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Methadone Found in

Andy Irons' Hotel Room

11/3/2010 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Surf legend Andy Irons reportedly had "numerous" medications in his Dallas, TX hotel room in the wake of his death -- including methadone.

According to Hawaii's Star Advertiser newspaper -- the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office claims the methadone was found inside a container of a prescription drug called zolpidem (sleep aid)  ... which was on Andy's nightstand inside the hotel room. 

An investigator with the Tarrant County M.E. tells TMZ they did not release any information about methadone to the Star Advertiser -- but we spoke to the reporter, who tells us someone at the M.E.'s office volunteered the info to him when he called. The reporter did not specify who he spoke to at the M.E.'s office.

As we previously reported, the 32-year-old surfing champ -- considered by many to be one of the best in the world -- was found dead yesterday at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Dallas.

Irons' family released a statement suggesting he may have been suffering from dengue fever ... though methadone is not typically used to treat that illness.

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Broken bones?????? WTF are you talking about he may have had bruising sore muscles etc but broken bones? I feel sorry about his death and I feel even worse for his wife and unborn child but please come on get your head out of your arse.....do some actual research on Methadone.

1386 days ago


Mixing Zolpidem and Methadone is a fatal concoction. I believe that this will be determined as the cause of death, and an innocent mistake on his behalf. He was too healthy to die from Dengue alone, although he should never have been left by himself. There is a real lack of responsibility from the medical community. Then again, that's Miami for you... Methodone, on the other hand, is as dangerous as Heroin, and I can't believe so many MD's prescribe it. There is a powerful lesson here, and that is educate yourself on drug interactions, because the medical world is too robotic to inform us properly.

1386 days ago


I don't think at this point that anyone can say whether this report is legit or not. Believe me, I want to defend him. But I don't have the facts any more than those who are calling him a junky. No matter whether he was abusing, recovering, or suffered an accidental death from bad treatment, it is heartwrenching that a big wave surfer should die in a hotel room bed. And with a baby on the way. Hope the family can find peace. Sending out love to all of you.

1386 days ago


First, my thoughts and prayer's are with Andy Irons' family.

I agree with LA Native's comments regarding Dengue virus. From what I remember, there are four types of Dengue virus. One type, Dengue hemorrhagic virus, like Ebola, is deadly. Even for the other three types the pain is potentially so bad you wish you were dead before you recover. (I know, I had it in Laos in the early 1970s.) Methadone is NOT recommended for treatment. Per the U. S. government Center for Disease Control:

"There is no specific medication for treatment of a dengue infection. Persons who think they have dengue should use analgesics (pain relievers) with acetaminophen and avoid those containing ibuprofen, Naproxen, aspirin or aspirin containing drugs. They should also rest, drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration, avoid mosquito bites while febrile and consult a physician."

I was put on antibotics in the hospitals I was treated in Laos and Thailand to preclude secondary baterial infections. Once you've had Dengue you realize how truely fortunate you are to be living in a relatively disease free part of the world.

1386 days ago


The dude is wasted in every photo of him on the net. You surf nuts are wasting your breath trying to make this a honorable scenario. Another american drug addict bites the dust. Mystery solved

1386 days ago

Kim G.    

Why is the Tarrant County M.E involed? Dallas isn't in Tarrant County, it's in Dallas county. Was he in Fort Worth, Arlington or a city that is Actually in Tarrant County?

1386 days ago


Seriously, f*** TMZ. There is no reason to make Andy Irons look to be a drug addict. For all anybody knows the methadone really was for pain. My buddy had dengue fever.. and you'll never guess what he got for the pain... METHADONE. He was a good man and a great surfer. This is just slander Bulls**t

1386 days ago


You guys are idiots. My husband is perscribed methadone for pain management due to cronic back pain. It is NOT hard to get. If other pain meds dont work Dr's perscribe methadone. All of you on here acting like experts on Methadone havent got a freakin clue about how its perscribed. Oh wait you googled it right? What a joke.

1386 days ago


This is a tragedy. Bottom line, someone lost their brother, father to be, husband, son, friend, mentor, hero and many many more...

Until you get your facts straight, don't assume this incident was drug related. Maybe the "Star Advertiser" will say anything to sell some newspapers in Dallas.

Stop trying to solve the mystery. Let his family and friends grieve without smearing his reputation. Geez people.

1386 days ago


If he died in Dallas he wouldn't be at the TARRANT County ME's office. Dallas is in Dallas county, Fort Worth is in Tarrant County. When you figure this out, let us know. Until then this entire article is bunk.

1386 days ago


Methadone IS prescribed as a pain-killer. It has a long half-life and reduces the need to administer every few hours. And YES, TD IS A TROLL

1386 days ago

Average Joe    

Prayers to Andy's family and all those he encountered.



1386 days ago


How sad - to be sick & all alone, I'm sure he was on the phone talking to Family. But then a total stranger finds you're dead. What's up with the ASP, the Doctor whom overseen him and the Hospital that would release him? I would think someone would be accompany our World Champion home if he was in such a poor medical condition. I experienced a similar situation but luckily I had a daughter whom took me to Kaiser ER and was there 4 me. Best wishes for Andy's Family...

1386 days ago


sadly, post 84 is probably right - not uncommon part os the lifestyle as anyone who has hung around that scene knows...

1386 days ago


TMZ should be TMG (Too Much Gossip)
Keep out of the surf world you don't belong here.
Let a family grieve and have their peace.

1386 days ago
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