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Charlie Sheen to Capri: Will $20,000 Do?

11/22/2010 4:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned, two days after Charlie Sheen's wild night at The Plaza Hotel in New York City with Capri Anderson, he wrote her a text offering $20,000.

Charlie Sheen and Capri Anderson

Sources tell us Charlie had heard reports that Capri never got paid for her "services" that night -- inaccurately reported as $12,000.  There were other reports that Capri suffered property damage as well.

We're told in the text Charlie says he believes he owes Capri money, and then asks if $20,000 will cover it.

Sources connected with Charlie insist they were not trying to silence Capri, but that Charlie knew he had promised to pay for her "services" and therefore wanted to honor it.

But Capri's lawyer, Keith Davidson, tells TMZ, "This is as ridiculous as Charlie's statement that the night of the incident he was suffering from an allergic reaction.  This text was obviously an offer to buy her silence."

So now the obvious question ... Can the Aspen judge violate Charlie's probation on grounds he solicited prostitution?  The answer is no, because Charlie's probation is now officially a closed case.

It's unclear how this could play out in NYC.



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Bob Goodden    

i still like that trick she can do with her hoo-hah on spankwire

1409 days ago


Why would this dumbass give her 20k if he thinks she stole his watch worth way more? Paid for the job or not...he's effin stupid.

1409 days ago


Okay, this is weird. Why would he offer this skank 20k if he thinks she stole his watch??? Sheen is dumber than dirt; but then again, he does like to play in it.

1409 days ago


skank probably took it from him too...

1409 days ago


I am not a prostitute. Hey, you didn't pay me for my services!
Memo to Capri: You ARE a prostitute!

1409 days ago


He paid 20k for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1409 days ago


Oksana and this skank... both prostitutes out stealing money from sugar daddies.

1409 days ago

karen lee    


another no-talent lazy good-for-nothing female ... is back again claiming:

1) he just choked me
2) He yelled racial slurs
3) I was an abused woman

THIS has got to stop.

Just another greedy lawyer(s) .. another shiftless n'er do well of the female persuasion

1409 days ago


Try $20 mil.

1409 days ago

Zach Swan    

My suggestion is this: take the $20K, wipe your chin, and walk away.

1409 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

That is one expensive babyoven to play with.

1409 days ago


So she's not a prostitue but Sheen offered her $20k to hangout? Yeah...ok. The truth is always somewhere in the middle. Neither one of them is credible, she's a prostitute and he's an addict with a spotty past. Call it a wash and see to it that neither get anything.

1409 days ago


I guess this answers the question and exposes her true background as a hooker. If you investigate prositituion-booking sites they have sections where you can book "dates" with porn stars and they get paid a ton per night. If you look at the facts of this case - Charlie admits to trashing a hotel room, was found with drugs, arrested, naked hooker in the bathroom. It is known it is very very bad not to pay for "services" that is why Charlie contacted her to make good - her pimp or "management" would start the shakedown if he didn't. Then she sees the opportunity to get more & 15 mins of fame. As a woman, I am sad that so many beautiful and interesting women feel they have to take the route of selling their bodies. It is very dangerous and I am sure there are tons of clients who would think nothing of going crazy, beating her up and who knows what else. Charlie is not a nice guy, has drug & other issues - but he doesn't deserve to be sued like this. Capri got greedy - should have accepted the 20k for one night of sex & drama & then moved onto the next John. Greed is not good.

1409 days ago


Saw her interview on GMA this morning. Seemed to me she was making up her story as she went along. Didn't seem sincere at all to me.

1409 days ago


quick call gloria allred because that was a cheap lay.usually
she spreads for $50000.00................

1409 days ago
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