Angelina -- Ready to Unleash ENTIRE Rap Song

11/15/2010 4:25 PM PST

Angelina from "Jersey Shore" -- I'm Unleashing My Rap Song ... Officially

Angelina Pivarnick from "Jersey Shore" was so blown away by the instant popularity of a leaked 60-second teaser of her new rap song ... that she's finally agreed to release the ENTIRE THING for your listening pleasure! 

Angelina had tried desperately to block her producer Andy Stein from releasing the song, "I'm Hot" -- claiming she got shafted in contract negotiations.

But now -- after the song dominated the Internet and the radio last week -- Angie's attorney Stephanie Ovadia tells us the two sides were able to bang out a deal to release the song on iTunes some time next week.

Ovadia, along with Stein's attorney Bryan Konoski, released a joint statement saying, "The negotiations were a success and we have finalized the terms of a fair and even handed contract."

To make it official, Angie and Stein are even throwing themselves a contract-signing ceremony in the middle of Times Square this afternoon.

Just don't crowd her space ... or she'll punch your face.

UPDATE: TMZ has learned Angelina just blew off the contract signing after she claims to have been bitten in the face by a spider.

Stein's attorney tells TMZ they'll "go to [Angelina's] home" to sign the contract if they have to.