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Dina Lohan: My Son Will Act Like a Heroin User

11/16/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan's production company is getting ready to shoot a feature film about a group of heroin-addicted kids -- and her son will play the lead. Wait ... Dina Lohan has a production company?

Dina Lohan Heroin Movie
Turns out she does -- something called Defiant Pictures is set to start production on a movie called "Growing Defiant." The film will start shooting in early 2011 and will star Michael Lohan Jr.

According to the company, the movie "tells the story of three life long friends from upper middle class Long Island, who delve into the underworlds of heroin." We're told Dina is "really excited to tell this story."


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@delmar... reread what I said. I said the judge "probably" saved her life. That judge did whatever was in her power to help that girl. Nobody else would step up and help her. And, ANYONE that tests positive while on PROBATION, and BEING TESTED, to me has a problem. If you're not addicted to drugs, why would you even try them while being drug tested? There is no reason. Your theories just don't fly. I agree that she has other issues also. Mainly her family.

And Jwoolman, thanks for reminding me about the scram bracelet. I forgot about that. Nope...she has no addiction problems at all. Sheesh...

(and we all knew Britney had problems as well...they were very well do***ented in the press, just as Lindsay's have been. At least she had a family that cared, and they didn't make excuses for it!)

1435 days ago


All this story did was remind me that her son is named Michael Lohan Jr.
Can you imagine going thru life w/ that name?

1435 days ago


@ delmar - right. You sure know what you are talking about. Your statement says it all: "Her progress is noticeable every time she goes to rehab" You aren't serious are you? "Everytime she goes to rehab?" Now that's an oxymormon if I ever heard one.

Whew! What lengths a person won't go to to defend a drug addict's behavior.

Keep at it, Demar and Nicole and whoever else wants to candycoat Miss Lohan's out of control behavior.

If a judge did not step in a save Lohan's life she most likely would be dead by now or had killed someone if her fancy sports car. She did almost run over a lady and a baby carriage. But .. oh that doesn't count cause she didn't kill them. But, what would have happened if she did?

Delmar and Nicole would be saying that the lady shouldn't have been on the streets with the baby.

1435 days ago


@ilovegossip " probably saved her life" sounds severe to me. I don't see the evidence that Lindsay's life was in danger. In 2007 she was clearly out of control, not so much in 2010. In fact, in spring 2009 she seemed way worse, she was severely underweight and had many public anger displays around her breakup with Samantha Ronson. All 2010 brought from what I can see is a judge that mislead Lindsay to think she was compliant in the program and then got (justifiably) angry that Lindsay missed a hearing. Truth is, and most lawyers agreed, Lindsay was in "substantial compliance" with her alcohol education program.

Why did she take drugs under probation and fail for the first time during months of drug tests? That's a crucial question. What triggered it? Her inner circle may know and her doctors/counselors. The public does not. For the record, I'm support her getting treatment. What I don't support is the emphasis and insistence of her being called an addict without a deeper analysis of Lindsay the human being and other destructive behavior she displays that isn't necessarily attributed to substance abuse.

As far as her family is concerned, here's what I think. I think it is a combination of her biochemical and psychological makeup with her environment, relationships, and life experiences and cir***stances. Micheal Jr., just 18 months younger, has the same family/parents, some of the same environment and life cir***stances but a different biochemical and psychological makeup and does not appear to have similar psychological, substance abuse, and behavioral problems. Ali is yet to be seen as she turns 17 soon. There is something about Lindsay that makes her more susceptible to factors than her adult brother and perhaps her teen sister and youngest brother.

1435 days ago


eggs time !!!!

1435 days ago


@Ernie please, the baby carriage story. Anyone believing that ridiculous, transparently stupid story might as well go buy a bridge.

1435 days ago


Who knows about the Cannes debacle but if it was a strategic legal decision to buy herself some time then...fair enough she was still on probation for the DWIs. She 100% didn't use until the hearing because she had met all the requiremnts plea deal and just missed a few classes so had a chance to put it behind her.
That is why she managed to get the charges dismissed in August because she hadn't failed any tests.

The Judge herself said in March 09 that Lindsay hadn't failed any drug or alcohol tests at her previous alcohol/drug programs. Then she switched to Right On which was her 3rd program who said she had never came to class under the influence.
I agree the ONLY reason she went to rehab was to avoid jail.

People saying the Judge "saved" Lindsay's life are being ridiculous.
July 6th - August must have been the most stressful time in her life.

Has anyone ever heard of a rehab (Morningside) making a direct plea to a Judge to get a client because they would be tougher on them and they invest in 200k refurbishments.
The Judge who herself ordered a pyschiatric evaluation ignores the list the doctors recomended and Lindsay's team had to leak the faciliy to the press to force her to change it.
The D.A didn't even know the rehab was being changed.
Her actions were completely ridiculous.

1435 days ago



Sorry, but it seems that Lindsay isn't interested in make her product "lines" available to the "little people", so we'll just have to wait until such a time as all of the elite already own all of these treasures, after which they should be available to us all.

I tried all morning to buy a few cases of Lindsay Lohan-brand whole-kernel corn, only to be rebuffed. It seems that your credit card must have an unlimited "line" of credit in order to qualify for purchase of these priceless collectibles.

I have found a way around that limitation, but sadly, I don't qualify for this one, either. You can access her direct-purchase warehouse - located underneath the Chateau Marmont hotel, but they run your car's V.I.N. for identification and security purposes, and your vehicle must be valued at least $250,000.00 or you are ceremoniously turned away.

Too bad - for me. I really had my heart set on a few dozen Lindsay Lohan-brand waffle makers.

1435 days ago


Ernie-please for just shut the hell up already, nobody gives a damn about what you have to say, like Delmar said, that baby carriage story is complete BS, anyone with even half a brain knows that, so you're only making yourself look like a fool by bringing it up.

1435 days ago

why is she there ?    


1435 days ago


Gee Kinda sounds like basketball diaries...

1435 days ago


Where is DSS when you need them? Child exploitation needs to be taken seriously in hollywood.

1435 days ago

Fat hand puppet    


What does it matter if something "triggered" Lindsays use of Cocaine while on probation?!? Lindsay is an addict and should treat herself as and "addict" and avoid situations that put her around Drugs and alcohol and avoid nightclubs, parties, and the stupid hotel.

I swear it sounds like you-Delmar would be ok with lindsay go right back to hanging around the same friends Lindsay hung around with while partying in Cannes and going to bars as long as lindsay figures out her "triggers".

Lindsay needs to stay away from parties.. period... because Lindsay is an ADDICT.

1435 days ago


wow, the path of young guys in movies about drugs has NEVER lead to real world disaster for the guys involving similar situations...
-fyi IT HAS -MANY TIMES! how big is the death-toll now? mom is setting her kid up to become what he plays. and die

1435 days ago


Decaprio already did this was called The Basketball Diaries

1435 days ago
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