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Taylor Momsen -- Trick or Treat?

10/27/2010 12:15 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Looking like the Corpse Bride of Chucky, "Gossip Girl" star Taylor Momsen continued with her underage-goth-girl-rocker-peek-a-boo-leather-and-lace-fashion-zombie tour in West Hollywood last night.


Believe it or not, the 17-year-old lead singer of The Pretty Reckless was not in costume for Halloween.



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WHY you ask no one is jumping all over this chick for the way she dresses and wonder how they are not flipping out? compared to Miley

well Miley is another disney product which explains her actions as well as statement.. she doesnt want to be a kid anymore..furthermore if you havent noticed miley is walking down the exact line that britney spears did.. only britney had a better body( beginning at 16!) .. give miley just a couple more years and the plastic surgery sure to come and we'll see miley cyrus as the new Britney Spears...check out her outfits.. i say COPY CAT.. she's just not hitting the hot spot cause of her creepy manily voice, she's still curves.. she's just not that old enough.. both of these teens try soo hard to look older in turn losing their child-like qualities.. yet outwardly they still look like a child attempting to be an adult.. LOL.. yep thats good ole age 17.. i remember that

Taylor on the other hand isnt as near wealthy as Miley anyone who even attempts to argue this fact is showing their stupidity... in soo many terms .. Taylor is trying hard to get their (as in to the top) of what ever is in her it thru fashion, music, or acting ( i think she'll end up dumping one or the other as real career pressure begins to heat up on her)

Although i do not like the approach Miley is taking.. i completely understand how hard it is to get clear of a young, innocent, fake character.. yet thats what happens when you come from disney.. face the cant go from disney channel to playboy overnight ( unless daddy cyrus really wanted the cash)

this taylor raccon as this has became her new name due to all that makeup.. she looks trashed, hashed, used, and enjoys the abuse.. has been seen on sets with cigs a blazin, making out with chics at clubs, and who knows whats next... i expect gossip girl to drop her character and split in the relationship.

she also looks like she's reaching out..which again is showing she has some issues.. the girl needs dr.phil and tied up in the camp happy room full of disney cartoons like in the adams family II

she needs peeps around her to make her feel happy!

however i do hope that the other emo-kids out there looks at this idiot and says finally to hell with the whole emo-kid look/image.

emo-kids have played themselves.. wanna be gothic "the crow" twilight heads waiting for a true blood vampire attack..LOL

1458 days ago


LOVE the Python reference made me giggle! As to this ridiculous waste of space? REALLY? This is the girl MADONNA wants as the face of her child's clothing line...'nuf said

1458 days ago


Hey...TEXASKNIGHT1...are you her Press AGENT? sheesh...or do you just have a fetish for this disturbing little girl? Get over it dude, start a blog spot TAYLORILUVU.PEDO sheesh!

1458 days ago


Somebody throw that girl a burger, stat. She needs to eat something.

Boo, my life is so hard.... Im going to dress like an attention seeking whore and act alternative. Gosh, is she for real?

1458 days ago


I agree with #44 (parf), this kid is TRYING TOO HARD

1458 days ago


sorry to all you hater, but i was invited to the show last night and got a chance to meet her briefly. to my surprise, she was actually really nice and seemed like a cool girl. not out of control at all and actually more shy than you would think. she has her own vision on how she wants to be. so what. i was very impressed with her. she is a very good rock singer and is a real diamond in the rough. she needs a good producer and look out. definitely the real deal.

1458 days ago


She's annoying but her 'eff everyone' attitude is somewhat admirable. At least she knows who she is, and being that young in Hollywood - it's important to have that. Rock on, sister.

1458 days ago


Someone hasn't taken a shower today. Their still wearing last night.

1458 days ago


What a douchette

1458 days ago


She's pretty young to have a back-end spread like that. She needs to exercise to lift that butt and firm it up.

1458 days ago

I'm only 17    

is an AP for finding you on the iPhone, and it'll post your picture AND your address too!...AND a lot of these "sex offenders" are on there for the same I would have to ask why ANY comment about "doing her" , "hitting that", 'she's hot" or anything of the like is in the comments. I am NOT a fan of La Momsen but what is even worse??? Grown men making those comments-you all are absolutely disgusting. How would you feel if someone as disgusting as you said that about YOUR 17 year old? Or your 17 year old SON for that matter. You don't have any kids you say???? Well how would you like to be a registered sex offender for the rest of your know thereseemingly innocent comments you are making here, that lead them to being DELUSIONAL and thinking this is "hittable" and LO and BEHOLD, arrested for being DISGUSTING...and they are R.S.O.'s for the REST of theirs lives. Get used to it, cos that is where you are heading.
Lastly, for anyone else that thinks TayMo looks good, I am trying to see it....I don't, and if you do, I think you should probably make an appt with LensCrafters.

PS-her parent/(s) are absolute douchtards and should have this little wanna be whore taken out of their custody.

PPS-no need to comment on my comment cos I won't be coming back here to read it.

1458 days ago


There is goth hot and goth skank. She is the skank version. Nothing about this girl is hot the way she is dressed but it is getting her some press. I have no idea who the little misfit is

1458 days ago


This chick needs help...and FAST.

Sad thing is, once LiLo is dead from OD or DUI crash, she'll be right there to pick up where the last trash bag left off. Needless to say her parents probably won't get her the help she needs, since they are living off her $$$...I hope we don't have to hear about them for months on end when they die, like with did with Anna "I married a geezer and became a crack ho" Nicole Smith.

Might as well save time and bury them now!

Nice morals, flashing tits, and she's only 17....but if the parents don't care, they why should you people get upset about some dude saying he'd bang that ho? He'll most would want to put some baby batter on her face...Walks like a ho, looks like a ho, acts like a ho...MUST be a ho!

1458 days ago


Nasty, period.

1458 days ago


All that is missing is the coffin

1458 days ago
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