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Woman in Charlie Sheen Hotel Room Will Press Case

10/28/2010 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Capri Anderson, the woman who ended up locking herself in Charlie Sheen's hotel bathroom, will ask Colorado prosecutors to violate Charlie's probation ... on ground he allegedly held her against her will.

Capri Anderson

We've also learned Anderson, aka Christina Walsh, has already lawyered up, hiring a high-profile Beverly Hills attorney -- not Gloria Allred.  

Our sources say Anderson claims after she locked herself in the bathroom, Charlie tried getting in and began repeatedly punching the door.  She alleges she feared for her life.

We're told Anderson wants the Pitkin County D.A. to attempt to violate Charlie's probation in the domestic violence case and she plans to fly to Apsen in the next few days to make her case.

Sources in Pitkin County tell us as far as the D.A. is concerned, any complaint that criminal activity occurred in New York must be filed in New York, not Pitkin County.  We're told, however, that if Anderson flies to Aspen, the D.A. has "an open-door policy" and would see her.

As one person on her team told TMZ, beyond the Pitkin case, "We're weighing our legal options."

Law enforcement sources in NYC tell TMZ ... when cops interviewed Anderson at the hotel, she did not say she felt Charlie was holding her against her will.

Capri Anderson photos.


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Oh this is great. Another female victime for TMZ to blame for poor Charlie's problems. How long before TMZ starts posting distorted photos of her with insulting slogans, while reminding us how pitiful Charlie is. PLEASE!

If a victim of violence tries to stand up for themself against male celebs, the media attacks them and blames them for the man's violence. TMZ leads the way in the campaign. IT's shameful.

1453 days ago

Zach Swan    

This tramp got her fee for the night (her type always collect in advance,) a nice watch, free cocaine, and lots of publicity out of this evening and now she wants to get paid big. Greedy hooker.

1453 days ago


She'll fly to Pitkin hoping a rep for Charlie calls saying "5 million and you drop this case"... ridiculous

1453 days ago


If I am Sheen, I'd tell her to go pound sand.... or go F herself. As of Sunday, he is free & clear of Colo issues. She can't get this done that fast.

1453 days ago


...and then she will follow that up by filing a civil claim about how she is suffering post traumatic stress disorder or some BS. - UNLESS Chalie pays her off before hand (i.e. weighing her legal options [my arse])

I think Charlie is a douche. He's been a douche for years. Most addicts adopt douche behavior. But she is just trying to squeeze him for some money. Barf.

1453 days ago


Im so sick and tired of hearing about these low class hoes trying to score it big. Any lawyer that represents these parasites should be disbarred.

1453 days ago


wow...looking to keep that 15 seconds of fame, just a little longer.....

1453 days ago


This seems like a ploy to get Charlie to reach a settlement with her. As soon as he hands her a check she'll probably stop cooperating with authorities.
To the poster who said Gloria Allred must be kicking herself for not winning the right to represent this girl, before the hooker grew fangs, a tail and horns Allred did advertise her services by going on the news and saying that Charlie is a danger to society.

1453 days ago


she chose the bathroom because she was naked ....... girls like her are always naked don't ya know?

1453 days ago


why is everyone defending sheen here, he was f'ed up and trying to get a peice of her just been paid ass and he lots it. probably so drunk he couldnt get it up and through a fit. this guy is a total looser, why defend him, who cares if she's a pornstar, truth is she got scared when his pee pee didnt work and started throught stuff around liek a 5 year old, isnt he like 50? he's the looser here- i mean his kids and denise were right next door people, banging a hooker next door to your kids, father of the year material right here!

Posted at 7:08 AM on Oct 28, 2010 by titan

i agree.

charlie sheen is far more skanky than the skankiest ho out there.

1453 days ago


please don't make another hoe rich!!!!!just let her go back to doin porn,i'm sick of all these "women"makin tons off publicity.I will no longer read this website.all you people do is contribute to their wealth.....

1453 days ago


@ Cravin Morehead

Thanks for the answer. Perhaps in hopes of a payout, she's just threatening to give a depo. We'll see, I guess.

1453 days ago


LOL at the porn star. Sorry honey but you went up to that room in hopes of being the next Ms. Sheen and since that didn't work out you're trying to cash in via the back door. You locked yourself in a bathroom so it sounds like you held yourself against your will. What a joke and I hope that Sheen doesn't pay you a freaking dime so you can go back to your day job. Sad, sad, sad.

1453 days ago


wow,didnt see that coming...

1453 days ago


Does she have pics of Bret Favre?

1453 days ago
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