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Sebastian Bach Arrested for Biting at Canadian Bar

11/15/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach was arrested in Ontario, Canada early this morning after cops say he smashed a wine glass at a downtown bar ... and then BIT the owner!!!


According to reports, the drama all began when the singer got into a "dispute" with the owner of the  Peterborough pub he had been hanging out at. 

Bach was asked to leave the joint shortly after midnight -- but he tried to take his glass of wine with him on the way out. When staff advised him that he had to leave his wine, Bach reportedly fired it at the front door.

Sources connected to the incident tell TMZ ... the owner of the bar then tried to restrain the 42-year-old singer ... and that's when Bach bit him on the left hand.

Bar staff detained Bach inside the bar until cops arrived. Officers reportedly found nearly 2 grams of weed on Bach's person.

Bach -- real name Sebastian Bierk -- was charged with assault, possession of marijuana and mischief. He's due to appear in court later today.


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Maybe they will give him "18 and Life"

1377 days ago

Justin Bieber Fan    

Another example of a dumbass pothead.

1377 days ago

Joe Smo    

If you guys want to see a hilarious show with Sebastian as a guest star watch the last season of Trailer Park Boys. Sebastian wants to buy dope from the boys and smuggle it into the US. How they do it is classic. Great show.

1377 days ago


# 15 is so right! Why is it cool to smoke pot??

1377 days ago


I saw this guy get screamed at by the boyfriend of a girl he tried to pick up in a bar in Montrose California. He didn't look so tough or arrogant standing there as the little pitbull of a guy screamed up to his chin.

1377 days ago


I really like this guy! He's so damn funny and so cool. My reaction to this is it's the way he rolls.

So what? He threw a glass and bit the bar owner when he put his hands on him to throw him out. BFD.

Better days, Sebastian.

1377 days ago


Has he been hanging out with Mike Tyson?

1377 days ago


2 grams of marijuana?? I thought you needed to have more than an ounce of marijuana to even be a misdemeanor in Ontario?? They all but legalized it in 2008.

1377 days ago


To the guy OooooNooo!, it's loser. If you are going to comment, please learn to spell.

1377 days ago


pretty girlyboy can't handle his white wine cooler huh? Girls love to the way,who is sebastian beck? never heard of this guy.

1377 days ago


@Whamo - Sebastian Bach may be a bit of a douche, but you my "friend" are the entire douche bag...after it's been used up a discarded. 80's hair band music was and still is some of the best ever made. You need to go back to listening to Justin Bieber and keep the comments about real music up your azz where they belong.

1377 days ago


its not his fault he was high and drunk so get off of his back

1377 days ago

the nuge    

i told this buck a roo the last time we crossed paths to drop the wine glass and flush the weed and drugs outta his system.
he needs a good cleansing via killing some white tails or really any animal with a high powered rifle. nothing will get ur soul straight as a 100 dollar arrow as killing stuff will !
bashy if ur reading this get ur gear ready and i will take u out to where the real men get busy "in the woods" coz ive got a hankering for some game and man stuff and i think we can cure both our problems. your friend "nuge" the great white american hunter and democrat hater.......meat loving , big gun owner.

1377 days ago


@barb Sorry, a "little" pot is still illegal. We are 2 hours east of toronto and when was the last time you were here? Cause it's a lot more then lakes and college kids.....

@biggs Try reading the article, it says Downtown, not downtown Toronto. Peterborough has a downtown.... dumba$$

1377 days ago


A gay singer walks into a bar... (the rest of the joke is in the post)

1377 days ago
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