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La Toya Jackson: That's Not Michael

11/7/2010 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Add La Toya Jackson to the list of Jackson family members who don't think the new song "Breaking News" really contains Michael Jackson's voice.

As we previously reported, Michael's mom, Katherine, and two of his kids, Prince and Paris, don't believe it's really Michael's voice on the song Sony released on Friday.

When we asked La Toya about it yesterday, she told us, "I listened to it ... It doesn't sound like him."

Also, bad news for Oprah ... she might not have a viewer in La Toya for O's big Jackson episode tomorrow.

By the way ... numerous experts and people associated with the recording of the album say it is indeed Michael's voice.


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I guess even the mighty TMZ crew bows down to the Hollywood powers that be. Not surprised. Just amusing.

1443 days ago


Yeah, because experts are never paid to lie, right? Please. They're either lying or ****ing deaf. **** Sony. That's not Michael.

1443 days ago


The voice in his song "2000 watts" doesn't sound like him, too...And the reason for it - digital tricks.
Only thing we can do - enjoy his music!

1443 days ago


Lana, don't be a ****ING idiot. You can tell by his vocal delivery and style in "2000 Watts" that it is still him. This sounds nothing like him at all. Go ahead, keep pretending you know what you're talking about.

1443 days ago

Jason M    

You're feeding the controversy, exactly what Sony wants. Of course it's Jackson, the silly debate is perfect for the viral marketing Sony wants for this.

1443 days ago


This is the thing....Michael recorded this song back in 2007....So who knows if this is him or not Michael recored tons of songs over the years Michael had a knack of changing his vocals at random for example on INVINCIBLE there is a song called, "2000 WATTS" where his vocals are so deep.I am a major MAJOR!!!!!!!!!!MJ fan and I pride myself on all knoweledge when it comes to him and this song BREAKING NEWS does sound like him. What would Sony really gain by promoting and releasing a fake song? When they admitted that he left behind a vast array of unreleased matrial. As for the family being skeptical...well they are ALWAYS skeptical about something they were never in the studio when he recorded any of his solo albums so they have no idea what was going on. At the end the day sadly Michael is gone and cannot dispute, confirm or deny that this is truly his voice on this new song. In my heart I believe its Michael....I plan to purchase it. Instead of bringing all this crazy drama...let's be GRATEFUL that there is something finally for us to listen to. The drama never let's up even now that he's gone....nobody is ever satisfied! Sony would not jeapordize themselves by releasing a fake song....come on now! Yes Michael's relationship w/ Sony went very sour but they are in the music business and releasing new material of Michael helps his Estate (Which is the most important thing ppl!!!!)PPL obviously are going to think whatever they want but I am going to believe that this is Michael's vocals until there is absolute solid proof to the contrary.

1443 days ago


Modern techniques would play us digital tricks and maybe we will never know.

Posted at 8:22 AM on Nov 7, 2010 by Carmen

I think this is very true. There's so many tricks they can play with the technology. Is Michael's voice anywhere on the track? Yes probably, but how much of it? I agree with Carmen that we'll never know.

1443 days ago


Posted earler.... Anyway Since the family is saying this isn't Michael's voice on this song I guess when it comes time to get the check for it they'll decline it.....NOT!

1443 days ago


Thank you Rico, Sofi and mymjj5, some people using reason and not hate like some people calling themselves "fans" of Michael, who did not hate on anybody. MIchael didn't hate La Toya. What gives you the right to? LaToya spent many years at home and in NY with Michael. She recorded with him and she was the first to say he was murdered like we all now know. The house cost over $100,000 a month to rent. Were you going to pay the bills while his things were being stolen from it. Did you offer? Stop being STUPID and hateful. Try REASON.

1443 days ago


Even if ONE song is Michael Jackson.... the album will be PRECIOUS GOLD to me.... but I have to admit... I am so confused. I want to support Michael....but not the LEECHES. Which way to turn...who do we trust? I am thrilled with ANYTHING Michael Jackson....WHERE SHOULD OUR LOYALTY BE? HELP!

1443 days ago


I know thats Not Michael Jackson ! ! !
They know its Not Michael Jackson ! ! !
All they Want is MONEY ! ! !

1443 days ago


How would LaToya know? she never had a musical ear. Of course that's Michael, wtf, it's too obvious. I don't know if there's someone doing background vocals but the main track is most definitely Michael Jackson. Come on, this a Tabloid Junkie reprise. It's great, I love it.

1443 days ago


mymjj5: I agree with you. Who the heck else was supposed to clean out the house? When your brother dies that's what family does. I suppose many of the critics think the greedy lawyers and business people that exploited him should have cleaned out the house; or maybe the family should have waited for the support staff, security and his hangers ons to have stolen as much as they could before they went to the house. It is my understanding that Janet and Toya went together to check on the house and make sure it wasn't looted by the vultures around him. As his sisters that was their right.

1442 days ago


Too be honest if it is Michael Jackson's voice then i'm amazed cause it sounds different listen to "Thriller" and compare the "HEE HEE HEE" and the "Ow" and "Who" cause it sounds like they somehow put old vocals from those songs in Breaking News.

Or its not Michael's voice..? it just doesn't add up..

1442 days ago


**** THE Experts. The vocals are not Mike's! The song may belong to him...BUt the vocals are not his. I heard the vocals without all the awesome music lol (which it is a good song) but when you hear just the can clearly hear it was a chopped up/edited version of the song. Michael could have really recorded this song and didn't complete it....and had Jason Malachi do the remaining lyrics. Also note that Jason hasn't comment on any of this.....Sony hasn't said another word about it either. But the news is blowing up about it. this could ALL be a stunt to promote the real music later.

NO one Truly knows about all that mess.....but 75% of us know that this is in fact NOT Mike!!

1442 days ago
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