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Michael Jackson's Mom: Here's Your MJ Song!

11/6/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's mother has decided to let the world listen to a brand new unreleased MJ song -- and, taking a shot at Sony, one she claims is 100% authentic.

The song -- "Opis None" -- was pulled from the archives of ... a company in which Katherine Jackson is a partner. The company owns nearly 300 unreleased MJ tracks ... along with never-before-seen video and memorabilia.

Howard Mann, Katherine's partner in the company, tells TMZ, "In an effort to overcome the confusion as to the authenticity of the track the estate has recently released we want to give an actual authentic Michael Jackson track to the world ... for free."

Sony released a teaser of an upcoming MJ album, which various experts have authenticated as the real deal.


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This is not a new song, it's a remix of the 70s Jackson song "Destiny". That said, I'm willing to bet the so-called "experts" who authenticated Michael's voice worked for Sony. It's long been known what a bad contract he had with them and how they tried to retaliate against him by not promoting his "Invincible" record. They were also upset he wouldn't sell them back their Beatles catalogue. I'm sure Michael's kids and own mother know his voice better than strangers that work for a corporation trying to make money off a dead man. Shame.

1384 days ago


C'mon! This ain't no song... This sounds like a freaky extended intermezzo with a bunch of MJ samples... 300 of these 'trips'? No, thank you...

1384 days ago


I don't want to hear anything from or about Michael Jackson ever again. Including this.

1384 days ago


This is so low. Jackson family is greedy and want to profit as much as they can while they are alive and MJ is dead. So they come out with some God awful remixes and mark them as "Unreleased". As awful as it is, they know it will sell because MJ fans are stupid like Barney's kids. Like a mindless cult if you will.

1384 days ago


MJ genius.
Godfather of contemporary music.

This is what he had to die for.

1384 days ago


SONY are corrupt, money hungry, music crims' that MICHAEL himself campaigned against!
It's good to see Katherine taking a shot at their BS!

LOVE Katherine - SCREW SONY!

1384 days ago

james tmz follower    


Is this why Micheal was bankrupt? Making so many tracks has to put a grand canyon in your wallet.

stop racism,sexism, its 2011. We are all human and need to help each other out.
Asian,african,european,mexican,spanish,black,white,yellow.stop giving yourselves ulcers.

or ourselves

1384 days ago


I don't want to hear anything from or about Michael Jackson ever again. Including this.

Posted at 12:44 AM on Nov 6, 2010 by Nantz

Too bad for you because that will never happen.


1384 days ago


james tmz follower, Mr. Jackson was not bankrupt when he died. That was all a lie started by the New York Post and other tabloid magazines.

1384 days ago



1384 days ago


I always thought tmz was a reliable source but now you are losing your credibility. Even if Katherine released this, it's just a bad remix of Destiniy as some users already recognized. Verify your news before posting them.

1384 days ago

check yourself    

Woooooo... the old b*tch playin' US for fools now.


Remixes JUNK of old "Destiny" she puts out there with the excuse that it's for the purpose of fans to use to compare his voice with Sony's releases to prove that Sony's are fake. What the hell she on? With THAT disastrous MJ VOICE DISTORTED piece of work. - which IS illegal for her to release, free or not to the public, FOR A REASON - IT and the OTHER 299 ARE NOT HERS TO RELEASE. THEY ARE PPB's. Hope like hell Sony sues her!

Man, you couldn't pay me to listen to that "bad acid trip" (LOL) a second time... damn right SONY would have never released it if it was theirs to release.

That nasty old fool is killing MJ all over again... exploit the hell out of PPB selling em out to the O show, drumming up all kinds of books etc with that nasty piece of work porn dude (hey how come the JW's arent throwing HER out for that work partner - they threw out MJ for Thriller, while she stood with them when they did it!), and now this... playing his fans for fools insulting them with this JUNK of a 'track' "for comparison".

Yep, I hope like hell Sony sues her! All she's done other then steamroll the hell out of MJ's wishes and PPB, she now tries her bullchit on fans. SHE just authenticated SONY's credibility that THEIR tracks are real.

SOMEbody needs to get in there and set that nasty greedy old b*tch DOWN somewhere before she does those kids and MJ's legacy, any more harm! ... where the hell is PPB's guardian ad litem? Looks like in cahoots with KJ.

Nasty. Man, those kids lives s.u.c.k. every bit as bad as MJ's did growing up... all the mind mess of his growin up. Hope like hell they don't morph into any of them. They already got em messed up in the head about his voice, and they are gonna be with this nasty J clan mess for a LOT longer then they lived with MJ. Especially Blanket as he's the youngest. Whoa... doesn't look hopeful to me that they're gonna end up anything other then the same as the rest of em. Or on drugs to even begin to deal with ALL the mess from their whole life of the nasty side of MJ drama, HIS upbringing, his murder, and now all sucked into THE CLAN he did all to protect them from. NASTY stuff. Mj just spinnin' in his grave. Damn. Good luck to those kids.

1384 days ago


This is A demo song i think he left them to his familiy and sony epic bought th real stuff!! breaking news will be the real song to make jugement as that would be on this new album. Plus miss jackson has let this track out free she aint getting paid for this so what can we expect (billie jean) standard this ones just for real fans. hey its free too stop moaning guys!!!

1384 days ago


I'm not real fond of this song, I guess it will have to grow on me.
I got chills knowing it was Michael's voice though! Wish he was still around! Damn you, Murray!!
yeah because murray made him beg for the drugs..MJ was nothing but a dope head pedophile.

1384 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Lemme see... she got this via joe?

1384 days ago
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