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Michael Jackson's New Song -- Mystery Scream

11/5/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sony has just released a teaser to Michael Jackson's new album "MICHAEL" due out next month ... but there's a big controversy over whether some of the vocals are real or fake.

In the teaser, which promotes the album's big song, "Breaking News," all we hear from Michael Jackson is a brief scream.

The question ... is it Michael Jackson's scream or that of an impostor???

By the way ... someone we know has heard the entire album and says it's "unbelievably good."  Our spy says some of the tracks sound a little like Justin Timberlake, but they are all Michael.



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I love you Michael.

1427 days ago


They'll be coming out with "newly discovered MJ music" periodically for years to come. It's all aabout $$$$$$.

1427 days ago


What great marketing!!!

The title, the controversy, the Oprah interviews, the hoax theories, the media coverage as a whole, etc. I'm thinking we may have a bigger album than Thriller, real or not...

1427 days ago


That IS Michael Jackson!!! Even the breaths at the start were his. Listen to HIStory, that is the KING!!!! :)

1427 days ago


The voice is not fake...but the death.
Heeeee heeeee

1427 days ago


Hope these idiots do the most they can with their 5 seconds of fame!
For Fun, gossip and glamour, log on to www!

1427 days ago


Only one could actually actuall pass for Michael. He is always in my thoughts...miss you Michael. Rest in peace. Love you.

1427 days ago


If Michael came back to life that would be the greatest ever!
It would put all these fake artists now days to SHAME!
Miss you Mike x

1427 days ago


Here's what people don't get, Michael jackson doesn't sound like he did from "Off the wall", "Thriller" or even "Bad" albums. His voice over the years has become very ruff but in a good way because I believe every singer goes through it. His family doesn't want the record to sell because they think it's a fake but if that's the truth, then the family could get sued by Sony records/ epic records. They released the songs which they where paid over a $300,000,000 for it. So I believe it was him and I believe that people don't understand that he never released a lot songs and now they are doing so for them.

1427 days ago


the second clip made me horny really with all his hee hee lol.imagine if only that makes you horny what about him kissing and holding you tight oh my GOD I would die stight away underneath him of cours.

1427 days ago


funny...sounds like Justin Timberlake... since he copied MJ to make his own career.

I remember when JT first went solo, he released a video, where he sang and danced in front of a convenience store, it was a blatant MJ ripoff.

1427 days ago


*****************ATTENTION MJ FANS****************

Sony is PROMOTING the new MJ album with "real or fake" controvery. Be smart, don't buy into it, it is just a sales ploy! Listen, this is NOT Michael's vision. Michael said he goes thru HELL when he tours yet when he was in financial crisis in 2009, he DID NOT take his unreleased songs to Sony, he chose to GO THRU HELL and tour with AEG!

Michael left his songs to his children WHO ARE OPPOSING THIS ALBUM!

Please lets remain loyal to Michael. Lets make him proud. lets show the world that his fans will remain loyal to Michael even in death! BOYCOTT SONY,. BOYCOTT MJ NEW ABLUM....OUT OF L.O.V.E

We will buy the album:
1- When/IF Michael's children, rightful owners of the songs, decides to release it
2- %100 of the prooceedings go to MJ children, NOT Sony
3- Record label is NOT Sony aka MJ's arch enemy
4- John Branca aka Sony right arm resigns from MJ Estate

We might not have any control over justice at CA Court re: Murray trial but fans DO have power to recover his hijacked Estate! HIS CHILDREN SPOKE UP AND OPPOSED THE ALBUM! Don't buy this album to show that loyal fans won't do busines with Sony or Branca! I don't condone piracy but under the current cir***stances, if you download, I wouldn't report you. MOst of the songs are available and the rest will be available on Internet soon, DON'T BUY MJ NEW ALBUM! Don't buy into Sony's sales ploy such as this. LOOK, THIS IS JUST A PROMOTION OF THE ALBUM! BOYCOTT SONY, REMAIN LOYAL TO MJ & MJ3 WHO OPPOSE THIS ALBUM!

1427 days ago


I'm still trying to grasp the whole Justin Timberlake comparison! Justin on his best day could never sound like the late great Michael Jackson! RIP Michael! I love you more!

1427 days ago


Funny how this is only a "huge controversy" here on TMZ lol. Keep stoking that "huge controversy" guys.

1427 days ago


Miss you Michael you were truely a gift from God.

1427 days ago
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