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Dina --

I 'Understand'

Lindsay is an Addict

11/8/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan says she finally understands that Lindsay Lohan is an "addict" -- and after all the drama, she's "happy" and "relieved" that her daughter is now at Betty Ford.

Dina appeared on the "Today" show this morning with Matt Lauer -- and talked all things Lindsay ... including our video of Lindsay shopping yesterday, an endeavor that Dina says was BF approved.

All things said, Dina's thoughts were clear ... things are looking up for Lindsay.


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The bad news first. Dina Lohan is exactly what Lindsay is going to look like in 5 years. Haggard and worn out. Just like an old crack ho. The good news. We have Miley Cyrus waiting in the wings to take the crown of most pimped out child star. They should have listened to Mccauley.

1448 days ago



1448 days ago


I don't know how Matt put up with this lying sack of skank. Lindsey will never heal as long as this loser is in her life.

1448 days ago


Why would Dina agree to do this except for personal publicity? That seems to it's only value.

She doesn't come off as either a good mother or a good mamanger. Really a pitiful and sad performance.

1448 days ago


i watched the whole interview and it was boring nice

1448 days ago


The whole family is just going through the motions of recovery. Once Lindsay is out, it is only a question of time before the next bigger relapse hammers her. Sad but true. Faking it won't work in the real world and Dina is going to be the trigger that brings her down... Thanks mom!

1448 days ago


What a terrible mother! You don't protect your child by being in denial or hiding the fact that she is an addict. Enabling = hurting.

I would do drugs if this was my mother.. Why is she on TV even talking about her? Get a job, stop living of your kid. The only thing she is protecting is what's left of her daughter/ cash cow's career. Shame on her.

1448 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    


No she doesn't! the only thing this harpie understands is dollar signs... she finally broke away from "stupid" and realized that
ignoring her daughter's cries for help = bad press
telling people she now understands = good press

she doesn't give a rats ass about her children, never has and never will... she will do anything for an interview.

her an michael are doing the same damn thing now "helping"... helping their own images

1448 days ago


Lindsay should not have the burden of supporting Dina and/or her siblings. Dina needs to get an outside job and support herself and kids. Michael, get a job and pay your child support. Both, stop fame-hoing, coat-tailing off your kids. Stop being pushy parents.

1447 days ago


I think Dina is lying through her teeth about not telling the truth because she wanted to protect Lindsay. Nobody forced her to go on the Today show the first time! If she really knew LL was an addict then why agree to on the Today show...that way she could have avoided having to lie. She acts like she was under a court order to appear on the show and talk about Lindsay. This woman is such a liar and she thinks ppl actually buy her BS. I'd rather deal w/Michael Lohan than this lying leech. At least Michael's an "out of the closet" douche bag. Dina still hasn't realized her douche status.

1447 days ago


What a loser!! She needs to act her age and get a job verses mooching off of Lindsay!!

1447 days ago


I'm with kickaboo. What do these leeches do to pay the bills besides live off their daughter?

1447 days ago


Dina has great hair. Lousy mother though

1447 days ago


Dina has great hair! Lousy mother though

1447 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Started off my day with a good laugh! Unbelievable that this worn out hag is trying to give parenting advice...oh, and now ralizes what's been obvious to everyone for years---her daughter is an addict. What a waste of good airtime! Funny she does this interview on the day it's reported Lindsey spent the day with her Dad.

1447 days ago
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