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ESPN Blasted for Revealing Name of Rape Accuser

11/10/2010 8:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ESPN is being called out by the attorney for the woman accusing New York Mets pitcher Johan Santana of rape ... accusing the network of "irresponsible journalism" for revealing her identity.

The woman filed the civil lawsuit for sexual battery under the pseudonym Jane Doe -- but the judge ordered her on Monday to reveal her name. ESPN.com published a story about the case and used her name.

John Clune, the woman's attorney, just blasted ESPN, telling TMZ, "ESPN has now set a dangerous precedent in telling rape victims that this will be their punishment if they attempt to pursue accountability for their celebrity offenders."

Clune, who also repped Kobe Bryant's accuser back in 2003, went on to say, "Disappointingly, ESPN today chose to publicize the identity of a rape victim on their website, despite the obvious attempt by this woman to protect herself and her children from further unwarranted harassment and abuse in pursuing her only remaining avenue to hold Mr. Santana accountable."

ESPN has not yet returned our call.

The argument for making the woman's name public -- it's wrong to let people hide behind a veil of anonymity when they make accusations in civil lawsuits that can ruin someone's life.

So we ask:


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WOW! The person who posted the 2nd response is a complete idiot. Because she already has children and he has money she's automatically labeled a whore who can't provide? Just because he's a rich athlete doesn't mean he isn't a raging s***bag. Famous people get everything they want easily, so is it hard to believe they'll take what isn't easily given? Realistically, celebrities do have a target on their back for people who want to take advantage of their status and finances but to automatically assume that their accuser is fabricating something as terrible as a rape is disgusting. Now that her name is public she and her family will be attacked by the media and all the douche bags like the previous poster who aren't interested in waiting for a jury to reveal the truth. That kind of reaction encourages rape by causing victims to internalize the event and tell no one for fear of being labeled a lying whore. They are emotionally scarred and the rapist goes on to the next victim. DON'T BE SO STUPID...KARMA'S A BITCH!

1442 days ago


Well the rapist has the right to face his accuser... Theres no such thing as "secretly going public"

1442 days ago


@Chia- if this were true, and she wanted him to be punished, this would have gone to a criminal trial where he could serve jail time. Instead, she decides that a money pay-off is a better punishment? But I guess you are too stupid to realize that.

1442 days ago


Since the judge ordered her on Monday to reveal her name I don't see how you can blame ESPN for reporting on it.

1442 days ago

skunk butt    

What if he is completely innocent and the woman is crazy. Why should he be humiliated?

1442 days ago


to bad lady. to many women these days filing fake rape claims against athletes and celebrities so if your willing to stand up and claim you were raped, then be prepared to have your identity exposed. you want a pay day dont you? well there is risks in everything we do in life and to me, this is just fine.

1442 days ago


If it is and will always be only a civil suit, then yes, the names should be revealed. It's completely different than a criminal case. You can't say that it's not a good enough case for a criminal trial, but I can take you to civil court for $4,000,000 and I don't have to answer to anyone. If she's really a rape victim, then this should be going to a criminal trial where her name couldn't be revealed.

1442 days ago


WTF? Isn't it illegal to publish a rape victims name? This is absolutely disgusting on ESPNs behalf. No wonder the vast majority of rapes are not reported in the US. The way we treat alleged rape victims is absolutely disgraceful. This woman is about to get death threats now from Mets fan.

1442 days ago


"When you want to sleep with a celebrity, this comes with the territory--you are no longer anonymous."

WTF? Who WANTS to be raped. There's something wrong with you.

1442 days ago

No comment    

She filed a civil suit, so as a woman I think she is full of b.s. If it was a crime go after him in criminal court. I think this is a new wave of Gloria Allred cash in for being a bimbo. Oh money will make it all better. I believe the woman who accused Kobe was full of it too, didn't she have multiple sperms in her dna test.

1441 days ago

Bubba Ganoosh    

Either both names should be kept private or both names revealed.

1441 days ago


Either No party should be named in these cases or Both should. Until it goes through court and is tried by a Jury why should it be ok to accuse somone of such a horrific crime in the media potentially distroying their life when it hasn't been determined by a Judge if s/he is or isn't guilty. Personally I don't believe either party should be named unless they chose to go to the media and expose themselves at most the law should make some conditions on both parties they need to follow. So I say PRIVACY FOR BOTH PARTIES.

1441 days ago


To all you female supremacist's out there, if he is found not-guilty what punishment should she receive? Women who falsely and maliciously accuse a man of rape should be charge with a hate crime. Because it's a hate crime against men.

1441 days ago


Harvey!!! Please remind us all the difference between a Civil Suit and a Criminal Suit. Doesn't Civil revolve around collecting damages? So she's suing for money, right? I would hope she filed a criminal suit against him, too. Then again, if he didn't do anything, there's no point for a criminal trial....but his money still looks good.

1441 days ago


"To all you female supremacist's out there, if he is found not-guilty what punishment should she receive? "

Thinking rape is wrong has nothing to do with being a female supremacists. Why do so many people immediately attack someone when they report rape and call them a liar? Its people like you that are the reason that rape is the most underreported crime in america. 2) Falsely reporting a crime is a crime. If someone were to make false allegations to the police they could be charged. Also, because someone is found not guilty i.e. OJ doesn't mean they didn't do it. It could mean there wasn't enough evidence to prove they did it. So because someone was found not guilty would not mean the victim would automatically be charged with making a false statement to the police.

1441 days ago
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