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La Toya Jackson: That's Not Michael

11/7/2010 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Add La Toya Jackson to the list of Jackson family members who don't think the new song "Breaking News" really contains Michael Jackson's voice.

As we previously reported, Michael's mom, Katherine, and two of his kids, Prince and Paris, don't believe it's really Michael's voice on the song Sony released on Friday.

When we asked La Toya about it yesterday, she told us, "I listened to it ... It doesn't sound like him."

Also, bad news for Oprah ... she might not have a viewer in La Toya for O's big Jackson episode tomorrow.

By the way ... numerous experts and people associated with the recording of the album say it is indeed Michael's voice.


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Michael is the gift that keeps ongivingand MJ's Familly,$ony and other suck it up like Leeches. HOW PATHETIC!

1446 days ago


Also Im tired of looking In Latoyas && Jermaine(Low Life) Jackson's Face Everytiem something happen with MJ! Have these folks ever heard of a job?

1446 days ago


LaToya wouldn´t know, she is just happy to get her five seconds in the spotlight on and off. She didn´t spend time with her brother anyway.

I personally think this is all down to PR. Create a controversy and the album will sell! Don´t fall for that old trick.

1446 days ago


It must be a black thing, I just don't understand... WTF is up with these people?

1446 days ago


It is the voice of Michael but she is to forge, on the other hand it is not the song which he has to create, it is bad remix

1446 days ago


Yeah but all the Jacksons are nuts.

1446 days ago


what a great way to promote this... people will buy it just to hear for themselves if it's MJ's voice or not.

And the family and estate cash in.

I am a fan, but I will NOT buy it! No tickets for Cirque du Soleil, no Sony album, no books, no nothing. Time to stop the rip off and time to move on.

Michael is dead. Let him rest in peace and let me live in peace. THANKS!

1446 days ago


To the Management of the Jackson Vault,

And The Jackson Family,

We are a group of very concerned Michael Jackson fans from all over the world, brought together because of our love for Michael. Today, we have decided to reach out to you, in a plea for the respect and honor of Michael’s legacy.

We are writing this letter to request an end to any and all exploitation of Michael Jackson, his grieving mother, his beloved children and his legacy.

Since the tragic death of Michael, a number of questionable and damaging events have taken place, all of which are tarnishing his image, diminishing his brand and jeopardizing his legacy.
We, the fans of Michael Jackson, can no longer stay silent while such a beloved artist’s legacy is under attack.
We demand an immediate end to the exploitation of Michael’s children to promote Jackson Vault projects.

We object to:

• The use of photographs, videos and likeness of Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson for promotions;

• Certain Jackson Family members openly discussing the daily lives of Prince, Paris and Blanket on all social media sites including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and FormSpring;

• The selling of Michael’s children’s photographs to media outlets and tabloids.

Furthermore, we object to:

• The inclusion of Michael Jackson’s children in the Oprah Winfrey interview;

• The use of Michael Jackson’s children and their signatures to promote the so-called “Michael Jackson Commemorative Tribute Belts”;

• The public release of information regarding Michael’s children’s whereabouts to promote concerts and tribute events;

• The unauthorized release of the children’s personal home videos and Ichat sessions on YouTube, Ustream and any social media sites.

We also object to:

• The Jackson family’s business association with Howard Mann, Marc Schaffel, two men with backgrounds in the adult entertainment industry. Such associations could be detrimental to the welfare of Michael's children;

• The use of the demeaning term, “Jacko” in the Jackson Vault website and press release. A degrading term that Michael himself, spoke openly against and thought was insulting;

• The exploitation of Michael’s elderly mother in the marketing, selling and merchandising from the Jackson Vault;

• The use and brokering of Michael Jackson’s children to promote events, merchandise and interviews.
We will no longer tolerate further undermining of the Michael Jackson Estate. This malicious practice against the estate jeopardizes the financial future of Michael Jackson’s children, his mother, his charities and his musical legacy.

