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'Big Friggin' Wedding' Duo -- Victims of N-Bomb Attack

11/4/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The interracial couple on VH1's "My Big Friggin' Wedding" was the target of a racist attack on Facebook ... and now they're on the hunt for the person responsible for dropping the n-bomb.

Less than 24 hours after the episode featuring Danny and Tammie Toureau aired on Monday night -- someone using the name "Susan Wilson" sent Tammie an FB message saying, "Another n***er lover. How disgusting."

Now, the couple's attorney/manager Bryan Konoski tells TMZ they're working with Facebook to track down the culprit ... but they believe the perp was using a bogus name and the "Susan Wilson" account has already been shut down.

Still, Konoski insists if they ever find out the coward's identity, they "will be seeking immediate law enforcement intervention."

Tammie tells TMZ, "Why would anyone care if the love of my life is not the same race as me. He's my prince charming no matter what background he is!"


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She married him cause he packs the big kielbasa.

1413 days ago


LAW enforcement for the use of a distasteful WORD???

1413 days ago


"will be seeking immediate law enforcement intervention."

Really?? For what?? While the comment was wrong it was not illegal.

1413 days ago


@ Disturbed - your name fits you perfectly because you apparently are disturbed if you think it's just a word. For someone to type that took some rage & hate. Racism still exists in this world & I hope they do find this coward & make an example out of him/her.

Only a coward would use a fake name to promote hate.

1413 days ago


Another white bitch asking for the Nicole Brown treatment.

1413 days ago


Being a racist isnt acceptable
however neither is telling people even idiots
what they can think, say,or print.

1413 days ago


Um, I didn't know the N word was illegal.

1413 days ago


@13 hahaha... that's what we need more of - HUMOR. Very funny.

As for calling in the law enforcement... big waste of time and tax money. Low life s*** use the "N" word. Ignore them.

1413 days ago


So how come rappers and every non white person out there use the N-word and it's totally cool, especially in a song or daily life, yet they threaten law enforcement for when a supposed white person uses the N-word. Don't like the word quit glorifying it so damn much.....also ten bucks black people give him more **** for marrying a white girl than vice-versa, and it wont be racist then...grow up people we will all be the same color some day

1413 days ago


Hey if you're going to use such a powerful word. Say it to the person's face and use your real name BIGSHOT!

1413 days ago

Dick Whippler    

I personally am not offended by the color of his skin BUT that gap between his top front teeth is a different story! Callin the police for that is such a bizatch move, grow a pair Danny, you are what you are, a ugly gap tooth punk who married a chick that always looks like she's about to have a large bowel movement.Spackeling would fix that problem

1413 days ago


If you wanted the word forgotten, then maybe black people should stop saying it, themselves.

1413 days ago

Britney Spears is a joke    

Hmmmmmmmmmm? It's a word and it's a word that African Americans refer to one another all of the time. I'm white. I think I will sue the bread companies for labeling bread as "WHITE BREAD". I take offense. Seriously . . . .it's getting out of hand. I'm sorry, just what was the crime that law enforcement had to get involved? Hurt feelings? You put yourself on a reality television show and you expect people not to have negative opinions of you? Do these shows give psychological tests on these people? Oye . . . **shakes head**

1413 days ago


Don't agree with what was said, but why is law enforcement getting involved? Are they going to arrest everybody who uses that word? Hell, I was watching The Boondocks the other night and every other word that was being said was that word.

1413 days ago


What with the growing number of neo-Nazi's in Germany, the crap going on in Arizona, the backlash against a Black President, the Pope telling non-whites to integrate when whites made no attempt to integrate in the lands they're occupying and the general attitude toward non-whites that still exists today I guess whites haven't come far from the days of the Klan and Nazi's.

Posted at 3:34 AM on Nov 4, 2010 by soyled mydget pantaloons

BS. You're an immature A**hole who is bitter because of the election results. Do you live in Arizona? I'm guessing not. You voted in a socialist president who put his own agenda above fixing the economy and getting people back to work like he should have. His first priority was to reform our healthcare system and he pushed it through without consulting anyone else. Is this the time to create a huge new entitlement program? Really? He recently said his next priority is his eco-bill that will shut down most cement and other dirty industries in this country and all those jobs will go overseas and unemployment will rise again. Really? And yet he refuses to enforce our immegration laws so criminals are competing for what jobs we have. He's a socialist. He doesn't care about us. He wants us all to be taken care of by the government. His "stimulus" package was all spent on projects that would not be implemented for several years and much of it hasn't even been spent yet. Obama has no intention of ending this financial crisis. He wants to milk it for all he can.

1413 days ago
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