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'Dog Whisperer' Sued For Being Alcoholic Unfriendly

11/10/2010 10:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan is not an alcoholic's best friend -- not even close ... according to allegations in a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

The former Executive Director of the Cesar and Ilusion Millan Foundation claims he took a leave of absence to seek treatment for alcoholism in June, returned to work the next month clean and sober ... only to be stripped of his title and ultimately fired.

Sean Hawkins claims in his lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court ... it's even worse, because he was assured before he took the leave of absence that his job would be safe.

Hawkins alleges the very first day he returned to work, company big wigs stripped him of his title.  Then a few weeks later he says he was given an ultimatum -- a pay cut or the door.  Hawkins says when he asked for a little time to think about it, he was fired.

Hawkins is suing for unspecified damages.

Cesar's rep could not be reached for comment.


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1408 days ago


Cry me a river bitch!! Learn to have control!

1408 days ago


Wow. Number 20. George Clooney? Really? Try coming up a name that isn't already taken. And by the way, I have only posted 2 comments on this website in over a year. So please get your facts straight. So please go back to that crack pipe of yours, sit by the door waiting for the mailman so he can give you your foodstamps. And remember to visit whatever family member is currently in jail this month. Sincerely, David.

1408 days ago


It appears that Sean Hawkins was also working for CM under an employment contract(versus the standard "at-will" status). This doesn't put CM in a dominant position. He might as well calmly and submissively hand over his checkbook. Oh, and it probably wouldn't hurt if he peed on himself a little bit in the process.

1408 days ago


Ceasar is cool. The drunken ass probably sucked at his job and was half in the bag most of the time. The fact that the "Powers" that be are trying to force Ceasar to rehire a drunken POS shows all that is wrong with this country. The world dont owe you nothing. Do your job and put down the sauce. And BTW, @David - you are a douche. thank you.

1408 days ago


This guy may have stopped drinking but he seems to still be blaming others for his actions. You should have taken the pay cut and kept your job. I don't think he'll win this suit - he shouldn't.

1408 days ago


If this is all true...he should get all the $$ he asked for. Shame on a company that does not suport an employee tring to get sober!

1408 days ago


No employer in there right mind would reinstate an executive who came back from alcoholism treatment after 1 MONTH and claims he is sober. That is ridiculous. He had a job top come back to and a chance to prove himself again. That is more than many would have given him. Also, as no one knows the details of the case anyway, it is impossible to make a definitive statement on anything. I have a hard time seeing how that guy could win any lawsuit. I agree with SeanW. The comment of 'Can I think about it', is what probably nailed him right there. From the face of it, it would appear the company had every right to terminate him and every employer can only hope no court says otherwise.

1408 days ago

who farted    

What do these drunks think?? They become drunks, want to go into rehab and have everything given back to them like they never left. He's lucky they even let him back.

1408 days ago

No comment    

In some professions I believe alcoholism is covered under ADA. I don't think it is a disease, my mom was an alcoholic and she was abusive. It was her choice to drink. A disease is when you have no choice in the matter. Maybe alcoholism should be referred to as a mental disorder, but not a disease.

1408 days ago


The Americans with Disabilities Act recognizes alcoholism as it does other addictions. He will probably win his lawsuit if his employer does not give him his job back.

But folks...we don't know all the facts....

1408 days ago


I have second hand knowledge of this situation from a while back when Cesar got the guy help and got him into rehab. If I remember correctly Cesar even paid for the rehab. The guy was drinking all the time and they (Cesar and the other folks that worked there) were all very concerned when he didn't show up to work. Cesar sent a friend of his, who also worked for Cesar, over to check on him and they got him into rehab. If they wanted to fire him for being an alcoholic why in the world would they encourage and pay for rehab? They must have discovered something that he was doing while he was away.

1408 days ago


Sounds like Cesar has lost his Six-Pack Leader!

1408 days ago


Loser should have been fired as soon as they found out he was an alcoholic. I wonder what kind of decisions he made on behalf of the company while he was boozed-up?

1408 days ago

who farted    

Those are crowns/caps, too fat to be veneers.

1408 days ago
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