As demonstrated by the vindictive release of “Opis None” – a 1978 Destiny recording presented as a new unreleased track; a deliberate attempt to sabotage the estate’s release of the song “Breaking News” from Michael Jackson’s first posthumous CD and mislead his fans.

We DEMAND a full halt to the above practices by certain Jackson Family members and their associates.
We are calling for an immediate BOYCOTT of ALL Jackson Vault merchandise including books, music, belts, calendars, clothing and any so-called “free” incentive offerings.

If the exploitation continues, the fans will then broaden the boycott to include projects from all the Jacksons.

It is important to note that this boycott does not include products sanctioned by the Michael Jackson estate for the benefit of his children, his mother and his charities.

Michael Jackson made his intentions very clear on how his children should be raised. He wanted them away from the media and public pressure.

Michael was also adamant that his children should be loved, respected and protected. He wanted privacy for his children and he would never have allowed this situation to take place.

It is time for everyone to get back to what Michael wanted.

The fans have the power to uphold his legacy and to hold the estate and his family accountable in a bid to guarantee the safety of the financial future of Michael Jackson’s children.

The Jacksons can no longer exploit the goodwill and the relationship Michael Jackson had with his fans. Our commitment is first and foremost, to Michael, his children and his legacy.

It is a sad day, when Michael Jackson’s fans have to speak out against certain Jackson Family members, Jackson Vault owner Howard Mann, Marc Schaffel and their associates, but we love Michael too much to remain silent.

We encourage fans all over the world to take a symbolic pledge, by adding their name to this letter, to uphold his wishes and end the degradation of Michael ‘s legacy.

“There’s nothing that can’t be done if we raise our voice as one” – Michael J. Jackson


1446 days ago

juan lopez    

@ awards, thats hilarious! but im waiting for another family member to say, "thats not Michaels voice, this is", and hands over their cell phone to the reporter that will hear Michael say, "see... this is what im talking about"...

1446 days ago


TMZ - could you please get a quote from the Cascios about this?

Does "Breaking News" have any actual MJ singing or is it maybe news that will be revealed in some other voice?

Something is odd about all of this.

1446 days ago


LaToya knows nothing about the song, she has no connection with MJ Estate and Sony Music and producers and of course,. she has never been a part of recording of any MJs solo songs (for at least 25 yeas) , so she cant say anything "trustful" and reliable....

The controversy about doubting and questioning MJs voice is just the media agenda created by Howard Mann and Joe Jackson!!!
Michael recorded tens of songs for his previous albums so there is no reason to question his voice...

LaToya is enjoying her days of fame she has never had before... and try to pretend as someone relevant who knows everything, but she evidently doesnt realize the danger and losses she is creating with her stupid unfounded comments....

1446 days ago


Brilliant marketing strategy though as everyone now can't wait to hear "Breaking News" and the new album.

1446 days ago


People don’t idolize idiots including the dead one!

1446 days ago


I think we have no chance to decide with our own ears wether this is his voice or not.

Modern techniques would play us digital tricks and maybe we will never know.

1446 days ago


As much as some might wanna say "Sony won't risk it", others being skeptical about the whole album release, all i want to say is SOMETHING JUST DOESN'T SEEM RIGHT SOMEWHERE. It might have been just one line in a song, but i don't think anyone wants to be cheated. I remember MiMi, posted something about John McClain himself being DOUBTFUL about some of the songs. What does that tell you? Let's not be too quick to brush off the Jacksons' side of the story. Just wait and listen first without jumping into conclusion. But either we fall for it or not:


Come to think of what Mark Ronson said about the song he posted to be included on this new MJ album, which he beleived to have contained MJ's voice in it, yet he admitted to have NEVER recorded first hand with the man himself. What does this tell us pple? ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Thus, anything might've happened, who knows. Maybe they are not his vocals in some of the songs for sure. Let's just wait and hear, shall we?

1446 days ago
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