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Oksana Under Oath ... Again

10/29/2010 1:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva is about to raise her right hand for the fourth time and sit for a deposition ... TMZ has learned.

As we first reported ... Oksana's lawyers tried to delay this deposition until Mel sat for his ... which is scheduled for Monday.  The judge would have none of it, so Oksana must show up today.

The depo will cover custody issues, but we're told Oksana's statements to PEOPLE will also be hot topics.



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Mary Mulligan    

she's so nasty, don't know what Mel saw in her, yuck!!!

1453 days ago


Look closely again at those "knocked out teeth" ....try to find a blown up pictures, look at her nose (pre-surgery nose I should you see any time-stamps) Ever see anyone get their teeth broken or hit in the mouth? Where is the swelling, the jagged and swollen gums? The split and swollen lips, the blood that should still be seeping if the pic was taken almost immediately like she said? Where is the swelling to the rest of her face? Why does her nose look different look the one she sports now? Why doesn't RoL remove its watermark? Are they covering something up? Why does her "black eye" picture resemble bad botox pictures? Where is the swelling to the eye, as in swollen the rest of her cheek area? Why isn't the baby's face swollen and why does it look like baby acne? Why didn't she visit the hospital immediately with herself and child, have the police come and record pictures?

1453 days ago


"Regardless of how we feel about her, there is no excuse for alleged domestic violence. It is funny how the whole extortion issue came to light when we heard of Oksana's front teeth knocked out in Mel Gibson's RAGE. Mel has a long history and if this woman did plan on extortion, it is still no reason to punch a woman in the face.

Posted at 10:16 AM on Oct 29, 2010 by Chris"

Deny it all you want but your post above implies Mel is guilty of hitting her whether you use the "alleged" (which you misuse anyway in this instance) or not. When in fact you have no idea whether he hit her or not - none.

1453 days ago


To #3 - I tired of hearing about this waste of space broad. Go away already... get a real job like the rest of us single moms. Be an example to your children...especially your daughter. Fricken Loser!!

1453 days ago


Oksana supporters!
You have to be oskana PR people, you clowns come across as complete IDIOTS.

The cops and courts will decide if something illegal was done.

The Mel Team knows this, we have NOT HEARD Mel's side of this story. We only heard her side, and that's because he hired a PR firm , one with very close ties to RADAR. So we heard "tapes" that oskana claims didn't get leaked by her, but that she made, and was "somehow" given to RADAR . Now the tapes seem "edited".

I would punch a woman in the face, if she was ABUSING a baby, if she was SHAKING a baby , you bet I would do everything in my POWER to protect that BABY. Also, there are some "sick" women out there, who kill people, drown their babies, stab people, ... some sick stuff. So I would never say there is "never a reason to punch a woman in the face".
There are good reasons to punch a man in the face too, same reasons.

If Mel's version is he was protecting the "baby" from oskana's wacky emotional fits, that could happen to women over 40 year old who give birth. Post mordem depression.

Also, Oksana has history of hooking up with famous and rich people to get her hooks on their money. This was a "set-up". This would be the ONLY way to set it up so MEL would have to pay Millions (she's after 200 million dollars.)
Mel had 1 billion dollars, but after divorce he had to give 1/2 to ex-wife.
So oskana, who is not Mel's wife, thought 1/2 of 400-500 million is 200 MILLION. She wants 200 million, 1/2 of what Mel has, for being with him, a few years, and not living together. So the plan was , all along, how to get the 200 million from MEL. So she came up with this plan, along with 40 lawyers and various PR firms.

1453 days ago



She did the right thing to record him if she indeed was scared, but she made a fatal mistake by not having followed up on this in a lawful and ethical manner. She should've called the police and tell them about her concerns. She should've delivered them the ORIGINAL even though she could make copies for herself but still told cops about it anyway. 3. She should've NOT used an additional mike to record herself. 4. She should've then taken her attorney advice. 5. She should've called the DV office and report the DV to secure her recordings, or at least she should've called her friends, or neighbors, somebody who would recall this call later. 6. If there were any physical injuries, bruises etc regardless of how small she shouldv've gone to the emergency and make a record instead of hiding them under make-up which does not add to her creditworthiness. 7. She should've then gone to court and file for a child support and DV charges based on the legal evidence that were properly collected and do***ented.
But she never done any of that. But the best would be DO NOT TALK TO HIM while he was that enraged, wait till he calmed down and negotiate in a civilized manner. If she did not trust him and had reasonable doubt about his decency, then she should have done all of the above.

