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Michael Jackson's Kids: It's Not Daddy's Voice!

11/1/2010 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Jackson album Sony is about to release is a fraud, according to members of Michael Jackson's family.

Michael Jackson new album:
We've learned Sony is determined to release the album for Christmas, and believes the songs are all authentic.  We're told MJ and his kids were in New Jersey when he recorded the tracks with producers in 2007.

Sources tell us Paris and Prince now believe some of the songs on the album are fakes -- not Michael's voice.  Sony, we're told, is convinced all of the songs are the real deal.  Howard Weitzman, lawyer for the estate, tells TMZ he had experts listen to the tracks and all of the experts concluded it's Michael's voice on all the tracks.

Other Jackson family members also believe some of the tracks are phony.  There is a stalemate, although at this point no one is talking lawsuit.


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ha ha ha Michael looks like a ffuucked up Pug dog. Big old bulging eyes, sunken cheeks, woman. ha ha haha Just another dead pedophile, thanks for the music, asshhhole. . . . . ANNIE

1460 days ago


it only would be daddys voice if arnie klein put out an albumn and he is too busy trying to burn down his house

1460 days ago


LMFAO @ the haters who have nothing better to do than click on a link to a story who is about the so-called: child molester.

Get a might lead to a life. LMFAO You people...

1460 days ago


Why should I believe that the children really said that?

1460 days ago


@mrspatrickcampbell: are you an absolute ****tard?

No need to discuss: you are.

And about this so-called piece of news, it's clear that the children haven't been saying anything of the kind. It's other people trying to start trouble who are...

1460 days ago


Maybe this is just the elephant-man-bones-sort of stuff in order to promoto the album.

Or maybe they just finally realized that Michael was right with not releasing the material ... because he never finished it and he sorted it out for good reason, in order to keep quality high.

1460 days ago

mj fan forever    

I think the Jackson family has every incentive to hinder the new album because the money is not destined to end in their pockets and they have no scruple, of course, to manipulate children for their purposes. If the lawyer for the estate, Howard Weitzman tells that is Michael's voice, I believe!!! The estate are doing a good job!! At the opposite of them which think money only!! Shame on the Jacksons!!!!

1460 days ago


Trust me...I have heard ALL of the new tracks for the new album which is coming out very soon! It's him. It's undeniable. NOBODY can duplicate the beautiful nuances of his voice. The family will be laughed at and shown to be fools when this album comes out if they keep on this crazy train of thought. Wait until you all hear it. It's FANTASTIC! Classic Michael and it's AWESOME!

1460 days ago


how about this...
how about finding out who the white male
sperm donor was for these kids...
and let him decide..if it's micheals voice or not.

1460 days ago


TMZ, are the $ony marketing managers the "sources" ?

1460 days ago


This is truly odd. I don't think the children should be drawn into it at all, lest they volunteer doubts. They are kids and don't need all the drama.

I wonder why the family objects. It's not for money, because the estate earns money from the album. More people who knew and worked with Michael should listen to the tapes. Michael had a very distinct voice with a very wide range - listen to Speechless on one hand, and I need my privacy on the other. He may well have lowered his voice towards his natural voice in his later work. I am wondering if the children ever heard his natural voice. I'm not saying that to be mean, but he uses the high voice in video clips with the children, so maybe he did that privately too.

1460 days ago


Joe Jackson was just recently denied any access to Michael's Estate and any financial gain from the
album, or any project, by the court. The very next day Roger Friedman wrote a column about this about a supposed imposter on the very same album, citing a family source. (?) Who might that be? Joe just wanna to sabotage Michaels album and the estate.

Please remember that Michael was with his longtime family-friend The Cascios in New Jersey when he recorded these songs. Its very suspicios that Michaels longtime friends would give away fake songs.

Joe is like always trying to stir up stuff.

1460 days ago


They need to leave Michael's kids out of this!!!!
Let those children be children

1460 days ago

Kimmy Ef    

I agree with willowisps. Just ignore the haters. Haters like to fight. If you ignore them, they grow bored and they go away.

1460 days ago


Trust me to say if those children say it's not his voice, they are being bullied by family members. MJ's fans will not take kindly to this once they hear the awesome album!

1460 days ago
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