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Conan O'Brien's New Set -- Mooning the Crowd

11/8/2010 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The only thing bigger than Conan O'Brien's enormous red pompadour ... is the giant moon looming behind Coco's desk on the set of his brand spanking new late night show.

Conan O Brien new show:
TMZ has obtained a photo of Conan's set at the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, CA -- which will officially be unveiled tonight during the inaugural episode of "Conan" on TBS.

Let the Jay Leno/NBC bashing begin.

Conan O Brien TBS


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"There you go again," as Ronald would say. Conan is a childish bore but, if there is a good news side to him having another show, it's that his hairdresser has a job again - making Conan's hair look like a spin off of "The Mile High Club."

1412 days ago


He'll be canceled. I give it a year, maybe two, tops.

1412 days ago


I prefer Jay Leno's humor & will be watching the Tonight's Show. Conan's humor is just too much over the top, that I don't find it funny. But I am glad those that like Conan will have him back.

Posted at 7:21 PM on Nov 8, 2010 by Googie
I am glad that you enjoy Jay's show, while still holding an objective view of late night television (I could learn from your example). When the NBC fiasco first erupted, there was so much "Jay vs Conan" vitriol spewed in these forums that it polarized viewers, myself included. I have a tendency to bash Leno as a gut reaction to the anti-Conan sentiment that appears in every Conan-related thread. If there were more sobering perspectives like yours, then the exchanges in here might be decidedly more informative.

I enjoyed Conan's premiere. The stage setting is much more intimate, and is more consistent with his old New York digs. It suits his style much better than did the overly airy studio he used for "The Tonight Show". I'm not sold on the giant moon set piece, but I do like the ocean backdrop. Conan's opening film segment was typically self-deprecating. During the monologue, he was either too nervous or too excited. He paced the stage to the point of distraction, a noticeable quirk that he'd best remedy before tonight's taping. I'm glad that Max Weinberg left the show. He's a great drummer, but he missed too much time due to performing with Bruce Springsteen.

Conan's on-air personality seems a bit different these days. He's certainly not his old self, but I appreciate how he is using the NBC disaster to experiment with his comedy and persona. Conan's premiere felt like a typical late night show -- nothing earth-****teringly entertaining and nothing terrible -- which is pretty much what all the late nights hosts are aiming for these days, now that the late night format itself is going the way of the dinosaur.

1412 days ago


"earth-s.h.a.t.t.e.r.i.n.g.l.y" got censored?

It's time to ease up on the automated language filter, Harvey.

1412 days ago


Pretty disappointed in the show last night. The intro scenes were kind of funny, but the show itself blew. If Seth Rogan is your first guest then you know you are doomed.

He loves pot, we get it, so funny.....

1412 days ago


Conans show was awesome last night. Jay who?

1411 days ago

bill wameling    

jay leno can be worried now conan is back he has a much better show and connects with a bigger more adjusted kind of crowd

1411 days ago

bill wameling    

conan is a peoples man tbs is more conan the free man leno is run by and told what to say by what the channel wants they couldnt handle real comedy like conan conan wants to give comedy to take peoples minds off todays probs i love my country and so does he

1411 days ago


Yes, Conan walked. Could he have done anything else? Perhaps he could have been a bit less vocal about the problems at NBC, after all, he did leave with A LOT of their money! I hope TBS and Conan will be a good match. I mostly like the new show. The backdrop does need to be revised, it looks cheap. I like the beard, although others say no. The Ted Turner sketch was a stinker and I turned it off. Don't repeat that one Conan. Listen to your core fans. We're on your side.

1410 days ago


I am so sick of seeing them spend so much money on these rediculous commercials. He is a twit. I have yet to laugh at anything he does on his own. I am entitled to my opinion and he sucks. Je shows his ignorance daily(unfortunately it is daily) so I hear. OMG he is the bristol palin of the late night shows the only thing he could do worse than her is possibly dance.

1398 days ago


I know he’s been a little douche about nbc, but Conan is so funny and quick with his jokes, I always end up laughing uncontrollably when I watch him. I’ve never laughed at leno, he’s just too ****y. Conan is funnier, very sarcastic, and he messes with his audience. Also He really seems relaxed on tbs which makes him even more likable.

1394 days ago


Why such nasty comments?
If you don't like Conan don't watch him it's as simple as that. Personaly I think he's great and I wish him all the success.

It's just not cricket you know wishing bad luck on people.

1392 days ago

bernie o'brien    

conon should do a little take off on patrick cox---tax masters tv ad. o'b

1019 days ago
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