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Michael Jackson's Kids -- Not in Joe's Line of Fire

11/9/2010 9:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's kids will not suffer the fate of their famous father ... because we've learned Katherine Jackson doesn't lay a glove on them.

Sources connected with the family tell TMZ ... Katherine does not believe in physical discipline, and corrects Paris, Prince and Blanket by sitting them down and talking them through what they did wrong.

0816-joe-jackson-video_oprahWe're further told ... Katherine will not let Joe lay a hand on any of MJ's kids. 

Joe admitted to Oprah he whipped Michael with a strap.

Turns out ... discipline is not a high priority at the Jackson compound ... because we're told MJ's kids are incredibly well-behaved.


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mj fan forever    

Katherine has never impeded nothing to nobody much less to Joe. She never defended her own kids in the past and I do not believe she defend her grandchildren now. And then she is already allowing Joe to be around children, even when she sent them at his house in Las Vegas. She is not protecting them neither from Joe neither from nasty comments by people especially through putting them on tv and on all newspaper. Just what their wise father had accurately avoided. Maybe she believed to be better than him. She was wrong. Only Michael protected HIS OWN children and really loved them. She is exploiting her grandchildren and the fact she has put them on tv is deplorable, even more if it is done by a mother who is supposed to be in grieve. During her interview she did nothing else that add lies on other lies about her son whetting the fervid fantasy of the people. This is unforgivable done by a mother who cries the loss of a child. She would have could speak about his incredibly goodness and generousity, but no, she prefered to talk about drugs saying he was addict (the coroner does NOT think like this), surgery (Michael had NOT any reason for lying, did not had to account to anyone and as for the embarrassment, have been said worse things about him). And she finded even the time for speaking about her book, HER business from Michael. Children are very well-mannered and sweet(as also Michael's friends have always said or anyone frequented his home), THANKS TO Michael and they treated Oprah with much more respect of what she deserved. Katherine is just like Joe!! Both should be ashamed only!!

1441 days ago


Katherine knows these are NOT her grandchildren. She could tell with half an eye that these are white kids. She most likely knew that MJ preferred little boys in his bed. I hope someday these white kids find out their heritage and real parents. Debbie Rowe was just a carrier, she said it herself, she said "these are. NOT my kids". She carried a baby concocted in a lab, mixed from an Egg Donor and a Sperm Donor, most likely both hand picked by MJ. This explains why she never carried or interacted with those kids. She had no real tie to them. She was paid all that money NOT to tell the world they are testtube lab created concoctions. The 3rd White Kid, Blanket, has never been tied to any mother. MJ got some woman to carry that baby and hand it over to him. For money of course!! And the Sperm Donors? Why would he go to strangers? He would ask his best friend Miko Brando for Sperm. What is a little sperm between best friends? MJ was obsessed with Marlon Brando and he would love to have Marlon Brando's grandchildren as his bought and paid for kid$. And whose Eggs did he borrow? Brooke Shields? Lisa Marie Presley? someone in Liz Taylor's family? He would NOT want a strangers child, he would have to CREATE a child from those he was obsessed over. He didnt want black kids, he didnt want a black wife, both of his wives were White, and he didnt want to be black himself. He was obsessed with being white, marrying white and creating and paying for White Kids. His fans are so blinded with their obsessions with him, if he said a giraffe was his kid, they would say they got their height from MJ.

1441 days ago


They actually look very well behaved from far.Felt so bad when they described how Paris cried when told the dad was gone.All the best to them.

1441 days ago


I think kids that get abused, beaten, and whipped have a far greater chance of becoming child molesters than those who are not. When I was a kid one of my neighborhood friends got regularly whipped by his Dad who used his belt. He was also verbally abused. Oh and his Dad also used to leave his porn mags and video tapes around so he started watching this stuff when he was 8. I don't know if he was ever molested, but he turned out to be a child molester. Got caught molesting his 5 yr old cousin when he was 12. Found out recently that he is serving a 25 yr prison sentence for molesting his two nieces.

