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Demi Lovato

TV Show In Jeopardy

11/10/2010 5:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Lovato's stint in rehab has Disney preparing a plan B for the future of her TV show, "Sonny with a Chance" ... because according to Disney reps, "The health and well-being of Demi comes first."


TMZ has learned season 2 of the teen sitcom went on hiatus in July so Demi could go on tour with the Jonas Brothers -- and last month, Disney told the cast and crew that production was set to resume in mid-January.

But now that Demi has entered a treatment center to deal with some personal issues -- a rep for Disney tells us, "The health and well-being of Demi comes first and if we have to make other plans, we will."


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My personal disgust with forum trolls aside, I must say that TMZ seems awfully protective of Demi Lavato.

TMZ won't mention where she is at, even though everyone already knows. And they won't publish any reports speculating on possible drug use. Meanwhile, they had no issues with publishing portions of Lindsay Lohan's actual medical records while she was at the UCLA Medical Center. Nor did they have any issues with posting a recent picture taken of Lindsay near the sober living house that she is currently staying at. Not to mention posting numerious stories regarding the actual treatment that Lindsay was recieving while she was undergoing primary care at Betty Ford. TMZ posted items that came from straight out of her actual therapy sessions.

TMZ, what's up with that? You're constantly shoving Lindsay Lohan under the bus every chance you get and now all of a sudden you're trying to protect Demi Lavato?

Not cool, TMZ. Seriously, not cool.

1411 days ago


Just what is it that is making everyone in Hollywood go bonkers?
If this is the price for fame, I don't want my children to be famous.

1411 days ago


By the way, you people are all bullies. You know that, right? Perhaps you don't. Perhaps you don't even care. This entire forum is chalked full of cyber-bullies. Cyber-bullying kills. People die from this, they literally die, you insensitive little bastards.

1411 days ago


@dumas, get a life. I'm a passerby making a comment. You seem to be waiting for the next comment so you can reply. And unless these trolls are actually have a good argument, I would take for a grain of salt because unlike you pro-Lovato's, I'm not a weak-minded individual that takes offense to anything a "troll" says IN A FREAKING COMMENT SECTION ON A CELEBRITY GOSSIP SITE. Quit being so effing self-righteous.

1411 days ago


she is an addict and ugly as all hell

1411 days ago


Just cancel it. She doesn't deserve to be on a TV show!

1411 days ago


Demi Lovato is at Timberline Knolls in Chicago, Illinois.

It's an all-purpose treatment facility for women. It's treats everything, including addiction. But you wouldn't have to be addict to go there. They treat emotional issues and body image issues as well.

I only did that because I'm sick of TMZ playing favorites here. The fact of the matter is that there may not be much difference between Lindsay and Demi Lovato. Not much difference at all.

They are both human and some times humans go through struggles, no matter whether you are rich or famous or just some regular person. It doesn't matter. We are all flesh and blood. Celebrities aren't cyborgs. And they are more than just faceless abstractions. It's wrong to judge and condemn and crufix and villify and demonize either Lindsay or Demi.

Bullying and cyber-bully is wrong, no matter what form it comes in. Lindsay and Demi are both human and they were both victimized as children by bullys. Stricks and stones may break your bones, but words have the power to kill.

1411 days ago


I am so sick of these Disney kids and their substance abuse crap. Do they do it for the fun of getting all the attention. My 10 yr old daughter told me she does drugs and went crazy. Thats the rumor at the elementary school. Lovely. Dump this Demi in the garbage where she and a whole bunch of other Disney Kids belong.

1411 days ago

demi lovesvodka    

demi's a nut and miley's a slut. the dumbest thing demi did was ditching her normal, moral bff selena gomez for messed up miley. now demi's messed up too

1411 days ago


Comment@ 23, What is the "Point?" You say people make great "points," but what is the "Point?"

You are a bully.

That is the point. AND THAT IS THE ONLY POINT. For you and people like you to come on here on some internet forum and bully Demi Lovato or whoever because doing so somehow makes you feel better about yourself.

You are a cyber-bully. Wear it, own it, because that is on you.

If you don't realize that you are a cyber-bully, then you obviously don't understand what cyber-bullying is. If you realize you are a bully and just don't care. Well then. It is what it is.

Either way, I'm not going to waste any more of my time with it.

1411 days ago


@dumas- did you even read what I said? I didn't say anyone had any good points. I said "unless a troll has good argument, I would take what they say for a grain of salt you idiot. READ YOU MORON. AND QUOTE ME WHERE I BULLIED HER. QUOTE ME! BECAUSE I DID NOT. ALL I SAID WAS SHE WAS CAUGHT ON VIDEO SNORTING COCAINE. IS THAT BULLYING? YOU SELF RIGHTEOUS DUNCE. "Good points" haha. I never even said that. You are an idiot, and if that makes me a bully, SO BE IT, AT LEAST I AM NOT WEAK-MINDED LIKE YOU LITTLE GIRL.

1411 days ago

Ms.Rico Lander    

Girls, play nice !

1411 days ago


Cancel her show and send her back to being nobody.

1411 days ago

Super Dude    

@Superman - Cancel it? No way! Demi Lovato deserves to be on more than just a "TV show". It's a comedy show about a comedy show.

1411 days ago


Everyone who's saying she is crazy, is a cocaine addict or is a f***king ass STOP it ! She's just a kid. She's not perfect; she is a person who makes mistakes just like anyone else. So she's in rehab, big woop! That DOES NOT mean she is going 2 end up like Lohan or Britney Spears ! BTW, hope she gets better

1411 days ago
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