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Chloë Sevigny

You're a 19th Century

Dead Man

10/31/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chloë Sevigny is so obsessed with a brutal century-old murder in New England -- she slept in the house where the killer hacked up the bodies ... and as the legend goes, the place is haunted.


You're looking at pics from the Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, Massachusetts -- named after a woman who allegedly murdered her elderly parents in cold blood, using nothing but a hatchet.

Who'da thunk ... the famous house is now a bed and breakfast -- and Chloë was one of its most recent guests ... doing a dead-on corpse impression, and even spending the night in Lizzie Borden's old bed.

For the record, Lizzie was accused of the murders but never convicted -- the creepy part ... no one else was ever arrested or tried.


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jane doe    

LIZZE BORDEN IS MY HERO! The **real** story is Lizzie was abused by her father and stepmother - and the whole town knew it - that is why Lizzie was found NOT GUILTY. Lizzie went on and lived a long, healthy, prosperous life (minus the abusive parents), mingling with the rich and famous.

1400 days ago


Lizzie Borden had an axe
and gave her mother 40 whacks
when she saw what she had done
she gave her father 41.

& #1 - I never heard that version. interesting.

1400 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Awesome! Chloë almost perfectly captured the strange pose that Lizzie's father from the crime scene photos - She forgot to cross her arms, but still pretty damn close!

Experts think that Lizzie killed her parents while completely naked, then took a bath in the basement and got dressed before the cops arrived so that there wasn't any blood evidence on her.

A famous forensic scientist sprayed Luminol in the basement around the bathtub and when they shined the blacklight on it, it lit up big-time - the whole tub was covered in blood as well as the area around it. So much blood that it fit the theory of the murderer having cleaned up there...

BTW - The only other suspect was the Bordens' housekeeper, who - if she didn't do it herself - at least had first-hand knowledge of the murders and may have helped Lizzie cover it up.

1400 days ago

casting couch    

Sevigny still gives a good blow job.

1400 days ago


A good story,but hardly "breaking news" My wife and I visited Lizzie's home in August of this year, a day after the anniversary of the murders in 1892...and there were photos of Chloe's visit in the gift shop

1400 days ago


On Chole's way out did she get an autograph "hatchet" by Lizzie for sleepping his her bed?

1400 days ago


Is Chole going to give her parents 40 "Wacks" let's wait and find out.

1400 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

She wants to suck ghost **** now?

1400 days ago

Spencer Biles    

Chloe could give me 40 wacks.

1400 days ago


Lizzie Borden was re-incarnated though.

She is now known as OJ Simpson.

1400 days ago


New England Yankee celebrity justice.

1399 days ago


Chloe is hot

1399 days ago

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