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Antoine Dodson Wannabes Pissed over Costume

11/3/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Antoine Dodson is under fire from a bunch of wannabes who never received their "Official Bed Intruder Halloween Costume" -- and TMZ has learned the list of have-nots is more than 200 strong.


The company selling the costumes -- called the Miraz Agency -- has admitted that 227 orders weren't filled ... but claims they'll be issuing full refunds to make up for the bad service.

As for the costumes that were actually sent out ... one customer tells TMZ, they fell way short of expectations -- because the ad stated that the kit included an "autographed paper" ... and he only received a photocopy.

So far, no response from the Miraz Agency.

UPDATE: Earlier this morning, Dodson went on the MJ Morning Show and said he was, "really, really, terribly sorry" about the costume drama -- adding that he plans on doing something "really special" for the fans who didn't get their outfits ... in addition to a full refund.



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Hide your kids, hide your wives, and hide your husband's too 'cause they're raping everybody out here! You are so dumb!

1458 days ago

Sad sad    

Really. Is the autograph necessary? I think not.

1457 days ago


This dude lives in the projects of my city. It's unbelievable that he is the phenomenom that he is because of his interview with channel 48 news. The funniest people are the ones they interview after a big storm or a tornado. He is definately making the most of his 15 minutes though...gotta give the dude that.

1457 days ago


THANK YOU TMZ...We tried to settle this with Mirza, but the only thing they did was deleting our comments and complaints. Nothing was as advertised, as stated, the autograph was a photocopy, and even though they had sizes to choose from, they were not sized. When I ordered on the 19th of October, it stated my order would be shipped out on the 20th, but they didn't ship it till the 29th, which was the day I needed it. They do not return calls, respond to emails, the only thing they did successfully in this venture was cash the checks and run the credit cards. I spoke to Firaz Mirza personally, on the 29th, and his attitude was..."it's a costume" and "it was ONLY 25.00"..maybe soo, but I PAID FOR IT, and expected it to have it to use it THIS YEAR. Again, THANK YOU TMZ for not only reporting this, but for LISTENING

1457 days ago


Hey Whamo..there is an A$$ born every minute too as we can see by your post. I should feel sorry for you, because obviously you are not smart enough to know it is NOT about the costume..It is about BAD BUSINESS. It's about selling a product that does not arrive, or arrives late, and not what was advertised. It is about the lack of respect this business has for its customers. It's about doing something now, so someone like YOU does not have to go through it..YOUR WELCOME

1457 days ago

Ozzie X    

Why would anyone pay for an Antoine Dodson costume and want his autograph? It would be so easy to make your own costume of this idiot. These people got what they deserved.

1457 days ago


LOL, Antoine took da money and ran! Y'all are SO dumb! Y'all are REALLY dumb! FOR REAL!!

1457 days ago


I made my 14 year old son this costume for Halloween. A 6'2", 250lb white boy with blue eyes looks pretty funny in an afro wig and red bandana. I made the shirt myself. I changed the words because "Hide yo' kids" just sound kind of perverted and creepy on a halloween shirt. His said "Hide yo' candy. Hide yo' bags". It was easy, cheap and fun! His buddies loved it.

1457 days ago


The correct spelling of the company is MIRZA. I was NOT one of the people that ordered the costume, but have become a advocate for those that did order the costume and the ones that did not receive it. Some of the people ordered back in September 2010 and never received it. Then MIRZA decides to post stupid pics of the "aftermath", showing scattered Fedex envelopes, USPS envelopes, packing, ect all over the floor to almost try to CONvince that they were "working hard" to get them out, when they knew all along that their supply was minimal and still took orders, almost to pay for overhead, shipping ect. They probably took peoples money to pay for the supply to produce and fell short financially. Thanks to one of my FACEBOOK FRIENDS who was a victim for telling me her theory...I thought the same thing and so have others. MIRZA appears to be deceptive, I DO NOT CARE who they represent, P-diddy, NE-YO, ect...
They burned alot of people and the 227 they claim is probably more.

1457 days ago


I want to say that many people ordered the costume in support of Antoine. Anyone could have bought the stuff to make it for under $15. People paid for something and no matter how some of you feel, calling people "stupid", "dumb", ect does not warrant these MIRZA people from not refunding them. I know I can't walk into a Walmart and leave with a bandana, wig, tank top ect and not have consequences, so Mirza needs to step up and pay these people back their money. Who cares if you could make this costume for $10. The concept is people paid for something in good faith and got screwed..end of conversation.; )

1457 days ago


Three questions:

Why is this guy even famous?

Why would anyone PAY to order a costume to go as HIM for Halloween?


Are those that did order this INSANE? Really?

Is this really all it takes to become famous these days? What the hell is wrong with society when they're basically endorsing THIS. I feel horrible for our furture generations.

1457 days ago


Thats messed up fo' real people did not get their costumes in time and you can run and tell that run and tell that home home home boy!

Still love Antoine though.

1457 days ago


I'm afraid to ask what this "special" thing he plans to do.

1457 days ago


227 never received a costume...hundreds more got it too late to use it...Hide your cash, hide ya checkbooks, and hise ya credit cards, cause Mirza raped everyone out of a costume this year

1457 days ago

Eric Lewis    

I am so frustrated with this company... so many lies and confusion

Feel free to email me TMZ.. id love to fill you in

1457 days ago
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