay anything.

1456 days ago


I don't know about California but in Ohio, sitting in the median waiting to turn is illegal. You have to stay behind the line and then turn. Maybe it's the same in Cali. He is just money hungry. His fault until he realizes how much she is worth and what he can get out of her. What a joke.

1456 days ago


Didn't the police already clear her of any fault? I think this moron has a huge capital L branded on his forhead. Can't wait till the small **** has to pay her lawyer costs for defending against this fraudulent lawsuit. Big lesson here, if you are a star and some idiot causes an accident, back up and hit them again cause if the idiot survives he/she will just find a way to sue you.

1456 days ago


She is getting sued because she smashed someone's car and her being a "celebrity" she thinks it is not her fault. Hope he get's a pocket full of their money. She is a dumba$$ like the rest of the hollyweirdo's and think they do nothing wrong like the great bozo the clown Ododoboy. They do not have enough sense to be behind the wheel.

1456 days ago


doesn't to negatives make a positive?...so "completely false and untrue" would make it a positive...so it is true

1456 days ago
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