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Capri Anderson's Lawyer Contacts Sheen's Attorney

10/28/2010 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Capri Anderson's lawyer has already contacted Charlie Sheen's attorney who specializes in settling messy situations with celebrities -- but Capri's attorney got an icy response.

Sources connected with Capri Anderson, aka Christina Walsh, tell TMZ her lawyer contacted one of Charlie's attorneys.  Sources tell us Capri's lawyer sent an email to legal pit bull Marty Singer yesterday ... informing Singer that Capri has lawyered up.  We're told Singer's response was simply, "Ok. So what?"

Capri claims Charlie threatened her in the hotel room, although she made no mention of this to NYC cops. 

We're guessing this one won't be as easy as Rachel Uchitel.

Capri Anderson photos.


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Oh, Puhl-leeze!!!! She just has her hand out looking for easy money. Just because he has money doesn't mean she deserves a dime. Extortion, plain and simple.

1420 days ago


I thought selling your body for money was against the laws isn't that just what she's doing....I don't think he'll gave her a damn cent. She's a porn actor I guess business is bad so she wants to get her name out there. Looser

1420 days ago


Nothing like having ex-wives - whores - current wives & porn stars wanting money out of ya - You deserve it you stupid bas***d!!!!! YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH

1420 days ago


She wasn't a hooker just a girl doing drugs with Charlie having fun. Charlie got all ****ed up and thought he lost his watch and started flipping out. In reality he still has his watch, but was too embarrassed to say otherwise. Since he freaked out, she felt intimidated when the cops were there. People in the hotel heard a girl screaming for help, why would you scream for help if you weren't in trouble??? She was locked in the bathroom when she wanted to leave. Charlie would be lucky if she didn't press charges for kidnapping or being held against her own will. Maybe it's time for Charlie to clean up his act and get off the drugs eh?

1420 days ago


Guaranteed she's hitting herself with a sack of oranges to get some bruises to claim that Charlie hit her. Skank...

Where's Devine Brown these days? Even Heidi Fleiss knew how to keep her trap shut.

1420 days ago


Why & when did whores - porn stars and the like ilk rise to have even a mention in society? THE END IS NEAR!!!!

1420 days ago


She aint gonna get squat, and here's why ... you cant profit from an illegal act, if indeed she was in Teflon Charlie's room and was being paid as a hooker.

No ka-ching for you ho. Charlie is a well knowm womanizer and has a reputation for ladies of the night. Nothing new here.

Just like Charlie's lawyer said, 'Go pound sand'.

1420 days ago


Have to admit, I suspected from the very first that the "woman hiding in the closet" had plans to trigger just such an incident. She knew he was very drunk already, she knew his rep, she fancies herself a "porn star" and now she has lots of publicity for her "career". A lawsuit will just continue the media fun for her. Charlie undoubtedly can't remember anything (having been drunk as a skunk), making him quite vulnerable to false charges. She was the one who called security rather than just leaving. What did happen to his expensive watch? Was she manipulating him into an "incident"? Did he trash the room all by himself or did he have help?

Charlie actually doesn't have a clear record for physically abusing the women he's with (that one shooting incident sounds like an accident, they happen all the time in our gun-happy society). Denise herself said some interesting things on that point back when his current (already ex?) wife was making charges and then retracting them. When Denise was with Charlie, the most physical he ever got was apparently one incident when he pushed her a little - not full force, stupid and dangerous since she was carrying a kid in her arms, but indicates that ordinarily even when angry he restrains himself from physical abuse (Denise complained about emotional abuse, however). Since his most recent wife was also drunk as a skunk when talking with police, it's quite possible that she wanted to retract her original claims because they weren't exactly true. Usually guys who are abusive follow the same pattern, year in and year out, and what she had claimed wasn't part of his established pattern.

His ex Denise, who has never been shy about complaining about Charlie, went with him to the hospital and says a lot of what has been reported is exaggerated. She was sober, so she does have more credibility than the "porn star".

Charlie definitely needs to learn to live without alcohol - I think he's at the blackout stage of alcoholism myself. We can always hope this incident will convince him of that once and for all. Heaven help him if he's mixing other drugs with the alcohol. (Hmm, another thought sprang to mind about Ms. Porn Star ... anything added to his drinks? Well, guess they might have picked up on that at the hospital.)

1420 days ago


The Hooker from Hell may have met her match - Charlie's Lawyer's will chew her up (yuck) and spit her out. Ka-ching, ka-ching, so much for her effort to get money out of Charlie!!!!
Better luck next time Hooker from Hell!!!

1420 days ago


If Sheen can assault a girlfriend, put a knife to his wife's throat and walk, something tells me no one is going to care that a drugged up whore got scared. All involved are dregs and need to be washed into the gutter. I just hope he is not left alone with any of his kids. If he can't contain his behavior on a family vacation he has proved what an irresponsible, self centered idiot he is. Where is Gloria Allred when she's needed?

1420 days ago


only in america can a thief sue the victim

1420 days ago


How come the Happy Hooker was hiding from Charlie and told cops she was afraid for her life? Seems to me that Charlie must have been afraid for his life if the Happy Hooker was locked in the bathroom!! He certainly could not harm her. Perhaps the cops will fugure that one out all by themselves -- or not!!!

1419 days ago


I read on another blog that he owes her $12K for the pleasure of her company and due to his freak out, he stiffed more ways than one I'm sure...

1419 days ago

Mr Baxter    

Good luck lady. Have you seen what Sheen's lawyer has done for him?!?

1419 days ago


$12,000 is some private school tuition. Haven't seen "Waiting for Superman" because its too sad, but maybe C.S. could start a scholarship for kids who can't afford private school education instead of paying for sex for a few months...then girls could attend and learn the skills to have good careers to protect them from having to be porn stars??? Don't have all the answers. Do you?

1395 days ago
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