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Mel Gibson ... Smokin'

11/11/2010 7:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson lit up as he was leaving his church this AM in Malibu, after spending a day on the stand yesterday in his custody war with Oksana Grigorieva.

That's about it.



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Your Aunt Bea    

Lies about quiting smoking,Probably about quiting the booze aswell before all this Mel/Oksana ish broke and also inbetween it he looked drunk in pictures with fans.

Good god this guy is a lying peice of ish.

Karma finally caught up to him.

Also he looks horrible drinking and smoking is not good for you.

Clean up your act Mel admit what you did and get sentenced and enter a full time rehab and get your life back together you old fart.

Posted at 3:09 PM on Nov 11, 2010 by Sqiggy

Wow, nicely pulled out of your ass squiggish. way to go with some facts!

1442 days ago


This guy looks hot no matter what he does!!! LOL

Posted at 3:22 PM on Nov 11, 2010 by ohreally

1442 days ago



1442 days ago


You got the morning shift Mel. :) I am taking the evening shift --- will be praying for you in Vespers and Matins tonight.
God bless you dear brother. Many prayers, vigil lamps and incense going up for you and Lucia this evening.
Love in Christ,

1442 days ago


Wow, how are the crackheads going to spin this one? Second hand smoke is horrendous for sweet little babies to be around!

1442 days ago


I hear it now
Mel can't have custody because he smokes

1442 days ago


This man is just as crazy as FRANK LIST.

1442 days ago


Russell Crowe admitted to smoking 3 packs a day until recently, and although he has quit, he relapsed the other day, so is that news? President Obama smokes cigarettes too, but you don't hear a daily report every time he lights up do you? But Mel Gibson lights up, and you all are on him like flies on ****. Get a life!

1442 days ago


Wow, how are the crackheads going to spin this one? Second hand smoke is horrendous for sweet little babies to be around!

Posted at 3:27 PM on Nov 11, 2010 by Scotty

According to Oxymoron, per her deposition Mel smokes OUTSIDE. NEXT!!!

1442 days ago

terrell m    

mel needs to get away for like a year or two and just post up somewhere over sea's

1442 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

So TFW? Geez TMZ whgat a lame story. You been rolling in 'em this week. Who's in charge of this crap?? Is this your fault Harvey? :(

And for all you trolls (all two of you) Geez, get a life. Come on here dissing a guy for SMOKING? Really?? His'bee n smoking/not smoking all his life. It's an addiction! geet real! Geez....

1442 days ago


Gee Mel

I'm thinking you should give oskana full custody and tell the court that you will ask for 1/2 custody in a couple of years. Tell the court that the Mother should have child the first few years.

Then, get away from Hollywood. They don't love you there. The Media doesn't like you. The cops/da don't like you. The judge doesn't like you. Oksana doesn't like you. Many of your actors/actresses don't like you.

You know what, it's just a swing on the pendulum.

They used to LOVE you, and now you are experiencing the opposite thing. Like in breathing and out breathing. You pull air into you, then you push air away from you.

You are fighting the process. Let go.

It may appear like your enemies win, but they don't . Karma is karma. Oskana and Judge Gordon and all the rest have to go through the same heads/tales of worldly stuff, "they love you and then they hate you thing". They loved jesus then a few days later hated him.

Next time count the cost of "bringing GOD to the masses" , jesus said don't cast your Pearls before pigs, Pigs don't eat pearls, they eat pig food, so the Pigs of course will come after you, pearls would hurt the pig, but women like them. :)

Mel, you are in this because you think GOD is a punishing GOD. That is not true. Allow HIS energy to flow through you, and don't hang out with people that are not into the Energy. They think all the "god stuff" is crap.

Buddy, you should have felt your GUT go crazy around her, and it's not LOVE, it's GOD telling you to get away from her. Listen to your GUT, Mel, get out of dodge.

Then if the cops arrest her, fine, if not, all these hollywood types will now have to worry about extortion whores, because it's OPEN season in California since the DA and Judge Gordon approve of it.

1442 days ago


She makes me want to smoke too, Mel.

1442 days ago


Don't know if Mel or his PR people read this, but here is my advise; First, have a sit down/one on one with Alex Baldwin and compare war stories. Second; Once this is pretty much settled in Court, use your dual Irish citizenship, and move your butt to Ireland, donate to their charities, and screw the system here in America that didn't support you when you needed it. In fact I'd go for full custody, and take Lucia and raise her in Ireland, away from this mess here in the USA. Let Oksana take care of herself. Giving birth should never be a blank check for any woman.

1442 days ago


Great photo, the photographer shows some potential. Captured the essence of inner turmoil. Who wants to be photographed smoking when it's so frowned upon? Not Mel and certainly not Obama.
In any case that face is iconic. Do W magazine at some point Mr. Gibson, your photographs are stunning. I would give anything to see Chuck Close photograph you, absoultely timeless expression.

Marlon Brando James Dean Mel Gibson

1442 days ago
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