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Paris Hilton's BF -- No Charges for Driving Over Pap

11/11/2010 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton’s boyfriend Cy Waits will not be charged with a crime for an incident on the Sunset Strip in which he was caught on tape driving over a paparazzo ... TMZ has learned.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. just wrapped up an investigation into the September incident -- and determined that Cy did not commit a hit-and-run after he drove a Bentley over the foot of a female photog who had gone into the street in an effort to shoot Cy and Paris.

Cy had always insisted that he came back to the scene and turned over the proper information to both the woman and the cops.

Ultimately, investigators agreed ... and as far as cops are concerned -- dude is officially in the clear.


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Stacey Patterson    

ahh come on he shouldn't get away with that. i think Paris told him to do, she's one crazy chick!

1441 days ago


She wasn't all that injured. Slight ankle swelling. Nothing broken. Next time I bet she won't get that close to a moving car!

Much ado about nothing...

1441 days ago


absolutely (agreed)
if you do a pap for a living you can't pretend that you didn't know that pressing against a moving vehicle won't bring the risk to be pressed against a moving vehicle.

it comes with the nature of the job you chose.

stop crying or find a real job. (and paps start taking photo lessons 'cause your pics stink. take better pictures already!)

1441 days ago


ha they were laughing as they ran down the pap..

1441 days ago


LAUGHING??? It is not funny to run over someone and LEAVE THE SCENE and come back. These people make a mockery out of the Justice System. Let a average Joe run over someone in the same situation. The cir***stances will be different because leaving the scene of an accident is a crime. Even though the paps are a rowdy group trying to hustle money in a economic crisis, still you do not run over them and laugh about it. If it is an accident, still you do not laugh about it, you stop your car and own up to the moment not run. This is a Bonnie and Clyde Pair because Paris does no time for the lil cocaine she had in her purse and he now is doing no time for this incident WHAT IS NEXT that they will get away with. When people leave the scene they can stash something that is in their car or hide evidence, they are not suppose to leave the scene at all.

1441 days ago


Paris is clearly laughing and, whether the pap was asking for it or not, laughing at running her over is heartless of Paris. Totally heartless.

1441 days ago


A driver hits a pedestrian and gets no consequences. Something seriously wrong here.

1441 days ago


Too bad Paris's boyfriend didn't kill the pap. Now THAT would have been hilarious!

1441 days ago

Average Joe    

"Let a average Joe run over someone in the same situation. The cir***stances will be different because leaving the scene of an accident is a crime."

A regular citizen would flea for fear or life.

1441 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Well, how do you charge a deuche with running over another deuche? Maybe they'll cancel each other out. Like gangbangers. That would be nice.

1441 days ago


The pap was no pedestrian - she was in the middle of the street and the car was going extremely slow. She had plenty of time to get out of the way.

Also, paps shot their flashes right into the driver's face which is against the law in California.
Lucky for the driver, it was all caught on video.

1440 days ago


Some of you people are true idiots....
1 - Who said that photo of them so called laughing was taken as they were driving over the ladies foot? If that were the case I'm pretty sure it would of been a headline unto itself!

2 - If you stand on the road in front of a car then good bloody job you got run over!

3 - The lady obviously lied about it being a hit and run because the cops don't back up celebrities, they like to take them down. It looks good for the department!

I like to have a read of TMZ some thing's are quite entertaining and they at least have the decency to admit when they print something that's wrong. They also point out when something is heresay. But some of you people need to see beyond the gossip and get a life! The majority of paps are idiots and borderline stalkers!

1440 days ago


No charges for him yet a promising football athlete with no prior charges is gunned down and killed. Makes no sense to me..the world is backwards..RIP DJ Henry..-This **** is frustrating.

1440 days ago


I'm a hypocrite for saying this because I do enjoy TMZ and People and US Weekly, but I don't think the paps should have any rights! They are just bloodsuckers who make money off the trivial lives of others (mostly celebrities). People should not be held accountable for running over them or breaking their cameras. I too would be annoyed if there were cameras in my face every frickin day!

Yes I know I'm a hypocrite so there's no need to rebut this.

1440 days ago

Babak Azmoun    

haven;t we had enough of this sort of thing? Babak Azmoun

1440 days ago

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