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Lindsay Lohan -- Back in Los Angeles

11/13/2010 7:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan returned to her home in Los Angeles today, with no chaperone from Betty Ford in sight.

Sources tell us Lindsay got a day pass for good behavior. We're told she'll get a little shuteye in her own bed, grab a few things, and then head back to the sober living facility tonight.


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Stay strong Lindsey, BELIEVE you will make it and you will !!!!

1376 days ago


I give up. I can't believe there are still people out there that believe any of this story. So much bs. The thing is this is supposed to be a celeb site. This is over, you don't see TMZ harping on about th Partridge family or Brady bunch. This is a non story that has turned into nothing more than a study for social psychology students.

1375 days ago



"She just needs to make it until that date and then put this behind her."

Uhh, no. She will never put it behind here - you can't put the sh*t back in the horse.

This kid is one of the worst addicts/alcoholics I have ever even heard of (and I base in Vegas). She has a lifetime of work ahead of her and jail will seem like Park Avenue if she doesn't stop now. Drew Pinsky said it right, this is all too much too soon.

She is a freakin DRUG ADDICT / ALCOHOLIC, severe and end-stage. She is putting nothing behind her but a lot of substance-fueled shameful behaviour.

Unfortunately, relapse for an addict can be devastating, worse even than if they continued using all along - it's the ricochet effect of attempting to safely use a substance after abstinence.

For all you betting folks out there, the board out here lays even odds on "Dead by Xmas".

1375 days ago


Jay-F*ck you and the disease-ridden horse you rode in on, you don't what the f*ck you're tlaking about, Lindsay is hardly one of the worst addicts out there, i'm pretty sure Charlie Sheen and Courtney Love would have to something to say about that claim,

1375 days ago


Easy big fella. I said ONE OF.

1375 days ago


And I'll thank you to leave my horse out of it.

1375 days ago


Didn't the judge make it clear that he doesn't want her out and about until after the holidays? I'm pretty sure that's what he said. Doesn't matter. She'll do what she has to and get out as quick as possible so she can get on with her addictions. She did great at the last one and got out early and used just days later. She didn't even want to go in this time and tried to get out of it by claiming she needed to take care of business. I guess she thought the judge would feel sorry and just let her walk? Someone probably told her the first relapse is a freebee but dropped it when confronted with jail time. Druggies got it made in LA because they can commit crimes and come right back out in the streets in a matter of a couple days.

1375 days ago


WTF did she kill? hooping though those hoops is easy as 123 millions?CONIGENT`s 123 345 567 beatt2beat and super to so on

1375 days ago


@ Nicole - you really are amusing an awful lot for someone who has only received 30 days in secular Betty Ford rehab which still allows her to be addicted to nicotine. They should be ashamed of themselves for cheating her of real recovery.

She maybe not have probation lingering over her head but do you know easy it is to pick up another new charge? The stats are 80% of inmates released from DOC prison are rearrested within one year. The LA County Jail stats are even worse.

Just because LL went to the worthless Betty Ford rehab center proves zero. Zilch. If they let her go with a nicotine habit the girl will be back in jail with a new charge within 2-6 months... maybe sooner.

I hate to say it ... but I am far from agreeing with you. I've been around too many of these types and the odds are certainly not in Lindsay Lohan's favor. She needs 12 months ... min.

I will pray in agreement with you that she stays out of trouble ... the ball is certainly in her court. And dragging on a cigarette proves the ball conitinues to get kicked down the road. Maybe next time. If there will be one...

1375 days ago
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