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Nicole Richie

Gets Restraining Order

For Harlow

11/10/2010 5:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Richie just got a restraining order against a photographer who she claims has been stalking her child at her preschool ... TMZ has learned.

This photo -- taken by Nicole -- was attached to legal papers filed in support of the restraining order, showing Fabricio Luis Mariotto lurking at Harlow's preschool.

Nicole says in her petition for the restraining order, "[Mariotto] drives erratically around my children and others, yells, screams and attempts to scare us so that he can photograph our reaction.  He trespasses on preschool property to photograph the children."

Nicole adds, "He has often left his car in the middle of a busy street just to chase me for a photograph."


Nicole, who did not show up in court but was represented by Tamar Arminak from Mark Geragos' law firm, adds, "His predatory behavior caused and continues to cause severe emotional distress as I fear for the safety of my children."

The temporary restraining order requires Mariotto to stay 100 yards away from Nicole, Harlow, Sparrow and Joel Madden, as well as the preschool.


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Ms.Rico Lander    

That's too bad she had to do that what is wrong with those paps?

1445 days ago

Moe Green    

Dude has to make a living.

1445 days ago


GOOD FOR HER!!!...I hope other follow suit too!!!

1445 days ago


Good job Nicole!

1445 days ago

B B    

"Dude has to make a living." Go work at McDonalds. Don't be a creeper.
She has every right to protect her children and as the school is private property, they have every right to give him the big ole boot.

1445 days ago


I think they need to run a background check on the dude..he's probably some slime ball chasing little children around...just sayin'

1445 days ago

Moe Green    

She has the right to do what she did and he has the right to do what he does. She followed the law and it seems like he did also. If he was trespassing why was he not issued a warning by the property owners, then they would have the right to call the police.

1445 days ago

me not you    

I can't understand why anyone would even waste their time trying to get a picture of Nicole Ritchie - famous for absolutely nothing - or her child. What is it gonna buy them, lunch?

1445 days ago


Wow. This pap needs to get a clue and some morals. Leave young children alone you *******! Those kids didn't ask to be famous or in the spotlight. If you want to chase down "celebrities" who are adults that is one things cause they can defend themselves, but little children? Piece of work. He's probably a pedophile. Hope the court throws the book at him. The nerve these photographers have nowadays. What happeend to common-sense & respect?

1445 days ago


I don't care who you are and if you need to make a living. That does not give you the right to stock and creep an innocent child. How sick are you?

1445 days ago

Moe Green    

You say stalk and creep, others may say broke and desperate to pay the rent. One picture can be worth much more than a year of working at McDonalds.

1445 days ago


yasher koach!

1445 days ago


Still that does not give the right to go after children. That is like saying if you are desperate enought you can do whatever you want. No excuse, get a real job and earn your keep like every other hard working person out there.

1445 days ago


When i saw this a thought crossed my mind... Wouldnt it be great if from the darkness sprung a pap serial killer? The guy would only kill @$**** paps and in a most horrible and degrading manner. One minute youre stalking a preschool like a $cU mbag and the next youre being disemboweled. I bet the terrorizing idiots would think twice before they went chasing another person invading their privacy.

1445 days ago


LAPD needs to look at this idiot for his real intent. Looks to me a case for an investigation into a baby raper.

1445 days ago
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