Instead, she illegally recorded him, arrange for the recordings to get out to publicly humiliate him which is a LOW LIFE maneuver, in my opinion, and you know the rest.

There is NO half-way once you decide to wage a war. You can't have a cake and eat it. I am surprised that at 40 she still act like a stupid preschooler and expect everybody would stay there listening to her crap and trust every word. Yo don't need to be an FBI profiler to do a little research, analyst the findings and connect the dots.

She is probably telling the truth about Mel's outburst but 1. we don't know the context 2. she doesn't have any hard evidence, so he may get away with it. On the other hand, I have serious doubt of her OWN true intentions and motives just by the way she had handled this whole situation. So, I think her old British husband 20+ older is probably right - these two deserve each other. At least Gibson is a very productive citizen and a good man in general I can see that(even though he is an Irish Catholic - these guys can be difficult) while she shows a long history of living off her relationship with men which can be understandable with her ambitions and little money she had had, but she shall ADMIT IT and STOP playing a celebrity. She needs a good reality check and take what the law allows her - CHILD SUPPORT and any other assets she may be entitled to such as her employment payments, her music, her photos, online publications, etc that's it. Let Mel take care of the rest. Maybe in a few years when the dust settled down they would be together again for their daughter.

1453 days ago


It's sad what money can buy you Mel. Own up.

1453 days ago


Enough of Mel and this broad, surely something more interesting is going on?

1453 days ago


@youdrink toomuch


Thank you for introducing me to this amusing term perfectly describing OG.

1453 days ago


Sooooooooooooooo sick of her.

1453 days ago


Enough of Mel and this broad, surely something more interesting is going on?

Posted at 10:35 AM on Oct 29, 2010 by Christy


the circus has begun.

1453 days ago


Perhaps Miss Grigorieva's PR Sin Machine will provide additional morsels later today or over the weekend.

Recent articles have been fluff pieces providing little new information.

The most troubling recent event has been LB's defamatory labeling of Mel Gibson as a "deadbeat dad" when he has been anything but. The fact that she knows this and still affixed this label served no legitimate purpose. The illegitimate purpose was to further denigrate Mel Gibson in public.

It is my fervent hope that karma comes and bites these liars in short order.

