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Dina --

I 'Understand'

Lindsay is an Addict

11/8/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan says she finally understands that Lindsay Lohan is an "addict" -- and after all the drama, she's "happy" and "relieved" that her daughter is now at Betty Ford.

Dina appeared on the "Today" show this morning with Matt Lauer -- and talked all things Lindsay ... including our video of Lindsay shopping yesterday, an endeavor that Dina says was BF approved.

All things said, Dina's thoughts were clear ... things are looking up for Lindsay.


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Lindsay will never get well as long as this life sucking parasite is in her life.

1447 days ago


Excellent interview
This should shut up all the Dina haters up when she was only trying to do the best for Lindsay.
The sentence in July was completely wrong and jail didn't help Lindsay at all.

1447 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

She has a pitiful skanked out smokers/drinkers voice. GROSS!!!!!!!
If she had tattoos and shorter hair she could be Janine Lindemuler's skank double.

1447 days ago


Skank Mother, Skank Daughter. New tv series coming - 2011.

1447 days ago


She is a Media Ho 4 Sho

1447 days ago


She's happy and relaxed because she's away from the reality of Dina. Lindsay needs to live her own life and mama needs to get a job.

1447 days ago


All she cares about is LL getting back to making money.

1447 days ago


Piss on Lindsay , I am so tired of the rich brats thinking they are special because they have money , she is no better than anyone else and they should have locked her up and thrown away the key , she is getting special treatment because she is a hollywood brat . I think they all should just shut up Im sick of hearing about the little rich brat !

1447 days ago


Well wonders never cease--she finally 'understands' LL has a drug problem---she must have been on Mars...I agree w/ another a comment previously made - DL wants LL to get back to work to earn much needed money - I'm sure DL didn't appear on the show for free.

1447 days ago


@#2 it doesn't shut up those who think DIna is/was one hell of an enabler, and for good reason. You don't wait until your loved one is ready to accept that s/he is an addict to say it yourself (and you sure as hell don't go on national television to deny it), that only serves to allow the addict to stay in denial longer. My guess is that Dina is coming out and saying it now because it serves 2 purposes #1 to maintain her celebrity and #2 to stay in Lindsay's good graces and pretend she wasn't an enabling sycophant if Lindsay does get better and decide to limit involvement with people who are not good for her

1447 days ago


You can see here how totally LL has adopted her moms mannerisms, body language, and speech. Dina's body language and manner scream "BUSTED".
Too bad Dina isn't require to go to rehab herself. She is a partier and a chronic liar too.
And Dina, LYING is no way to "protect" children. It just teaches them that lying is ok.

1447 days ago


im pretty sure mommys an addict too, which is one of the contributing factors to how lindsey got to where she is now

1447 days ago


One of the most messed up Moms around. Trying NOT to have your addict child go to rehab? Come on, you skank, you fought it all the way. Trying not to let the Dad around, and he is the ONLY sober one!!!!!! Dina should be locked up and the other children removed from her home.

1447 days ago


FINALLY??? mean after she realized that a conviction, 2 jail stints, and several rehabs for DRUG ABUSE.....she FINALLY admitted her daughter has a PROBLEM....and the "Mother of the Year Award" goes to.......

1447 days ago


Dina is such an enabler. How in the world do you allow your child to constantly deny, deny, deny? She is the one who should have told her daughter the truth because, as her mother, Dina will love LL, no matter what. Michael may be messed up too, but he was the only one who yelled from the roof tops that his daughter had a problem and needed help. Dina did everything that she could to undermine Michael. She owes him a huge apology. And an apology to her daughter and other children for being so self centered and in denial herself. What an example to set for your young impressionable children!

1447 days ago
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