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MJ Fans: Oprah's Molestation Show Is No 'Coincidence'

11/3/2010 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An official MJ fan group ain't buying Oprah's "purely coincidental" excuse -- telling us, they are "angry and disappointed" that she's airing her interview with MJ's kids days after a special on child molestation.


A rep for the Official Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California tells TMZ, “We are both angry and disappointed in Oprah’s constant need to reference child molestation shows prior to airing Michael Jackson related episodes.  Her tone seems to speak volumes.”

Oprah called the whole thing "purely coincidental" ... but MJ fans aren't convinced. The rep adds, “How can something so obvious be a coincidence?"

As we previously reported, Oprah's big interview with Michael Jackson's children is scheduled to air next Monday -- three days after Friday's big show ... entitled "200 Adult Men Who Were Molested Come Forward."


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Michael was so OVERRATED!!!!!!!! He was a druggie, molester and most likely insane. God save those kid's!

1414 days ago


Michael managed to keep the kids out of the spotlight for 12 years. Everything he worked so hard for are being undone. Thats the sad reality.

1414 days ago


she should have done some rescheduling. She's HARPO! she does whatever she wants to do. She snaps and it's done. Out of respect for his mother and children she should do some rescheduling of her molesting show. harpo did this because she wanted to do it. No coinkidink.

1414 days ago


Holy Overblown Crisis Batman!!! Jeezes in this country we have record unemployment, we're being taxed up the wazoo, and pot wasn't legalized in California!!! But there are grown adults getting together and meeting in their parents basement to discuss all things MJ and this new Oprah crisis! Let MJ rest in peace, get off of the couch and out of your parent's basement, and let's focus on some real issues.....huh? It would've been nice to visit California and enjoy the ganja!!! But nooooo you folks who could've been voting for the weed were fussing over the biggest non issue since whenever the last time TMZ featured Heidi and Spuncter!!! Jeezes folks!!!

1414 days ago

I'm a crazy person...    


Would you let Wacko Jacko touch your children's "coinkidink"? No? Why not? Wacko Jacko is "love" and just "love's" all the children.

If you answered "no", would you at least let him get to first base and sleep in his bed with them? COME ON coinkidink!!!

1414 days ago

I'm a crazy person...    

Speaking of ignorance bordering on illiteracy... Who remembers this crazy rant from mentally-challenged fave Kanye West?!?!?

1414 days ago


Winfrey. Because of your show people, Katherine and Joe Jackson has done nothing but use their kids. Little Michael Jackson stood out. Michael Jackson finially went on his own. Janet Jackson, did the same. Her own talent.

1414 days ago


Does Oprah really think we are so stupid as to buy the coincidence story? Apparently she does. How cruel to do such a thing to his children.
Mean people suck and you Oprah... are mean.

1414 days ago


She is not just airing this show *before* the November 8 date but also *after - November 5 and 12.

1414 days ago


"Official Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California"
Laughable! MJ fans are so whack out like Michael himself!

1414 days ago

mj fan forever    

Of course is NO coincidence!! She did this to offend Michael Jackson (INNOCENT!!!) again and still worse using his children with Katherine's permission (their guardian), which just should be ashamed for having dared to give trust to such a bitch like Oprah after all that she did to Michael. Clearly, she doesn't care about Michael and his children, she care only about money and to be under spotlights with the rest of the family exploiting Michael's children, no matter what!! SHAME ON YOU!!!

1414 days ago


Its sad that the powers that be are still trying to make MJ look like a horrible man, rather than the caring, loving individual he was. All MJ wanted was to bring us all together,and make music that touched the hearts of the world.

1414 days ago


If he was so innocent, what difference does it make!

1414 days ago


I'm also so %&%$%§!§$ disapponted, that Katherine allowed the children to participate.

TV is not the children's place.

May the brothers do that stuff to promote their several singles, but why the children. They just have to be left alone.

1414 days ago
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