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Miley Cyrus -- Under Fire for Beer Consumption

11/6/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus put herself and others at risk this week by indulging in that ice cold Corona at a nightclub in Spain ... this according to an international alcohol awareness organization.

Even though officials in Spain told us 17-year-old Miley didn't break any laws ... the head of the International Institute for Alcohol Awareness, James E. Copple, is concerned other young people will follow her lead and engage in "risky behavior associated with underage alcohol consumption."

Copple tells us, "The young people that see her as a role model could mimic the same behavior and as a consequence will go out and become intoxicated, putting their safety at risk."

Copple noted ... according to his organization, "85% of young people who drink, drink to get intoxicated."

So we gotta ask ...


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She is on the same path as Lindsay Lohan. Has this girl not seen & heard what its done to Lohan's career. Seriously! This girl is still a minor & where the hell are her parents!

1446 days ago


By the way, wikipedia may not always be correct.

International Center of Alcohol policies ICAP Report.

Minimum drinking age: 16
Minimum purchasing age: 16
*Those under 16 may purchase beer and wine if accompanied by their

1446 days ago


While her underage drinking is not right, how many of her young fans would even know about it if it wasn't for the press coverage. No one I know was in the night club in Spain.

1446 days ago


The same thing happens in the U.S. - there are plenty of clubs in L.A. that will serve celebrities anything they want. The clubs aren't even supposed to admit minors, but the cops never bother to enforce it, probably cause they get paid not to. No one should be surprised to find Miley or Selena or Demi drinking in a club or bar.

I would only be surprised if she was arrested for DUI or passed out drunk on the street.

1446 days ago


Even though she was a Disney star, she was never really a squeaky clean role model in the first place. Her parents obviously let their kids do whatever they want. Miley is another Lindsay Lohan situation waiting to happen.

1446 days ago


Mark # 54 wrote: underage drinking is a serious matter, we have laws and we pay people to contain the problem.

Wrong! This happened in Spain, where having a Corona at 17 is considered fine. US drinking laws don't apply in Spain. So, since you don't pay taxes in Spain, no, you do not pay people to contain the problem. I know most Americans think the USA is the world but it is not. There's a whole other world out there that is not ruled by your laws.

1446 days ago


More young people ```DRINK``` then they do anything else. In Cali, they go steal it right out of the grocery stores. THIS ``` coming from the horses mouth, itself```` my own teens tell me this crap. Booze is way easier to get then any other drugs as well. DEAL peeps ```` IT'S a fact!! If your teen is going to drink ``` then they will drink `` or lock them up until they are 21!! Miley is in Spain where she cam have a beer @ 17 IF she wants one. Get over IT `` already!!

1446 days ago


Can you say Lindsey!

1446 days ago


first,the laws are different in Spain so she did not break any laws of that country.

second, it appears she is there with some friends and is not on the dance floor taking her clothes off.

third, she is not a "normal" teen, she has been making money since she was young and lives a jet setter life, quite unlike any other kids her age.

fourth, if the paps and the media did not plaster this pic all over the place, NO ONE, not us NOR ANY KIDS would know she was drinking at all!

fifth, we in the states have this holier than though attitude compared to other countries who are more laid back about stuffs like this which in fact instigates more probs of underage drinking by making it seem such another words, by making it a crime, the kids want to do it more to thwart the authorities.
i wonder if other European countries have much problems with underage drinking like we do by putting so much scrutiny and stress about underage drinking?

come on people, lay off Miley, she is not doing anything wrong! and i am sure back in the states, parents will not let their children drink just b/c Miley is doing it!

1446 days ago

Peter Sc    

Another self-proclaimed world organization which is really a cover-up for religious extremists is really the last thing we want to hear about.

The legal drinking age is 16 in Denmark based on independent governmental research for a change. Not some private research some minister with a 10 people audience down the corner can pay for.

Alcohol is safe for teenagers as long as the percentage is below 16.5. I don't know how strong a Corona is, but I have seen teenagers aged down to 12 drink that awful tasting drink and it didn't seem to make them especially drunk with their parents around them. I have seem people aged 30-40 going postal when they are out partying where they don't think anyone knows them.

Lets agree that it is rather the company than the type of drink that makes people act careless.

1446 days ago


Oh big deal. She is holding one beer. She hasn't even drank half of it. It's a common thing in Europe for people of her age to go out and have a drink or two.

And you know what, that system is only a million times better than what America has, which is forbid alcohol and refuse to talk about it until the kids can get their hands on it illegally. Then it's sort of some glorified thing to get as s**tfaced as possible.

Perhaps these parents or organizations criticizing Miley should use it as a chance to talk to kids about alcohol. That way the "coolness" factor of alcohol will be removed for kids in America and there wouldn't be so many cases of alcohol poisoning.

You almost never hear of kids getting alcohol poisoning in Europe.

1446 days ago

Mistress Tea    

The official drinking age in Spain is 18 years old, but it does not matter.

Like other European countries, this law is not very well enforced. In addition, the region of Castile supposedly lowered its drinking age to 16.

In response, the Spanish government has threatened to make a national drinking age of 18, but they have not followed through.

According to the famed Wikipedia, the legal drinking age is 16, but the buying age is 18. Also, only the alcohol vendors can get in legal trouble for selling to minors, not the minors themselves.

When I was in Spain, I was only bothered for my ID at one point, and I said that I did not have it. I was let in anyways. So they do not care, as long as you do not become a stereotypical "drunk tourist" or worse, "drunk American."

So, in conclusion, the drinking age is 18, but really, it is Europe and they don't care that much. To generalize Spain on drinking and Spain drug laws, they are more concerned about the health and safety of users than they are of getting the users in trouble.

So, have fun, stay safe, and drink responsibly no matter what country you are in.

1446 days ago


Funny how European countries with more relaxed views on young people drinking have less alcohol related problems among the under 21 crowd than we do in the US.

1446 days ago



1446 days ago


pathetic you want to be a preteen idol, it comes with the role model part too as well as the money.

1446 days ago
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