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Oksana to Mel: 'Too Much Evidence, My Dear'

11/15/2010 4:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained emails Oksana Grigorieva sent Mel Gibson just before their mediation, which Mel's lawyers believe are proof of extortion.  Oksana claims she has "Too much evidence, my dear."


According to court documents, Oksana sent the emails on May 2, two weeks before she and Mel went into mediation which resulted in a $15 million package for Oksana and Lucia.

In the email, Oksana accuses Mel and his family of leaking stories to the media about their breakup -- specifically "...they claim that you dumped me."

Mel's lawyers believe the emails show Oksana as a manipulator who was not fearful of Mel at all, but rather someone who was scheming to extort millions.

Oksana writes, "Does your family think that my modesty and class could pass for stupidity?"  She adds, "Do they think, i will let them carry on with ruining my reputation, which was unblemished before i ever layed eyes on you?"

Then Oksana gets serious: "The facts are stubborn things, the information is power, you told me so yourself."

Then, far from being scared, it seems Oksana wanted Mel back, writing, "Untill this morning I was still missing you so much and secretly wanted and hoped for us to be together again."

Oksana accuses his wife, Robyn, and daughter, Hannah, of waging a "silent war" against her, complaining, "Are you a little boy, or are you a man? Why are you so easily influence by your mommy Robyn?" 

As for secretly recording Mel, "As far as the tapes go, I only played one to my lawyer, becouse on march 15 Michelle proposed on ur behalf not a very generous gift for our daughter and there was nothing for me." 

Oksana adds " lawyers also told me that tom Hansen said i woudn get a penny and more importaunly, my lawyers warned me that ur laywers are capaple of false fabrication about me in press, i.e., an unfit mother, a prostitute etc. so you can have the baby and I get to go to my moth hole as u told me."

Oksana talks about taping Mel and makes a big statement Mel's lawyers have seized on:  "Too much evidence, my dear."


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1445 days ago


If you don't do this, I will do exactly this.

That's extortion. And she never once states anything remotely close to that. What she does say is she has lots of evidence. Big deal. The threat is missing here. Her acknowledgement she has lots of evidence isn't extortion.

1445 days ago


Oksana talks about taping Mel and makes a big statement Mel's lawyers have seized on: "Too much evidence, my dear."

That really does sound like an "I gotcha" statement, doesn't it?

1445 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

I see we are having some moniker hyjaking going on. Nice, and very mature too.

TMZ you really need to fix that.

1445 days ago


Fools all over The Mel Zone.

Oksana did not ask for money, and did not threaten to release the tapes. Therefore it is not extortion.

She had every right to play them to her lawyers.

Posted at 11:22 AM on Nov 15, 2010 by moussemaker
STAY TUNED HARVEY HAS IT.............SOON...............

1445 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

i'm not sure these were even written by her... who has to split up a letter in 3 consecutive emails?

1445 days ago


Now let's address Mel's admission he slapped her. That's assault. Whether you hit someone with an open hand or closed fist, if you hit them, it's assault. Mel should be charged.

I'm shocked he admitted to it. Perhaps it's that silly little under oath thing. His lawyers know full well this is an assault with his admission. I bet it gave them some very tense moments getting this into the court record.

1445 days ago


Endless amusement with this Nucking Futs piano player. 'Modesty' and 'class?'

Oh my goodness !! I am still laughing too hard at all of this nonsense.

She withheld the baby on Father's Day. Wanted money under the table. Didn't happen. Publicly releases private arguments.

This delusional liar, liarface, lying on top, is BLAMING HIS FAMILY????? Whatta way to go, silly. Betcha she has been threatening his family all along.

Tee hee

1445 days ago


"Does your family think that my modesty and class could pass for stupidity?"

No, your stupidity passed for stupidity Ox - your modesty and class where never an issue. Not with the rodent hair extensions, breast implants, grossly inflated lips and the questionable wardrobe.

1445 days ago


I don't see extortion at all but I'm not the judge. She feels confident because he had already said (screamed) "they won't believe you!". And I'm sure Mel has a mommy thing with Robyn, they've been together for 30 years and Robyn probably was giving him advice and loving that after he cheated on her, he was coming to her for sympathy. The way this played out is pretty obvious.

And everything Oksana is speculating here actually came to pass so she was not wrong.

1445 days ago


This whore is such a skank-she gets pregnant by what ever loser Hollywood guy will do her and will bankroll her talentless whore self. She is a typical liar whore

1445 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

i'm not sure these were even written by her... who has to split up a letter in 3 consecutive emails?

Posted at 11:43 AM on Nov 15, 2010 by Squeaky Shoes

She had to break for music playing intermissions?

1445 days ago

all about the money    

Hmm a few things I got from reading the emails.

1.) There is a thing called spell checker....use it. I understand English might not be your native language but put some effort into it so you don't sound like an idiot. And yes this is a petty nitpick and both Oksana and Mel show poor grammar with their c and u etc.

2.) Interesting that on May 2nd ~5:30 she admits to playing two of the tapes but earlier at ~4:30 that same day claims she only played 1 tape. Just shows that her story is inconsistent and she can't remember what she says at any given time.

3.) Just how did God grant her permission to write the letter? Burning bush, angel descending from on high, personal contact?

4.) Yes she was probably a bit naive in regards to settlement when they broke up. Of course Mel is going to lawyer up so she had to. It sounds like this whole matter was blown up by lawyers wanting a large payday. They saw her as an easy case against a media mogul worth lots of money. They saw a payday but over time as so many of her lawyers quit because they must have seen issues with her account and stories that made the possibility of a large payday less likely. Lawyers hoping for a payday made her feel entitled and greedy. Her comment that there wasn't enough for Lucia and nothing for her is proof of that. She also admits to messages she received "by accident" that apparently set Mel off on his rampage.

Anyway...I am sure Mel is not innocent in the whole thing but Oksana got greedy and has triggered much of what is going on now. She is so disgusting that I almost wish she would loose custody of Lucia (and maybe her older son as well) and be brought up on extortion charges.

1445 days ago


Perhaps Mel loved her once. Perhaps the family had reservations.
Perhaps he put her to the test and she failed miserably........and really is a gold digger whore

1445 days ago


"I loved you so much, I couldn't even look at another mam" ___ and then comes Hertzog the super UGLY :)

Any other woman, however ugly/beautiful, rich or broke, whatever age she might be or however desparately needy / lonely she might be WOULD HAVE TO BE DEAD to sleep / engage with somebody like this slimy so called bodyguard .. No other comment to make, I am affraid :)

And, please, do not call it a lack of judgement __ the 40 years old is a Mother after all and her judgement SHOULD be much moooore sound to begin with then engaging with that convicted fellon "bodyguard" in ANY way ...

1445 days ago
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