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Oprah Airs Jackson, Molestation Shows Back-to-Back

11/2/2010 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey may not get a Christmas card from Michael Jackson's family this year ... because she's airing the tell-all interview with MJ's children back-to-back with a special on child molestation.

Michael Jackson molestation:
Oprah's big interview with MJ's kids -- Prince, Paris, and Blanket -- is scheduled to air next Monday ... but according to Oprah's website, the talk show host is airing a show the Friday before entitled "200 Adult Men Who Were Molested Come Forward."

Interestingly ... the Jacksons had beef with Oprah over her programming decisions back in 2005 ... when she did a show on pedophilia during jury deliberations in Michael Jackson's molestation trial.

A rep for Oprah's production company tells TMZ, "There is no connection whatsoever between the two shows. This is purely coincidental."



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God, I can`t believe there are still people that think MJ was a molester !
How stu-pid can one be?
Even more stu-pid is a tv-host that keeps on trying to insinuate that he was , despite the fact that he was PROVEN innocent !
Even the,at that time prosecuter of the trial, Zonen , now admids the whole case was a shakedown. (

This can only happen in the US it seems ; here in Europe the news is Oprah made a blunder airing this!

Wake up people, Mj is the one that has been molested....for years...for his money.
And now Oprah is molesting him low can one go!?

And the comments I read here about what he looked like,how he lived...
who cares!
If everybody would let each other live the way they want, then the world really would be a better place!
Go and live your own live ,don`t judge others for how they live theirs!

As Michael said ; "don`t believe anything you hear about a person,unless you have heard it from the person himself".

I really hope this world wakes up!

1429 days ago


Oprah was never a Michael Jackson fan. Coincidental? That's just ridiculous! I am not a fan of this self righteous b itch. she's nasty and always has been. She just hides it under her self righteous cloak.

1429 days ago


One minute she's sitting across the table from MJ's children smiling and the next she is causing them tremendous anguish. This woman's label starts with a C.

1429 days ago


Ok when did Ricki Lake come out, must have missed that one, also Oprahs dad didn't molest her it was her uncle...and Stevie what country are you from or do you live on Mars the whole world is in a recession.

1429 days ago


Oprah is a huge ****

1429 days ago



1429 days ago


Who even watches Oprah anymore?? That's right Oprah throws everyone under the bus but the Jacksons seem to run themselves over time after time again!!! Michael should have divorced himself from them sooner, even Katherine who says she is grieving but is out exploiting Michael's name, image, and children for money..Isn't $86,000.00 a month enough!!!!

1429 days ago


Not Ricki Lake. Ricki Martin. Oprah did two shows about gays "portia on Monday" "Ricki Martin Tuesday" and these are followed by Oprah & Gayle camping on Wednesday? So by the logic of MJ fans, does that mean Oprah is implying that she and Gayle are lesbians? The MJ show has nothing to do with the child molestation show. They're not even airing during the same week.

1429 days ago


this has nothing to do with oprah and the molestation issues she uses to cry herself all the way to the bank.
she didnt ask priscilla presley anything about elvis diddling her at a young age.
doesnt look like she hit joe jackson with any hardball questions about beating his children.
children are the issue she pretends to care about .
oprah cares about oprah.
she hates michael jackson because he was and still is bigger then her.
he is absolutely adored by people all over the world. she thinks of herself as a great communicator but she isnt .
michael was known by people of all colors , creeds. he crossed all the barriers with his music and his message of peace and love and caring.
oprah is just a poser and she knows it
michael was the real mj said...
lies run sprints, truth runs marathons.
long after oprah is forgotten, michael will still be loved and admired all over the world

1429 days ago


Michael didn`t pay, his insurance did, (despite Michael was agiaist it),that`s a big difference!
Get your facts right dustin , you won`t be right..not now,not ever, no matter how often you post your crap.
It`s tabloid stories you believe,that`s the same as believing in fairytales.....

Get over it and go on with your live.

1429 days ago


She is shameless how dare she set up this family and show that MJ video..she does not respect the dead it is all about ratings...I will not watch her anymore and lately she has been showing more gay people is it because she is coming out finally?

1429 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

wait?! what??! michael jackson is dead??! when did that happen??! what'd i miss????!!!! did someone tevo that?!

1429 days ago


What an absolute butt ugly excuse for a gorilla.

1429 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Oprah you back stabbing wench. Air a segment on SECRET FEMALE LOVERS. I have no need for you anymore and you will never enter my home via television again in life. LEAVE THOSE JACKSONS ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1429 days ago
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