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Sarah Palin -- Ratings Gold

11/15/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin scored the biggest rating TLC has ever snagged for a launch show on the network.

Sarah Palin's Alaska
"Sarah Palin's Alaska" attracted 4.96 million viewers ... a huge number.

We think it's further evidence ... Sarah Palin is the reason Bristol is still on "Dancing with the Stars" -- and she may win because of it.



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That whole family is creepy!

1435 days ago


Sarah Palin is hot! I would hit Bristol too!

1435 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

I hope she runs for president. Then I won't have to bother to vote.

1435 days ago


Sarah Palin is just an empty suit. She is a quiter so stop calling her former governor. What are her qualifications? what is her background? I think she loves been on the news and most of all she loves easy money Fox nws and speeches) . Nothing is going to stop her ! I am sick of the Palin family. Her daughter is as bad as her mom and she is still on DWTS because of her mom not because she is a good dancer. People have been shocked by the fact she is in the top 4 and she is stiff her legs are weak..... who are the fans ? I wonder?

1435 days ago

dolores jones    

Sara palin is disgusting. She has made a fool out of all you idiots who find her worthy of watching. She is making money hand over fist. That is all she is about.

1435 days ago


I think this is SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!! You liberals are so afraid of Sarah Palin. Why? If she is as dumb as you say and could never win anything why are you so afraid? The idiot you all elected is more stupid than her he just played you all for fools cause he can speak with a teleprompter. He is so far over his head..... the whole world is laughing at him this week.
I too hope Bristol wins - she is not the best dancer but it would tick poor ole liberals like Harvey off. Funny when people were cheering for Master P or Steve O it was ok but because its a PALIN you freak out!

1435 days ago


Americans are really dumb. Who the hell would tune in to watch this woman do anything? Bristol, on the other hand seems like a nice young lady but she's not a very good dancer.

1435 days ago

Saint Judas    

I hope she runs for president too.

1435 days ago

Tim Wilson    

ENOUGH ALREADY!! this woman and her family are not worthy of print, let alone tv.

1435 days ago


Just goes to show just how bad McCain was/is.... God help us!!!

1435 days ago


Like Palin or not, the show is worth watching for the views of Alaska. Beautiful land.

1435 days ago


This on the network that brought us polygamy in Sister Wives....

It may have high ratings at launch but just wait....she is hated. She left the same state she's promoting here in the middle of her term of office. Just up and quit. Nice woman. One you can count on....

As for Bristol, why is she even on DWTS? She's not a star. She got pregnant at 16. Is that being a star? I do agree that something odd is taking place to keep her on the air. I'd bet Mommy is playing with the outcome. You know Republicans. They will flop around in the gutter to get their way. Bristol should have been gone long ago..

1435 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

I did not think that many racist redneck inbred hillbillies had TVs.

1435 days ago


I flipped the channel back and forth out of curiosity. The show didn't hold my attention though. Sarah is way too annoying, she talks way too much!! No way I could watch again.

1435 days ago


Good one stupid people hater.

I hope she has finally given up on the political front. After all this woman only sees dollar signs. The best day of her life when the John McMoney camp called lookin' for a vice-president in the running.

Lets face it folks, since then, she has quit her job as gov in her home state to write books, to speak where ever they pay her the most, and has done TV shows.

This woman has stars in her eyes, and dollar signs. Her worshipers will see her what she really is soon. Even they will pull their heads from their a-sses to see she could care less about any Americans.

Well maybe that is too harsh, she only cares for the Americans whom support her lavish lifestyle. You know the people with the same IQ.

But......she is still trailer park, she ooozzeeessss that from her pores. One can't wash that off too easily. Just let her speak in public again and it all comes back......

1435 days ago
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