1453 days ago


This was from the People magazine article from Ox's interview when she was gagged, I found it in the comment section. This lady rocks and is a jewel!....yes, I stole it from the People site. Not printing her name though.
Oct 12
"The issue is really about a woman who is playing the 'Poor lil 'ol me' game and playing it poorly I might add. It makes honest, hard working, everyday women angry. Who the hell buys this crap in this day and age anyway? Nobody that I know. The 'evidence' is suspect, her intentions are clear, the side effects for her children and any extended family must be extremely embarassing to say the least. And that is without addressing the man in the picture. I agree with the masses here. No self respecting woman would methodically set a trap and then land herself in such a public forum by using this kind of a dog and pony show. And again I agree with the masses. she does NOT fit the profile of the battered woman and I worked with them for years. They, contrary to her ideal, go to great lengths to HIDE the abuse they suffer, not set traps, gather evidence and then use it to try and blackmail a rich, famous and beloved person. Sorry to all of you that may disagree on that one but whatever else he is, Mel IS well loved....and not by women who just want to sleep with him.
We have well loved Mel, Married for umpteen years to supportive and loving Robin the mother of their many children (7 is it ladies?) with Danny Glover a close friend and never a bad word about the man. Then he decides to do a factual piece on Christ. One that the Jewish Community gets a wedgie on because they don't want their race to be portrayed as the killer of Christ. Reality Check, isle 13! Hello! The Jewish Rabies were the ones that demanded Christs death, sought him out, presented him for judgement and when they didn't get the satisfaction they wanted, filled the crowd with their own kind to cry out loud and clear for Christs death over that of a murderer. End of story. The Jews cannot rewrite some parts of the Bible to fit what they want to present as PC for todays world. If that were so we would ALL be rewriting the Bible. Anyway, The Jewish councils, et, all converge on Mel and his films backers, giving him major headaches, his backers all pull out so he finances the film himself risking everything he has, and they continue throughout the films shooting to take him in and out of court and harass him to death. Despite all of the harassment from the worlds Jewish leaders. He took a huge risk and although it did pay off for him, it was at this point that Mel's life and marriage began to unwind. It was during this time when the drunken Mel made racial slurs against the D*&$ Jews (and I can't say I would have felt any differently given the same pressure he was under)
Mel starts floundering in his personal life,probably majorly disillusioned for the first time in his long happy career. Add a little midlife crisses to that, and enter......., You got it! Oksana. Boy I bet Timothy Dalton was glad to see her backside! Mel was ripe for the picking. She saw it and she got right on it. She sure as hell wasn't making any gravy with her own tunes.
So we have the facts. So lets get to the one big bone of contention here. It would appear to be Racisim. The BIG PC word no one is supposed to know the dark side of these days but EVERYONE carries. YOU think about this...There isn't ONE of us, not ONE who isn't prejudice against SOME race in some way. For some it may be the Stereotypical Illegal Mexican, Others those freakin Indian Cab drivers, others, Arabs, Muslims, Taliban. We are all guilty of it in our hearts. I defy one black person to tell me that under the right cir***stances, with the right white person, they don't at least THINK, if not say, just THINK racially. Same with whites. We are all guilty ladies. It is who we are. Hell we are prejudiced against each other! We look upon the women trussed out in obviously fake salon nails, tight glittery dress, stilletto heels and Baby Jane makeup, and automatically think Whore. For all we know she is late for her part in a show she's doing downtown but didn't want to miss her kids awards ceremony at school. Oops! And look at what the one lady said here in the comments..'I can't believe you, a black woman would want to (Mel)'..Or words to that effect. I can't recall exactly as since I am typing this I don't have it on speed tab. We are all a product of our environment and like it or not, Prejudice goes along with that. Unfortunately for Mel, he has gotten upset and or drunk, and said it out loud. I think he would never have done it in public again as he is a pretty smart guy but I think she pretty much knew how to push his buttons and knew she was recording so that about says it for that. Do I think Mel carries this huge Prejudice around on his shoulder, looking at everyone he passes on the street and mentally abusing them? No! I think he's just like the rest of us. Sometimes, under the right set of cir***stances, ie being upset or stoned out of his mind, he has a brain to mouth issue. Quite frankly, I would love to see Mel walk away from this mess, reunite with Robin where he belongs (She actually showed up and testified for his character unbidden because she couldn't stand to see Oksana accuse him of violence like she is. And that is love and commitment) Get back into his groove and start spreading some more of that God given talent he has around for us to enjoy and put all this mess behind him. Was he a bad boy? Sure he was. But after all, we almost all love a LITTLE bad boy in our men. Ah! Netflix strem is back up so I will adjorn ladies. I bid you good day. :)"

1453 days ago


Life isn't fair! Oksana has to be deposed first. Boo hoo, not fair. Are you trying say that she knows what that word fair means? Guffaw!

Whoever is whining about this being unfair is just being unfair. So there! Na na na na na.

Take it up with the judge whiners, the court decided this one. So I guess you'll just have to cry about it all day as you flutter around here like little flies trying to land and deposit your small little vomits on people. No trouble to us really, as we absent mindedly flick you away. We just have to make sure we wash well after you make your microscopic deposits.

1453 days ago


I look forward to Oksana going to jail.She has been playing a dirty game trying to destroy the father of her baby,and lacking foresight.Greedy cow.Does she honestly think she can go on with this for forever?Mel,don't worry about the tapes,on hearing them anyone can tell she was cold and provoking you all throughout.I am black and don't think you are racist at all.Everyone says things they don't mean when they are very angry.Oksana needs a beating.Hopefully with time you'll find a really good woman who cares about you and is down-to-earth.Don't give the ingrate any more money,and she ought to handover your baby.She is ugly too.

1453 days ago
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