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Jodie Sweetin's Ex:

I'm No Video Game Junkie

10/26/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ex-child star Jodie Sweetin's tell-all memoir just got her hit with a lawsuit from her ex-husband -- who wants to make this clear ... he's not a bad father and he does more than play video games.

Cody Herpin filed the suit claiming the former "Full House" star's book "UnSweetined" depicts him in a "false light" -- as "lazy, unwilling to provide and support his family, uncaring, vindictive, unsupportive and disinterested" in Jodie's pregnancy.

In the papers -- filed in L.A. County Superior Court -- Herpin includes a book passage where Jodie says, "During the day, the baby was 100 percent my responsibility. Cody, meanwhile, played video games."

And there's this excerpt where Jodie talks about recovering from C-section surgery -- and claims Cody "would try to make me laugh because he knew it hurt when I laughed. That and video games were his two forms of entertainment."

Herpin is also suing the book's publisher Simon & Schuster. Jodie's rep had no comment.


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She strikes me as a liar so I doubt any of this is true. Meth heads lie.. period.

1459 days ago


Gloria actually its not too stupid. When two adults share the same house and one has their head stuck in a game while the other is taking care of a child 24/7, its logical to be resentful. It doesnt mean she doesnt love her children or want them any less. Having kids means BOTH parents have responsibilities to care for and take care of them. Its parents that feel once the sex is over they carry no responsibility that are making so many single parent homes, deadbeat dads, and children that have no respect whatsoever.

1459 days ago

Tim Johnson    

She is a moron, don't lie girl karma will get you every time! Quinn you should try it, I'm sure you wont get too close. Also neck tattoos are hot, yummy david beckham! P.S. I think this guy is hot too... Oh well I guess I'll get back into my bentley now...

1459 days ago

LA Legal Dream Team    

How good of a parent was she if she had supervised visitation and he didn't? Simple facts! This could be very bad for her if his attorney calls in the defendants attorneys and or seizes the depositions. Also I remember a colleague of mine working for him on their divorce case. He has endless texts saved of her apologizing for not coming home and Mr. Herpin taking care of the baby continuously. Also, she agreed to be under the influence at certain times of the marriage, there for her memory is jolted. Simon and Schuster, horrible move not contacting him before printing your book. I wonder if i can look into getting a refund for purchasing a false biography?

1459 days ago


yeah hes the bad parent says the meth head mom.

1459 days ago


He is just disgusting looking...if the truth hurts...most of these men ...dont want to work when they have a meal ticket from their famous spouse....

1459 days ago


The guy was totally living off of Jodie and did nothing to support her or his child. She paid for everything. He's a dead beat and should be kicked to the curb!!!!

1459 days ago


She obviously went through a bitter divorce.

Well girl, you're the one that picked him as your husband. It's not like you didn't have warning signs (i.e. neck tattoo)! But, of course, you probably didn't care which man it was because you were an "admitted meth addict and alcoholic". So, I don't see how you get off saying he was "lazy, unwilling to provide and support his family, uncaring, vindictive, unsupportive and disinterested" when you were just as bad as you claim he was.

No doubt this book was solely to get money. I don't see why anybody would waste their money on these types of books.

1459 days ago


How rude!

1459 days ago


From what I understand. SHE is the one paying child support. Now here he is suing for more money. Dirtbag go get a job.

1459 days ago


who is she

1459 days ago


Is this really literature? The worst she can say is that he amde her laugh after her C-section ? This woam is a socio-path. She see it all in her terms. She is an addict and as an addict most are unfit parents because their addiction come before their child. It actually comes before thier own life. She needs serious hlep and not her child. Her child deserves better than her. Her child deserves a chancer at life.

1459 days ago


What's so hard to believe that a man would prefer to play video games than change a diaper or feed his kid? Not to stereotype or generalize but this isn't an uncommon phenomenon. I have a great husband but I could certainly complain about the disproportionate amounts of tending to the home--as could many, many women. So, to the idiot who says we want equality both ways--do the dishes more than once a year or change a diaper without being asked and maybe we'll finally STFU! :)

1458 days ago

Leigh Ann    

Two unfit parents who shouldn't have been allowed to breed. Their kid will never have a chance and will likely be a problem to society (all of us) down the road. More human debris.

1458 days ago


#24--you beat me to it!!! I was going to say the same thing. I will say it again though because Jodie will always be little, annoying Stepanie Tanner.


1458 days ago
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