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Billy Ray Cyrus Divorce

He Pulled the Trigger

10/27/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billy Ray Cyrus made the first move in his divorce from Tish -- filing divorce papers yesterday in a Tennessee court.

Billy Ray Cyrus divorce.
According to the divorce papers, obtained by TMZ, Billy Ray is asking for "shared" custody of the couple's 3 minor children. 

He's also asking the court to "approve a parenting plan" to be signed by both Billy Ray and Tish ... and to make an "equitable distribution of the marital estate."

As we previously reported, Billy Ray chalked up the split to irreconcilable differences.


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It is really sad that they are getting a divorce. I didn't even see it coming. I don't think Miley will end up like Brit or Lindsey. She just really needs to tone it down. As for the divorce...obviously something has had to happen to make Mr. BRay do this. I don't think it is cheating, I just feel maybe with all the fame it has just taken a toll on the parents. WHen I was younger I was raising hell in my house. My parents often thought of divorce because both of them had their own ideas how to deal with me. They didn't, and I am glad, it is not miley's fault, but I know that chos does take its toll on a marriage. I wish them the best

1458 days ago

The Killer Smile    

Deja vu, right? Lindsay Lohan was the first person in my head after reading the headline... If you look at the path carefully, these are the same footsteps Lindsay had to go through back in the early 2000s.

1458 days ago


How many women wished he wasn't married and now it seems so sad?

1458 days ago


Truth is that Miley has been sent down a road which can only end up in yet another "young ex teenidol in jail or od" headline. Skanky parents whoring out their skanky daughter...hmm where have I heard that before?

1458 days ago


There should be a law that prohibits celebrities from getting married. They think everything can be tossed like toilet paper.

1458 days ago


Please go get an education before you try to keep up with those who are literate . YOU should be embarrassed at your lack of education . LOLOLOL

1458 days ago


in other words..they disagreed on how to exploit miley.

1458 days ago


Why does it say that they were married Dec. 28, 1993 (three) in the divorce do***ents? Wikipedia and everywhere else has them listed as marrying Dec. 28, 1992 (two). Did they lie about their marriage date being a year earlier, or did they mistype it in the divorce do***ents?

1458 days ago


For those who have never gone through a divorced it can be one of the toughest parts of life any family can go through. You poke fun, degrade and dismiss the Cyrus Family like they were human trash. Grow up. Not one of you actually knows them, not one of you has actually walked a mile let alone an inch in their shoes. You have no idea of the cir***stances that brought the parents to such a difficult decision. To make light of it is a sad state our society is in. You anonymously post such vial comments when compassion for a family hurting is needed.

Given the cir***stances of life in the spot light, I think Billy Ray and Tish have done a great job with their kids. You rate Miley in the same league as Britney and Lindsay but you fail miserable to see that she is not. Outside of her fame (her job) she is a typical teenager, nothing more and I have yet to see anything different. Her stardom makes for you an easy target. Is it because you cannot aim higher in your own life’s goals? I would think. Miley like the rest of the kids in her family will hurt for sometime trying to figure out how best to cope with the breakup of their parents. It’s never easy. And to see your personal family issues unfold on the front page of every gossip site, magazine and newspaper makes it even more difficult. To you it is a joke, but to the Cyrus family, or any parent divorcing, it is not. It rips the family apart inside with many a night spent in tears. While over time life does heal itself but the heart will never again be whole. My wish for you is that you never have to experience this.

My heart goes out to the Cyrus family, yours should too.

1458 days ago


Wow, shocker!! Thought this was a solid marriage!!
Kristen Wikipedia info is never right, because they never check it out fully they leave that up to you lol!! I've found numerous faults with numerous people checking on there, it's better to go to the home site lol!!

Guess little ol' Miley is going to have fun playing her parents off against one another, just it seems as she always has lol!!

1458 days ago


Did Tish find Miley and billy in bed together?? LOL

1458 days ago


People...ligten up on the name calling. This is business. Isn't it always.

1458 days ago


Classic case: more money; trade up.

1458 days ago


Ok, to all those who are asking for sympathy for the Billy & Tish, let's refresh your memories. Billy was married to his FIRST wife, Cindy Smith, when he took up with BOTH Tish and another woman (Cody's mom) Kristen Luckey. BOTH women got pregnant at the same time, so wonderful Christian, decided he should marry one of them, after the divorce from Cindy was finalized. So, he is VERY familiar with the devistation of lives and asking me to have an atom of sympathy for either of them is like asking me to spit in the Grand Canyon and have it be filled...NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Karma is a bitch!

1458 days ago


People are so sick on this site what is wrong with this world? Anways I pray for Miley and her family they will turn out just fine.

1458 days ago
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