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Nick Lachey

Put a Giant Ring On It

11/5/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

While in Mexico to celebrate her 30th birthday on Thursday, Vanessa Minnillo flashed the giant engagement bling Nick Lachey gave her.


No word when they will officially become Newlyweds.


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Ben Dover    

@ #6 Susan It's an ethnic thing. Just because people have money it doesn't mean that they have class obviously she is one that falls in to that category

1263 days ago


There are so many haters on this site and Perez Hiltons site. so mean.

Other wise. Congrats Nick lachey and Vanessa minnillo soon-to-be Lachey. In the futture u 2 are going to make beautiful babies.

1263 days ago


She is beautiful, and what a huge beautiful ring!! I am sure they will both be very happy.

1263 days ago


Wow, what comments. Do any of you naysayers EVER have anything nice to say? Or is your life that miserable that you need to spread the misery?

Congratulations to both of them.

1263 days ago


I don't see this lasting because every article written about this says she has been pushing for this if he loves you, you shouldn't have to push. He clearly didn't want to remarry but whatev's guess she just wants to say she was married. Five years from now they will be the couple splitting on the front page of the website.

1263 days ago


Okay... why is she wearing brass knuckles around her neck? Did she use them to "persuade" Nick to propose???

1263 days ago


i once believed vanessa was a serious gold-digger who warped into nick's life post jessica.. all due to those pics taken where she was actually kissing lindsey lohan while playing with knives. ( yes that is true.. it is vanessa partying with lindsey during their coke-party years) .. now since then ( its been about a good 6 yrs) she's matured and still with him expecting a child soon.. has changed my mind. she's straightened up alot.. although her attitude on sets back then were abit much.. i think they're a good couple. they've taken their time in a relationship learning from each other.. nick really likes this girl and proof of their success is all in her smiles


1263 days ago


Congrats to both! Vanessa is much prettier than Jessica, period. Nick made half that money with Jessica on that show, and don't forget he already had money from his boy band.

Definitely trading up from that airhead, Jesssica, good luck to them!

1263 days ago


Other than being a professional husband, what does this guy do for a living? Sing? Dance? Act? Anything?

1263 days ago

just sayin    

come on now the divorce wasnt that long ago and we all know he left the relationship with what he came into it with NOTHING!!! fake ring = publicity stunt

1263 days ago


What a bunch of haters on here.

The smartest thing Jessica ever did was let Nick go. He was too good for her! Yeah she made more money but it's not like he sat around doing nothing. He did gigs here and there and he still made money off of 98 Degrees. It's not like he was out spending thousands every day like K-Fed did to Brit. Those who watched "Newlyweds" know that Nick worked hard at everything he did and always tried to save money when possible. Anyone who says Jessica paid for that ring is just jealous and ignorant. When people divorce, money gets moved around. Plain and simple. Get over it.

Congrats to Nick and Vanessa!!

1263 days ago


I am happy for Nick. I think he dodged a bullet with Jessica's family as nice as they are. I am sure that Jessica is a sweet girl..but she is was not grown up enough for Nick and at the time..I doubt either of them were.
About that ring and vacations etc. Lets hear about YOUR personal business, where YOU get your money and WHY you go on vacations! Ok? :) Unkind people sicken me. I spend my husbands money...FYI It's called MARRIAGE. I feel better! I am pleased that they both have moved on and have found love again. Is it THAT difficult to wish people happiness??

1263 days ago


Nick is trading up.. Vanessa is no saint.. however she sure as hec is not an airhead like jessica, ask yourself.. who's been around the most since then? JESSICA

she's been with a ton of men SEXUALLY..
Nick has been with this chick... since then!

Nick has shown more class and maturity than jessica will ever.. and under proper guidance from vanessa they've have clear signs to a great relationship.. do you see that in jessica? hmmm you see jessica going here with this guy, going there with that guy, football-groupie... errr correction.. loser-football groupie..

Nick +Cool pts to you and vanessa.. have a great life

1263 days ago


who cares ?

1263 days ago


Poor Nick. Vanessa is just his rebound girl from Jess, and is probably still in love with Jess. Nick isn't aware that marrying Vanessa isn't going to work in the long run, as he won't be truly happy . . . which has nothing to do with Vanessa. ~ That's just my opinion, and what does I or anyone other than Nick know about it.

1263 days ago
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