1441 days ago


Ijast can't believe how you people are treating mj's kids you are no better than yhe media.thay are kids leave them along.God is watching you.these kids are jast like their father and the rest of the jackson, you haters that is white has a durty mine. All we can do is pray for you, some fo you don't even no were your fathers are.they had a good loving one.2012 is almost here I sure woulden't want to die and go to hell for being so mean to little children who have done nothing to me. Thay have been thouth a lot. when I look at them I cry, who said prince will be on drug, you better look at your own child.and when you talk about mj's kids you are talking about God's childrens. I will not say anything ugly to you I am trying to get in haven Lord forgive these haters for they know not what thay are saying Lord I pray for Prince, Paris, and mj's look alike Blanket, That you send your angles to watch over them and for every one who said something ugly and nasty about mj's babies Try to love some one. i pray you don't go to hell for being so mean. Heal the world make this a better place fore me and you and the entire human race

1441 days ago


May be they are his kids may be not does it matter?

1441 days ago


dolly-you really are stupid! First of all those are Mike's biological children,he had vitiligo which turned his skin white,that was not his fault.Prince has vitiligo(it's genetic)As far as Debbie's statement,seriously? What she meant was she didn't want to be a mother,so "they were not her children" Paris looks just like Debbie,Just because he married white women doesn't mean he didn't want to be black,that is the stupidest thing I've heard! Tito married a mexican woman so does that mean Tito doesn't want to be black either? Luther married a white woman,Jermaine has been with,middle eastern,and colombian.Those kids are not white,they are clearly biracial.

1441 days ago


annie-Prince looks NOTHING like klein,for the millionth time klein can not have kids,and hasn't been able to since 1994.Paris is far from a "white"girl.It's time you and the others accept the fact that those children are MJs biokids.TMZ lightened this picture,those kids are naturally darkerskinned.

1441 days ago


I havnt noticed it before but Paris and Prince have the same shape of the lips.... The other face features look different, but same lips....WOW Now it makes sense

1441 days ago


Guys stop saying TMZ lightened the picture, no they did not. That is what the kids look like.

Is it highly unlikely that this phenotype would prevail if these were MJ kids? Yes. But, remember, the mother Debbie was blond, blond, blond, probably German. So, in this case, this is possible. I used to find it impossible for these to be his kids, but now that they are older, I think they are his.

Paris does not look pure white, neither does Prince, nor does Blanket.

Prince's vitiligo was obvious to anyone who paid attention when he lifted his arms.

1441 days ago


@lili-What I meant was that this kids are naturally darker skinned than that,so either tmz lightened this picture or it's the cameras flash on them.And as we know tmz has never been Jackson friendly.

1441 days ago


Kathy, perhaps you've never had a drug addict for a father, but let me educate: when someone has an addiction, that's their number one priority. That doesn't mean there isn't care for other people somewhere in the back of their minds, but first things first is getting what they need to function - in Michael's case, he needed excessive doses of an anesthesia medication to sleep. Rather than looking within and saying, "hey, maybe this isn't healthy! Perhaps I should stop so I can be more involved with my kids lives and continue to be with old age" and getting some help, he kept going with it.

I like Michael's music. I don't think he was a pedophile. I think whether he's the biological father or not doesn't matter, they're obviously still his kids. I don't think we should be putting a drug addict on a pedestal as a great father, though. That says it's okay to not get help. It says it's okay to abandon your kids to keep living an obviously unhealthy lifestyle.

I truly appreciate that you want to defend Michael for being a good father, I do. I'm glad that the kids have a good view of their father rather than a bad one, perhaps it was beneficial for them to have him taken away at such a young age before they could realize what was really going on as far as drugs (sad to say, but true).

1441 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

Paris said: "I think no one understands what a GOOD FATHER he was". But WE, his fans, DO UNDERSTAND, Sweet Pea. He wasn't ONLY a GOOD FATHER but A WONDERFUL and GIVING person. He made us so happy with his music and we will ALWAYS LOVE HIM and WE WILL NEVER FORGET HIM!!

God Bless your little hearts PRINCE,PARIS and BLANKET!!

Posted at 7:47 AM on Nov 10, 2010 by kathy 40



1441 days ago


annie-get your eyes checked ASAP if you can't see that those children are Mike's,and Blanket is the spitting image of him.Get the facts that klein can not have kids,why can't you accept that.If MJ is such a "freak" as you say then stop spending so much time commenting about him and his biological children.

1441 days ago


Katherine is doing a great job with those kids. Leave that family alone

1441 days ago
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