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Charlie Sheen's Missing Watch -- Super RARE

10/29/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The watch that Charlie Sheen claims he lost during the night of his hotel meltdown ain't no ordinary Timex ... dude was wearing one of the most sought after watches on the planet ... valued at $150,000.

Charlie Sheen watch collection.
Sources familiar with the situation tell us Sheen was rockin' a Patek Philippe 5970 ... a watch that one expert tells us is always in "crazy high demand" with collectors.

TMZ obtained a photo of Sheen wearing the watch at his dinner party with Capri Anderson just hours before he lost the timepiece.

We're told, "So few people have them ... and so few people trade in them .. that the watch will return at some point."

Kinda explains why Sheen was willing to tear his room apart to try and find it.


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It's clear Capri has the watch. It will be sold for a fraction of what it's worth and she will get most of the money aside from a nice little bonus to whomever was waiting in the hall so that she could hand it out the door while Charlie was in the bathroom. That's bad enough but now she is lying and stating she was held against her will. NYPD disputes that. This young woman is yet another predatory snot.

1454 days ago


Note to Charlie:
Did you know you can have sex with your watch on? Actually, I prefer this. What's better than a classy ultra rare watch to look at while he's doing me? This will enable you to keep your watch collection safe and intact. Never waive something of value in front of a porn star or hooker. They wait a minute salivating and then bend you over so to speak...

1454 days ago


Coming soon to E-Bay: Patek Philippe 5970.

1454 days ago


Oh Boo Hoo poor charlie lost a watch when boozing it up with a sexy woman in a hotel room he trashed. he so deserves all this media attention. what about the fear he put that person threw that made her feel the only way she'd feel safe was to lock herself in a bathroom and call 911. so he can do drugs and pound on doors and everyone's ok with it because she is in porn. so are there seperate rights for people who make less than desirable legal decisions about thier life choices and another seperate set of rules that says let the stupid drunk ******* do whatever he wants and support him in the media? oh because they are rich and famous. and male. therefore so much more forgivable in the media with their obscene sometimes illegal behavior. feel good about yourselves everyone!

1454 days ago


A watch is a watch

What does it do?I Know Probably tells him when he's due for the next round of Cocaine

1454 days ago


OK. Balls, we are just balls. But are you really just balls? Such as ball one..ball two..ball're out?! OR are you just a quick stroke and two low hanging balls are all you got? I am very impressed your little marbles can manage to 'tap' a keypad! For just two balls down low I would think that since there is a head close-by, you could use it and "shoot" a complete sentence for once in your low hanging life. Just checking, because I am just curious as "balls" you know???

1454 days ago


I agree with the other person. Why take it off?

And what do you need a $150K watch for? Did your $150K cellphone stop telling time?

1454 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

Useless, like stealing a Lamborghini in the hood.
You can't sell it and it can't be serviced.
You can't even wear it.
No one will touch it and if the whore does not return it soon she will be charged with felony grand theft and see long prison time.
Ask Charlie for $10K to give the watch back and have it handled quietly, I am sure he will be happy to pay it.

1454 days ago


Does anybody really know what time it is?

1454 days ago

kiki are funny as hell! Your comment made me lmfao!! you go on with your bad self ... VAGINA ... LOL

1454 days ago


I'd buy it hot and wear it. Everybody would assume it was fake.

Capri, call me. ;)

1454 days ago

Rusty Schackelford    

wow , poster 16, 17.... like you have room to talk, double post much? I`m sure your I.Q. is somewhere between a bar of soap and the nasty s*** under the soap.

1454 days ago


KOOKY ur trippin me out. I currently live in Flagstaff,AZ. I also spent half of my life in San Bernardino,CA as recently as November 2008. whoa (sounding like Keanu Reeves).

1454 days ago


I prefer Casio myself.

1454 days ago


Who would pay 150K for a watch. The hooker stole it along with his wallet. And he deserves it. I am so over Charlie Sheen. He has been blessed with fortune and fame and still wants to lead the slutty life. What a jerk.

1454 days ago
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