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Hurricane Katrina Blamed in Lil Wayne Paternity Suit

11/16/2010 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If only that pesky Hurricane Katrina didn't get in the way, Lil Wayne would've been forced to take a DNA test years ago to prove he fathered an 8-year-old boy ... this according to the boy's grandmother.

After the kid was born in 2002, his family "tried multiple times to get a paternity test" against Wayne only to face unforeseen delays -- such as a massive natural disaster ... so says his grandmother's attorney.

According to the lawyer, the New Orleans court system moved at a ridiculously slow pace anyway -- and after Katrina hit in 2005 ... all sorts of court records pertaining to the case were destroyed ... and their case was delayed by a matter of years.

But as we previously reported, the grandmother finally obtained a new court order requiring Weezy to submit to a DNA test ... but the rapper was holed up at Rikers Island when he got the news.

The judge has since given Wayne until early-December to take the test ... barring any more acts of God.



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What is wrong with the women that continue to sleep
with this man without protection...I know that they
are probably after the money, but damn you have
to sleep with this piece of crap and have a baby to get it.
Easier way is to get your own money...go to work!

1436 days ago

Ginger snap    


1436 days ago


if yall haters dont like lil wayne y do u even come 2 his name and comment

1436 days ago


He no different from all your favorite crack smoking,shooting up ass rock star he's just a rapper and he's black so y'all hate just keep it real with ya self!!!!!!!Keep doing you Wayne!!

1436 days ago


"HATERS you dummies sound so stupid hating on Weezy, reguardless of what his personal issues are, ppl need to respect the fact that he made it. He can buy ur miserable lives!!!! Respect Weezy he got that ****in bread!!!! Damn Haters." Yal everywhere... YEA YOU!

1436 days ago


Yall shut up.. Lil wayne is da ****.. And if u dnt dnt think so ur waacckk.. Try a million in wk.. Have u ever dne it??

1436 days ago


you kno its amazing how normal everydsy people who log onto these sites to see this gossip have nothing positive to say about anyone.. i mean if everyone is trash and garbage, why do u still log on?? why are you all bashing this man for being successful?? i mean he is still human and if u read the story correctly you see that the grandmother is pursuing him and not the mother..!!!! why is noone bashing her??? i mean true indeed he does brag about sleeping with all these diff women but at no time in not one song does he say "i put a gun to her head to get head or sex..!!!!! y do people bash him for being a rich single young man...??? is it that their jealous or insecure? do they to wish they had his money and fame? ijs.. these comments are dumb and immature becuz if u had nothing nice to say your dumb ass's shouldnt have clicked the link that had his name in it..!!! thanks for the Wayne Hater's becuz it only makes him go harder in the paint..!!!! have a good one miserable people..! and shout out to all the real wayne fans..!!!!

1436 days ago


Someone actually had sex with this guy?

1436 days ago


Hey idiots! How can yall say he is the father when paternity hasnt even been established? Just because this chick say he the daddy.... doesnt mean he is the daddy. Yall r so stupid!
Oh and why is granny fighting for the dna test? where the hell is his mama?

1436 days ago


Its crazy how people speak on someone that they don't know. These people are commenting on the rapper and not the person, there is a difference.

1436 days ago


@dr. Bob.... lol your such a character.. i read your post and laughed the entire time.. its amazing how "SOME WHITE PEOPLE" think in reference to black people.. were so over the slave trade and whips and chains.. i mean its the millineum people and noone thinks like that unless your a racist bastard and if u are try saying those comments in public.. come on people Wayne is a character as well and what we see is him performing. what he does in his off time is his business.. dr. bob u tried so hard to belittle african americans when we top rank with your racist butt.. did u forget that white people stand in that same welfare line and wait month to month for their check to..? so lets not get ahead of ourselves.. you to are a fool because if u had all of these fantasy items and a slave broad for 15 years your old ass wouldnt be on tmz commenting on lil wayne.. lol.. so dr. bob im sitting outside of u.a.b in my 2009 Infiniti M35 with only 13000 miles on it leaving class where i am working on my Masters degree. i to have a 4br home and a husband of 4yrs and he to has a 2008 750 benz paid for and no rug rats... so see dr bob not all BLACK PEOPLE are fools we to have homes, degrees and families.!!! so stay positive and hold ur head up because in 7mos when im done mastering my degree im coming to buy your broke ass a drink..!!!! lol oh oh oh and one more thing why wouldnt we as black people elevate him for being successful.. white people do, thats why he is as rich as he is.. remember our broke ass cant afford to much of nothing so tell your white friends to stop buying his cd's and stop downloading his music and stop buying his ringtones.. oh i forgot they love him too..!!!!!!!!!!! shout out to Dr. Bob for being Wayne's number one Fan..!!!!!

1436 days ago


before anyone begins to bash someone in a gossip article, i ask you these questions: did you know that this man has supported his children emotionally & financially? why are you taking the time of day to criticize this man, when you have the option of spending time with your own children, spouse, family & giving them the time of day instead? while reading snippets here & there of celebrities you use your hate to judge. while most people that are first to accuse others of being "trash" are the closet freaks that run corporations, government, this country... For the brave, ask yourself what skeletons you have in your closet... resolve that.

1435 days ago


This woman should be embarassed to admit that this greasy looking s*** bag is her baby daddy. They probaly have about a half ounce of a brain between the two of them, if that much. NASTY!!

1435 days ago

Reggie C    

You people are so racist. Your only calling him trash because of his image. He takes care of his kids. This one probably isn't even his. Why hide for 8 years. And for the comment he's a nobody. Please LOL. We will be hearing his name for the next 20 years. Get used to it.

1435 days ago


I Like SOME Of His Music , Why Must You Guys Bash Him ? Jealous Maybe ? Y'all Are Just Mad That You Don't Have What He Has ! He Takes Care Of All His Kids , He's A Good Dad , So What If He's Been To Jail And Does Drugs , He Takes Care Of His Kids Like He Is Supposed Too ! Just Because You Don't Like Him Or His Music Don't Bash Him As A Dad , And Obviously The Women Like Him If They Are Sleeping With Him , Get A Life And Get Laid Haters !

1435 days ago
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